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From the Forums Friday 2008-02-08


Found in the forums this week… Do you know if your GPS knows which way you are facing? We do! I’m soliciting feedback from users on the features they thought they would find important before they purchased a GPS. Users beg for online routing demos. What kind of real world battery life are you getting on your Nuvi? Compare notes with other Nuvi owners. The best thread of the week was certainly the one saying the Nuvi isn’t a dumbed down GPS after-all. This was a very civilized and constructive Garmin vs TomTom type debate and I went to bat for both teams. Does your 60CSx start naming waypoints at 002? TomTom owners are starting to download new maps and PC users discuss the recent update of HOME. Finally, NAVIGON pushes out a firmware update. Oh, and Rich, good luck with the move!

One Response

  1. Thanks Tim. I’m an east coaster again. Now if only my desk, chair and 22″ monitor would arrive!

    Rich Owings - February 11th, 2008

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