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From the Forums Friday 2008-05-23


A question many Nuvi owners face is should they go with the FM based Clear Channel traffic or spend more (in some cases) for the MSN service. First things first, you will want to check traffic coverage and signal coverage maps, which we have on our GPS Traffic page. That might make the decision for you.

Something we discuss frequently is just how good are all of those smaller GPS companies. In general we advise people to stay away from companies that haven’t made a significant dedication to GPS as they might not be around when you want to update your map… something LG owners are going through now. This question came up regards to is Dash here to stay? We absolutely think they are here to stay.

Mac users like myself are still seeking a way to Importing Routes to 760. While Garmin Bobcat continues to make forward progress… it isn’t much fun creating routes when you can’t search for addresses. Nuvi owners also discuss Running 760 on USB Power.

Sometimes less is more, even when it comes to entering street names into your GPS. Often if you can’t find a street, see if there are any words or abbreviations you can eliminate typing in. If you are looking for “route 66” try just typing in “66”. We show some screenshot examples of this happening with both TomTom and Garmin devices in the How do you Enter ar ROUTE # nuvi200W thread.

Finally, a question that comes up several times, so we linked to a list of the times when it was previously answered– Nuvi versus StreetPilot – the differences. There is no easy answer sometimes.

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