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From the Forums Friday 2008-07-25


Welcome to From the Forums Friday… the “it’s been a crazy week” edition as well as the “yes, will will catch you faking customer tutorials” edition. The most popular thread of the week was “Jill’s speech impediment” talking about all of the misinterpretations of abbreviations on the Nuvi. Jill will say things like “Doctor” when “Dr” appears when clearly they mean “drive”. There are even some hacks made available to make some of those changes to your device.

Also extremely popular was the Is Bluetooth Really Worth it? thread. For a few people– yes. But not surprisingly to me was that many people found that the lackluster audio performance took away the feature appeal.

There were two frequently visited threads this week which centered around the 3.1 update for the Nuvi 700 series. Many people are having their devices lock up or freeze on them after installing the Garmin update. You can read about it in the Faulty Nuvi 760’s? thread as well as the 760 Upgrade ? thread.

We had a great debate about how effective zip code is on GPS devices from a speed of entry point of view as well as accuracy of entry and accuracy of the destination itself.

Finally, we’ve caught companies posing as customers in our forums before, we caught them this week, and I’m sure we will catch other companies in the future. Do yourselves a favor and don’t publicly embarrass yourselves through such slimy tactics. Seems the folks at Pro.Fit International didn’t think it would be a big deal to pose as customers, put down the thoughts and opinions of others, and completely wast the time of at least seven individuals. You can read the whole story in the Need better mount for Garmin Nuvi thread. Shame on you, Pro.Fit. You should really apologize to those who volunteered their time to help answer what they thought was a legitimate question– myself included.

Hopefully we can end next week on a more positive note.

One Response

  1. Well said Tim.

    Gatorguy - July 25th, 2008

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