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Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx


The Garmin 60CSx is also due out soon with the following features:

  • SiRF high-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • WAAS-enabled
  • Meets rigid IPX-7 submersible standards
  • Built-in basemaps with auto routing
  • Expandable memory
  • 64 MB TransFlash memory card included for optional downloaded maps
  • Electronic compass
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Bright color TFT display
  • USB and serial ports
  • 160 x 240 pixels
  • Runs for 30 hours on 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • 2.4″W x 7.1″H x 1.3″D

Expect to shell out about $499 for this GPS.

100 Responses

  1. Just got a 60CSx and was a bit dissapointed by several things:
    1. The overall display appearance seems “dumbed-down” a bit somehow. The menu icons look like the cartoonish ones used in the color eTrex units.
    2. The alarm clock function as in the 60CS is totally omitted!
    3. I was dissapointed that it wouldn’t locate indoors (at least where I was) as it was supposed to do.
    4. There is no menu icon relating to, or dealing with, any aspect of the mini-SD card one might be using in the unit.

    Jerry Brendle - January 18th, 2006
    • Reception is block by metal and other items in buildings. GPS’s work only near the windows of Cars and metal house trailers. My asphalt wood house does very well, however if you ever drove around tall buildings you soon realize that you are not superman but getting all kinds of reflections etc. making accurate reading impossible no matter how many counts you are receiving. One additional hint. Turn off the auto road tracking when in a car. I was very munch confused when out the the country my GPS and the road did not match up till I turned around and found I was tracking the next street over.

      john - August 15th, 2009
  2. Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for the comments. I have not heard anything before about operating the Garmin GPSMap 60CS indoors. I have seen references to being able to use the Garmin 60CS for “indoor/outdoor GPS games that turn the outdoors into a giant gameboard” however nothing about GPS receptions indoors.

    GPS Review - January 18th, 2006
  3. […] Garmin is currently offering a $50 rebate on the 60CSx, 60Cx, eTrex Vista Cx, eTrex Legend Cx, and the eTrex Venture Cx. The rebate is available for purchases between today and December 31, 2006. You must mail your rebate by January 31, 2007. The rebate form hasn’t been posted to Garmin’s website yet, but we will link to the rebate when it appears. […]

  4. If you are looking for the main GPS Review feed, you can find it at http://www.gpsreview.net/feed/

    At this feed address you will only find comments to a single post. If you are reading this in a feed reader you probably have an incorrect feed listed.

    Tim - October 10th, 2006
  5. I’m considering the 60CSx, 76CSx, and eTrexVistaCx as possibilities for my first ever gps purchase. As far as I can tell, all have similar features. The specs on the 60CSx and 76CSx appear identical. The eTrex seems less physically robust and slower (but smaller and less expensive). Are there any other differences I should be aware of? Is there any difference between the 60CSx and 76CSx other than form factor?

    Bob - October 27th, 2006
  6. Hi Bob – Yes, there are a few differences. The eTrex Vista Cx doesn’t come with as sensitive of a GPS chipset (12 channel versus 20 channel in the two others.) It holds less waypoints, but is smaller and lighter. It also has a longer battery life.

    Between the 60CSx and the 76, the 60CSx has a 64 MB microSD card versus the 128 in the 76. The 60CSx is also a little lighter and a little smaller. The 76CSx will also float if dropped in water while the 60CSx will sink (but is still IPX7 waterproof).

    Tim - October 27th, 2006
  7. Hello. Prices in US seem much lower than here in Europe. I am considering buying GPSMAP 60CSx ou 76CSx in US.
    Can I then use it over here in Europe? Will it work properly? I have read somewhere that as those units have different built-in basemaps according to where they are sold, they will not work properly on a different area. Is this true? Thanks.

    Marcos - December 5th, 2006
  8. The device will function anywhere in the world, however you are correct that it will come with a certain “base map” which is a region of maps based on where you purchase the device.

    Tim - December 5th, 2006
  9. Hi, As an overnight hiker and one who will be taking a trip to Ireland next year (and will need a GPS unit), would you recommend the 60CSx or 70CSx? I can’t tell the difference between the two/ Which do you recommend?

    Also, are you able to import maps from MS AutoRoute Europe, MS Streets and Trips, and Delorme Topo USA?

    Chris - December 14th, 2006
  10. I think you must mean the 76CSx. The 60CSx would probably be the better choice. It is smaller and lighter than the 76CSx. The only big advantage the 76CSx has are that it will float if dropped in water. You can only load other Garmin maps on the device.

    Tim - December 15th, 2006
  11. What GPS models do you recommend?
    I am moving to Costa Rica and will be needing a GPS unit for recreation and boundary marking. It will need to get coverage under dense forest. I haven’t checked in on the GPS market in a while. Is the SiRFchip the best reception for my needs? Finally are there any detailed maps now available for Central American countries?

