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Adding a Via Point (Waypoint): Garmin


So you’ve heard that you can add one “via” point to your route on many Garmin devices, but have searched and searched for the “via” button and can’t find it. There is a good reason for that… there isn’t one! 🙂 So how do you add a via point between you and your destination? Find out how here.

First, determine what the sequence of your stops is going to be. Let’s see, I want to go to the grocery store, but I need to first stop at a gas station along the way. So I want to go to the grocery store via the gas station.

Garmin MenuNext, setup a route as you normally would to your final destination, the grocery store. Let the GPS calculate the route as it normally would. Now go back to the menu, notice that since you already have a route the ‘Stop’ and ‘Detour’ buttons are visible. Click on the ‘Where to’ button as if you were going to create an entirely new route, except you are leaving the original route intact. Find the address or POI you want to travel via, and click on the ‘Go!’ button just as you would to create a route directly to that location.

Garmin Via Point MenuYou’ve now picked a second location, without clearing the first route. So the Garmin GPS will now ask you if this new location is to replace the first destination (the first option in the list) or if you would like to add the new location to be added as a via point along the way to the final destination. You want to pick the second option in this case, ‘Add as a Via Point’, to create a route to the final location that will travel via the second location you entered.

4 Responses

  1. How do you delete the Via Point if you change your mind? I seem to have to cancel the whole route and re-enter it. There has to be a way to just cancel the Point.

    Jane - January 6th, 2011
    • Correct, you can’t and you need to re-enter the route. Depending on the model you could store a custom route, delete the via, and load the route again, but that only works on models that support custom routing.

      Tim - January 12th, 2011
  2. I have a 1450 Garmin. Can I add 2 or more via points to my route from N.S. and Largo, Fl.?

    Kathy - February 7th, 2011
  3. wow! i entred addresses prior to leving on my trip. when i got to Penna. every destination was treated as via point and simulated – no matter wg=hat i tried!

    i ended up deleting evereything and then re-entering. via point is a mess and needs to be treated differently. if it were not available ity would be an improvement!

    john robinson - September 3rd, 2011

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