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From the Forums Friday 2008-08-01


We saw an interesting debate this week about manufacturers who do, and do not, include printed manuals with their devices. I could go either way on the argument. I suspect most people don’t spend much time with the manual, and hopefully they shouldn’t need to. So in that respect let’s be eco friendly and include the manual electronically. On the other hand many people might not be as technically inclined as I am to be able to find and view the PDF file.

A reader asks about the photo navigation feature on the new Nuvi devices. It sounds like a really interesting idea, and at least one reader talks about how useful it was on their vacation. For me, I’m a bit puzzled… I mean if I’m there (and thus the geocoding part) why do I need to see a picture of what is in front of me? Of course I say that with an ounce of sarcasm.

Every couple of months the list of popular comparisons changes. Currently it is the Nuvi 255w versus the 750, as well as the TomTom 730 versus 920. I’ve shared my thoughts in that thread so I won’t repeat them here.

Gadget people like toss around terminology, and GPS is no exception. Lots of times people can describe the feature they want, but don’t necessarily know what it is called. And even when there is a name, sometimes we don’t all agree on what the feature should be named. But if you want to know about user defined routes, the forums have you covered.

A reader asks Is there a GPS that Learns a route? Not so long ago the answer would have been “no”. Oh how things are starting to change thanks to the Dash Express.

Want to change an incorrect speed limit on your TomTom? Beware of this little bug that will make you think you’ve made a record number of consecutive typos or are just going mad. We can (almost) assure you that you are not going mad…

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