    Drew Potter - December 18th, 2006
  12. Short of a commercial model for surveying, the SiRFstarIII chipset is the best consumer chipset currently available. From Garmin you would want to look at either the Garmin 60CSx (this page) or the Garmin 60Cx which is basically the same except it doesn’t come with an electronic compass nor a barometric altimeter.

    Tim - December 18th, 2006
  13. I’m moving to Europe (Netherlands) and looking for a handheld GPS device that will work well in a city environment mainly. It sounds like the 60CSx will work well in the city. My main concern is how detailed the map will be. Will I be able to zoom into a 2-3 block radius on my position? How well will this work for navigating large cities like Amsterdam?

    Kevin - December 19th, 2006
  14. I am looking for a GPS unit that will allow me to upload the GPS data to my laptop for use with Google Earth. There are several logging roads in BC that are newer than the latest available maps and sattelite imagery. What 2 or 3 units would you recommend based on this requirement and price.

    What other equipment or software would I need to achieve this. I do not need L-ion as I have a 120vac outlet in my truck for chargers.

    Is an electronic compass really required?

    Peter - December 20th, 2006
  15. Kevin – If you are looking for auto/road navigation then I would suggest a model designed for that rather than a handheld device.

    Peter – Virtually any handheld GPS which can save tracklogs would allow you to do that, an electronic compass would not be required.

    Tim - December 21st, 2006
  16. Do the 60CSx or 76CSx have the ability to issue voice commands for highway travel such as, “Turn left now”?

    Pierre - December 24th, 2006
  17. No, they do not provide voice prompts.

    Tim - December 24th, 2006
  18. I have a nuvi 310, it came with a pre-installed map covering Europe. I have just installed the update for it (City Navigator Europe NT v9)with a free DVD from Garmin.
    Now could someone tell me, can I install this map on to my new 60CSx (shortly to be delivered) without having to pay Garmin for a new copy. If so how would I go about it since my orignal copy was pre-installed and I have no hard copy. Sorry if its a dumb question, I’m just not sure.

    Niall - February 2nd, 2007
  19. No, you can’t. You would be required to purchase another license to use the produce on another device.

    Tim - February 3rd, 2007
    • Produce on a GPS? That’s going to get stinky pretty fast!

      Mike - April 27th, 2009
  20. Will any brand of micro SD cards work in the 60CSx, and what is the maximum card size (MB) the 60CSx will accommodate?

    Lynn - February 3rd, 2007
  21. Any brand should work. I’ve been told the recommended size is 2GB or less.

    Tim - February 3rd, 2007
  22. We have owned two Garmin 60cxs for 7months,we love them but, after using the goto on road feature when we get to the cache location the unit stops locating until we turn off the unit then on then it locates fine. I think we place them in a mode we don’t realize we are in.

    joe crider - March 7th, 2007
  23. My question is this, if I bought the pre-loaded micro SD card with MapSource United States Topo West – when using it with my Garmin 60CSx would I still be able to view it on my PC and add routes and waypoints that could then be placed back in the GPS unit?
    Or would I have to also purchase the CD Rom? I cannot seem to pinpoint this information on the Garmin site. Thanks for your help.

    Erle Youngblood - March 24th, 2007
  24. Erle – I don’t have first hand experience with this, but Garmin has told me that you would want to purchase the CD instead. In addition to the desktop software, the CD would give you greater coverage (for a cost) over the pre-programmed microSD cards.

    Tim - March 24th, 2007
  25. I am looking to buy a handheld GPS unit (preferably color)with great maps of the South Louisiana marsh, bays and coast out to the barrier islands along the Gulf of Mexico. I fish in different boats so it must be portable.

    Mike Gilbert - May 1st, 2007
  26. Mike, you might want to check out Garmin’s maps to be sure their water and marsh coverage is what you expect it should be.

    Tim - May 3rd, 2007
  27. I am considering the GPSMAP 60CSx (~$350) or the Rino 530HCX (~$420) A couple main considerations I have is topo maps and battery life – anyone had luck using the alkaline batteries (4 AA) with the Rino? What is a reasonable estimation of life with those? Does the Rino support the same level of detail maps as the 60CSx? Any other thoughts? thanks much

    Aaron - June 5th, 2007
  28. The same level of map details are available on both devices. I haven’t done any battery testing with those devices so I can’t comment there.

    Tim - June 5th, 2007
  29. I am looking for a multi-purpose gps / sat nav that I can use walking, motorbiking and in the car. Currently the Garmin 60CSx appears to fill hte bill. I not the comment above that voice prompts are not provided – that’s OK. However, there are 2 aspects that I’m not clear on so seek your help:-

    1. Going from place to address, am I correct in assuming that the 60CSx does not accept post codes and that either the address has to be entered, or, a route uploaded from a PC? Or is there another / better way?

    2. In an earlier question (#18 in the list) your response to loading City Navigator Europe NT v9 is that the user would have purchase another license. Please clarify – are you saying that if I have 2 Garmin devices and one copy of the maps, that I would have to purchase a seperate license in order to use the same software on each device? This implies an increased cost of ownership.

