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Garmin GPS Buddy


Garmin and GPS Buddy have become friends. Happy days. 🙂 Most people are probably not familiar with GPS Buddy which is a company that provides fleet tracking and fleet management services via GPS technology. The new arrangement will allow people to use Garmin GPS receivers with GPS Buddy services.

“Thanks to the real-time information transmitted through the GPS-Buddy unit, fleet managers can know where their fleet is and communicate with the drivers 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week,” said Gary Kelley, vice president of marketing for Garmin International. “This information is especially helpful when unexpected delays occur and schedule changes must be made.”

GPS Buddy updates a vehicle’s location, direction, and speed every 60 seconds and provides that data to fleet managers via a secure server. Other vehicle data can also be sent to the GPS Buddy service such as engine data, loading door, and temperature (thermostat). Messages can be sent to drivers via a messaging service such as a new address which will update the driving directions for the driver.

This system is similar to the TomTom WORK service recently announced by TomTom

One Response

  1. More information on the GPS Buddy site. This is also the site where customers log in to access one of the best designed GPS tracking and messaging web-based interfaces in the industry.

    Robert Haubourdin (GPS Buddy) - August 13th, 2007

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