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From the Forums Friday 2008-07-04


From the Forums Friday is making a special appearance on Saturday this week due to the holiday last night– or at least that is the excuse I’ll use for it being 9 hours late. 🙂 Lots of goodies this week, so let’s get down into it. Without a doubt the most popular thread of the week was Tool or toy?— a debate which started with this:

I’ve had my nuvi 350 for a few weeks now and have concluded that it is a fun gadget to play around with,but is it a serious navigation tool? As of now i think it can help out in some instances while traveling,but i am more amazed at it’s flaws than it’s attributes.

The thread goes on for another 67 replies (at this time) and is for the most part a very civilized debate about just how useful a GPS is; or is not.

A user wants to know How to delete sample pictures (Nuvi 760) and we discover some differences between the same model devices running different firmware versions and how they react to deleting those images. While on the topic of images on the Nuvi, another user wants to know How to customize the initial splash screen on 760?. People comment on the black border which is why so many people who do use custom splash screens make them with a black background.

A reader posts Importing Routes from Google maps to Nuvi 760 (a How To). While I think the MapQuest method is much easier since you can do it in about three steps versus 11, if you really want to use Google that method will work it appears. And finally for the Nuvi 700 series one reader wonders Could there be a Nuvi 760 production run change over?. Speculation goes back and forth about what recent price changes and supply issues could mean.

Dash owners discuss the Dash Update which we also talked about extensively on our Dash June Update page.

Many people are now asking about the Where am I? feature when purchasing a GPS. Some people have incorrect assumptions about what it is supposed to do. But for those who do know what it is and have used it they offer this Warning about the Where Am I feature.

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