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Garmin GPS and Lowrance GPS – Investment Comparison


An interesting article came out the other day comparing the investment opportunities between Garmin GPS and Lowrance GPS. Specifically they are talking about small-cap investing and they Lowrance might not be too hot of an investment among small-caps right now. However the article does shed some additional light into the two companies and how different they really are.

Garmin’s diverse lineup of GPS products for consumer and aviation markets is far broader than that of Lowrance. Consumer applications are offered for marine, automotive, and recreational markets, as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and are distributed through more than 3,000 dealers. The aviation segment provides in-flight navigation and communication avionics to OEMs such as Cessna, Piper, Raytheon (NYSE: RTN), and Diamond, as well as the aircraft aftermarket. Lowrance’s offerings are narrower; its strongest presence is in Sonar and GPS-based fish finders, although it has had some well-received products in the aviation and aftermarket automobile navigation markets.

url coordinatesfool.com.

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