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From the Forums Friday: 2008-07-11


In the From the Forums Friday segments I try to look at select threads over the past week that received more attention than the others. Often times those threads are ones which are more controversial, or that spark debate. That certainly was the case this week with the Extremely Disappointed in Nuvi 760 thread. Some valid points were made, some venting was done, and in the end hopefully everyone learned something about their GPS.

A similar thread popped up titled Garmin poor software design.. city entry. The user comments how they feel a GPS device should remember the last city you recalled. Some devices do offer that feature, and it is handy from time to time. But for myself I wouldn’t call it a deal breaker.

I’m not really certain why this thread was so popular (My own research tells me…..) but I really liked one my answer to a generic “garmin versus tomtom” type question, if I can say so myself. I answered it like this:

What Garmin has going for it is a “simple elegance”. TomTom generally beats Garmin on a feature by feature comparison while Garmin will generally beat TomTom in simplicity and stability.

Probably about as succinct as I could get, and one that I think most people would agree with.

Another user chimes in with some frustrations that their phone wasn’t working with TomTom’s PLUS services. And to TomTom’s defense they don’t list the phone as compatible either. Still it left one user very frustrated and prompted this “I Have Had It With TomTom” thread. For those of you who haven’t already discovered it, we are now offering a way to submit your own compatibility test results to share with others. Some good data has been submitted and I’m going to try to start promoting that feature more down the road.

Will the Nuvi 700 series be getting any of the 2×5 updates? A user asks that question and a few answers seem to come to a consensus.

You get brownie points in the forums from me if you answer someone’s question by linking to one of my tutorials as happened in this satellite lock thread.

Have spontaneous, random rebooting issues with your TomTom 730 or 930? Apparently you are not alone however I’ve yet to see the issue on mine. We offer some suggestions on major troubleshooting techniques for TomTom to deal with the rebooting issue.

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