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Garmin Foot Pod


Garmin Foot PodThe Garmin Foot Pod has been announced as an accessory to the Garmin Forerunner 305. The Foot Pod provides a way for athletes to monitor their workout on their 305 when a GPS signal isn’t available (like working out indoors.) The Garmin Food Pod wirelessly communicates with your Garmin Forerunner 305 to measure distance and speed.

When the Forerunner 305 receives a signal from the Foot Pod it will ask if you would like to use data from the Foot Pod or from the GPS on the 305. If you accept, the Foot Pod will track data through a pair of accelerometers.

The Foot Pod runs on one triple-A battery and you can expect to get about 70 hours of use from the device. (I’ll stop running long before I get to 70 hours.) Garmin claims the data is about 97% accurate initially and can be up to 99% accurate after it has been calibrated. It will also work while you are using the wireless heart rate monitor from.

The Garmin Foot Pod will be available as an accessory for the Forerunner 305 in October and should be about $99.99. With Forerunner 305 prices falling to around $275 from some retailers this will make for a great workout package.

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