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From the Forums Friday 2008-06-20


Happy solstice everyone! Plenty of interesting threads in the forums today, so let’s get right down into it. Attention all Nuvi owners!!! We’re looking for some data and would like a few minutes of your time to help with a test. If you’ve got a Nuvi and have five free minutes, we would love to get your data. Speaking of Nuvi devices, people are wondering just how many people use Garmin Lock. Do you?

A user wants to know Which GPS is the current sensitivity/reception king? We talk a little bit about some myths of GPS reception, how I would have answered the question a couple of years ago, and how I answer the question now.

Back on the Nuvi train, a user has discovered some routing differences between the 700 and 5000 series devices, apparently with the same map version and routing preferences set.

We noted a couple of days ago that TomTom Maps are on Sale and users (and myself) discuss the pros and cons of purchasing now or waiting for possible further enhancements later this summer.

Speaking of maps, a user shares some screenshots of the new 3D terrain/relief feature on the Nuvi 5000.

A user asks Tech Support: why is it so horrible at Tomtom ? to which many TomTom owners came to TomTom’s defense with their own stories of good support. I’ve had good support and I’ve had bad support from all of the major GPS companies from time to time, but overall I’ve had great support from both TomTom and Garmin.

Finally, if there are any Rino users outside of North America, our buddy in Bulgaria would appreciate your input. He is having a heck of a time getting a bunch of Rinos to work together and isn’t having any luck with Garmin support either, apparently due to his location.

So long from the longest day of the year (on this end of the planet anyway)!

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