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Garmin eTrex Legend Cheap!


If you are looking to purchase your first handheld GPS receiver, or are looking for an inexpensive backup GPS for your boat, plane, car, or just to have a spare…. now might be a great time to look at the Garmin eTrex Legend. I just spotted it for sale at Amazon for $128.99!

Also great for geocaching, the Garmin eTrex Legend comes with 8MB of memory, a 288×160 pixel screen and can hold up to 500 waypoints. (20 routes with 50 waypoints each.) It is light weight at just 5.3 ounces so it will fit in your pocket nicely.

Battery life is up to 18 hours powered by 2 AA batteries which are probably not included. 🙂 The GPS chipset is a 12 channel receiver with WAAS capabilities. If you want a GPS receiver that will work under dense canopy… this probably isn’t it. But for $128.99 I might just pick up this eTrex Legend for a spare, backup, and GPS classes.

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