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From the Forums Friday 2008-06-06


Two of the most viewed forum posts this week have to do with firmware updates. The first is that Navcore 8.x was released for older TomTom models. Users are reporting you gain is a few more MapShare features, possibly a new time delay field associated with traffic, faster startup times, and it seems more devices supporting fuel prices. There are also a few reports that the time it takes the device to recognize a re-route is necessary has gone up, and that voice recognition is no longer working on TomTom 720’s. If you’ve updated, you can share your thoughts in this thread.

Another of the most popular threads indicated that Garmin has posted nuvi 750/760/770 v. 3.00 update. The release notes indicate it is mostly a bug fix, and so far nobody seems to have found any hidden new features like sometimes happens with Garmin updates. The update seems to have gone smoothly for most people.

There was also a popular thread about costco where (news to many people) it was mentioned that they are not an authorized dealer. It remains to be seen exactly what that means as it pertains to the Garmin warranty and Garmin map updates– you can debate that in that thread.

NAVIGON threads also rose in popularity this week with a user sharing their thoughts on the 2100 Max, and another thread on Navigon 2100max problems.

Some hefty debates raged on about Route Optimization which prompted my own article about Route Optimization vs Route Sorting. Can you pass the pop quiz?

Finally, a few random tidbits:

Keep the forums busy and we’ll highlight the popular threads again next week!

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