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From the Forums Friday 2008-06-27


I can’t believe this is the last edition of FtFF for June! How time flies when you’re staring at a GPS screen. Here is what we’ve got this week in the forums. A reader posts their 255W first impressions. If you are in the market for one of these new Nuvi 2×5 series devices, certainly check out the mini review written about the 255w. A user asks if it is normal to take 1 hour to upload the 2009 map update from Garmin. Short answer– yes, that is normal. A common question is Does battery get charged when you connect to PC’s USB port. With most devices, yes it will charge in that manner, however it will also typically charge much slower.

A user writes in 920, Navcore 8, maps oh my!! This prompts Svein to chime in with a trick a few posts down which ultimately brings us to our article on How to Get IQ Routes on the TomTom 720 & 920 right now. Use at your own risk. 😉

Costco’s GPS return policy is discussed with the implications for GPS purchasers.

Users more and more want to plan their trips on their computer and send the route to their GPS. A user wants to do that with their Nuvi (mapquest sending to GPS? nuvi 255) and we give them some help at least sending the destination across. You can send over full routes if your Nuvi supports it. Have a NAVIGON and wan to plan routes on your computer? There are some hints on that over here.

While typically a device that we hear almost nothing bad about, we did hear from a couple of people very recently with Nuvi 760 speaker issues. If you have purchased a 760 recently, chime in over there with your thoughts– good or bad.

Cool things I didn’t know about MSN Direct – Pretty self explanatory there.

Does your GPS Acquire Satellites faster on battery vs. plugged in? People seem 50/50 split on the issue. Some see the difference, others don’t.

While not a thread that was started this week, we’ll resurrect it since it contains new info– people now have TMC Traffic Working on the HP iPAQ.

Finally, we had quite a few people chime in this week with difficulties installing the new Garmin map update or registering their devices.

error message when trying to update to 09 map
Nuvi doesn’t say street names after installing the 2009 uda
Updating Maps (2009) to my Nuvi 650
Download 2009 Maps nuvi200
Unable to register/get 2009 maps

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