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From the Forums Friday 2008-02-01


Here is what we drove by in the Forums this week. Forgot the mount for your GPS and need a quick setup to not only hold your GPS in place but also provide a convenient access port for the power cord? Mike shows us an ingenious temporary mounting solution that I can’t wait to try out. We continue to get sporadic reports about people having sound quality issues with their Nuvi 700 series devices. Some people have found that changing a few volume settings helps quite a bit, as well as taking advantage of the text-to-speech voice updates through WebUpdater. Magellan has posted a map update schedule in a fairly hard to find location. A recent Nuvi firmware update addressed an issue with the traffic receiver incorrectly reporting 1 minute delays, but some users are still having issues with it after the update– are you? TomTom users (especially Mac users) are excited about the release of HOME 2.2. Considering a widescreen? Users offer some comparison screenshots that might surprise you. SiRF Instantfix II seems to be appearing on new Nuvi updates and making an impressive difference in reception. And something about a Nuvi based phone. NAVIGON users talk about mods and I’m soliciting feedback on features you thought you needed.

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