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Garmin Nuvi Games


Coming to a Nuvi near you soon, Garmin Games. No, we are not referring to GekoSmak, Nibbons, and Gekoids, the outdoor adventure games that come on their handheld devices. We’re talking about things like Poker, Brick Breaker, Solitaire, Space Shooter, and Sudoku. The games are said to become available for the Nuvi 850, 880, and monster 5000 within two weeks (by March 10).

Garmin GPS Game PokerSome of the games like Solitaire and Sudoku are expected to be free while others will typically cost $5.00. Or you can pickup the whole suite in what is called the “VIP” package for $20. It is our understanding that the games will come pre-installed on the compatible Nuvi devices allowing for updates to be delivered along with the typical Garmin updates. Purchases of Games will be handled by buying an unlock code from mygpsgames.com.

  • Rock Slide – Rock sliding fun in this exciting puzzle game! $4.99
  • Boxing – A heart pounding slugfest! $4.99
  • Poker – Rack up the chips with Video Poker! $4.99
  • Interceptor – Defend your cities before it’s too late! $4.99
  • Crumble – Addictive, fast-action puzzle game! $4.99
  • Brick Breaker – Balls move’n and bricks break’n! $4.99
  • Solitaire – Everybody’s favorite card game! Free
  • Space Shooter – Blast the swarm of invading aliens! Free
  • Sudoku – Enjoy this classic numbers game! Free

3 Responses

  1. No time to play on the road

    Mr Surbade - April 7th, 2009
  2. Has anyone downloaded any of the games on their Garmin Nuvi? If so, how are they? Worth buying? I have the Garmin 1300 & it is compatible, have already checked that. Thanks.

    Denise - October 22nd, 2010
  3. Last April fools day my garmin gps showed up at my door. Worked great for two months. Then it wouldent respond, I pressed a little harder and the screen broke. Office Depot refused to replace it after 15 days, and I had to deal with garmin. turns out broken screen too bad not covered. but in all fairness. Thay offered to repair it for 90 bucks. ha ha I paid 60 for it. then after talking to a superviser the repair went down to fifty bucks and no shipping. So buyer be wear. I’m going to look at Tom Tom with free map upgrades. And toss the garbage garmin never again.

    Bob Z - July 11th, 2011

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