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From the Forums Friday 2008-05-09


Probably one of the most discussed threads this week was about the new Tomom 7.20 maps (as well as the corresponding 805 maps for the 730/930 devices). In that thread we talk a bit about how the Latest Map Guarantee button frequently doesn’t seem to work properly but people who call support and fax in a receipt will get the maps added to their account. We’d rather see the button work. 🙂 The maps are based on the 2008.01 map release from Tele Atlas and on page 2 of that thread the “release notes” are displayed.

Someone was considering the Nuvi 780 and we note that sometimes it is cheaper to go with the 760 and then add the MSN Direct receiver as an accessory. Keep in mind when comparing prices that purchasing the receiver as an accessory you get a 12 month subscription versus the 3 month subscription when the receiver comes bundled with the GPS… so factor in that cost savings.

HP iPAQ mods keep rolling in, now you can Show the road you are driving on in the map display. I can’t wait to find some time to get cracking on some of those mods myself.

Meanwhile, I talk about my own experience trying to buy a GPS. Other people chime in with similar experiences.

A Nuvi users is really disappointed with the voice quality— the tale is told in a humorous way.

One user wants to know what everyone has against Magellan. We offer our $0.02, and we don’t consider them “poo-poo”. 🙂

When is a great deal not a great deal? When it comes from a store with really bad shopper feedback. Want to know which stores do it better? We can help out with that too.

And finally, no promises we will keep it up, but it is about time we started on twitter.

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