    Phil - June 7th, 2007
  30. Phil, (1) I don’t have one handy right now to try, but I don’t recall being able to lookup and address by zipcode, only by city name. (2) That is how I interpret the license. I’ve been told if you want to permanently move the maps from one device to another they will issue another unlock code, but that if you want to use the maps on more than one device you need another license. That’s how I interpret what I’ve been told and what I’ve read.

    Tim - June 7th, 2007
    • I have had one h*** of a time with this. I have never been able to unlock mine and Garmin is no help. I have not really used the device and bought it about a year ago. I just decided to set down try it again. Garmin should not make this stuff so complicated….

      David Threet - October 10th, 2010
  31. I’m looking to purchase my first GPS handheld. I’ve put off the purchase for years because these units severely lag behind in memory offerings. Can I purchase my own microSD card with 4, 8, 16GB and load up ALL maps? What is the addressable memory limitation for the Garmin 60CSx?

    Mike Mitchell - June 7th, 2007
  32. I found the answer to my question above, for the 60CSx the microSD card limitation is 2GB. That brings up another question, assuming DVDs are 4.7GB and if I purchase the MapSource Topo US DVD, does that mean I will need three microSD 2GB cards to copy all the U.S. maps?

    Mike Mitchell - June 7th, 2007
  33. In addition to your answer #30 (2) If i have a mapsource product installed on the included 64MB card, and I would like to upgrade to a 1 GB card, can I reinstall the map on my new card or do I need to buy a new mapsource product with a new licence?

    Derick - June 15th, 2007
  34. I just purchaced a 60csx and want to know if I can load in routes and waypoints from my National Geographic topo series maps into my 60csx.

    Paul Reyes - June 18th, 2007
  35. Mike, I would assume you are correct, although I’m not sure if there is any compression on either end that might impact the size values.

    Derick – The MapSource products might be a little different when it comes to SD cards. I haven’t tried that to see what happens, but Garmin support should be able to give you a definitive answer.

    Paul – I haven’t used NGT in a couple of years. Do you know what formats it will export to?

    Tim - June 18th, 2007
  36. Hi,

    I’m based in the UK and am planning to purchase a Garmin 60Csx when I’m next in the US. I understand that the unit will come with a US base map. Can this be replaced with a UK base map ( I assume not) or alternatively can I purchase and use a UK/European map loaded onto an SD card instead. I’ve read suggestions that some European purchasers of US 60Csx’s have had problems due to the US base map.

    Tim S - June 23rd, 2007
  37. Can I purchase the Atlanic version (Europe) here in the States. I will be backpacking in Europe for a couple months and would like to have one with the European basemap preloaded.

    Olivo - July 25th, 2007
  38. I was seriously considering a 60CSx until I ran through Garmin’s online map viewer for City Navigator North America 2008. Does the online viewer give an accurate representation of how maps will appear on the 60CSx? At a zoom level 0.5 miles, city streets and county roads are well shown in my area. Backing out to a zoom level of 0.7 miles, almost everything disappeared and most of the screen was blank. I had the detail up as high as the viewer would go, but saw nothing. Please tell me secondary roads aren’t really this poorly shown on the 60CSx.


    Mike B. - July 29th, 2007
  39. Please help….!!!Garmin 60csx or lowrance hunt color??…which one???


    chris c - August 14th, 2007
    • defintely the Garmin 60cxs. You wont be dissapointed.

      mike g - September 23rd, 2010
  40. My old handheld was stolen so I needed a new one. This one was the third I tried and as the saying goes, third times a charm. Best handheld GPS I have ever had. Gets a fix in places nothing else ever would, even 50ft into a tunnel! Tons of useful data and every screen can be customized to meet your needs. PC connection was easy and I was able to interface it in minutes. Battery life is very good I was able to go all day on just one pair of AA’s. My search has ended, this one is a keeper.

    Jack Bass - August 16th, 2007
  41. I’ve got a 60csx unit within a couple of weeks. I noticed two physical design issue I do not quite like : (1) I would prefer stainless steel hooks for the hand straps since it is such an expensive piece of equipment and I do not want to loose it just because the plastic hook got broken. (2) the USB rubber cover does not seal as good as the external power port and I am afraid that water can get in from the USB port into the unit easily. The cover can get easily bumped off from the sealed position and leave a small opening.

    Also, it is better to provide an option for the unit to speak. Although it consumes more power, but as a multipurpose unit, it is much safer to have such an option conveniently available when using it during driving.

    Tomy - August 21st, 2007
  42. was considering a garmin 60csx. we do lots of hiking and driving. read (on different sites) that garmin maps are not easily downloaded because of unlock codes. any advice on which model to purchase (dont really need mp3!)

    alicia b - September 5th, 2007
  43. I’ve never had trouble with the unlock codes on Garmin maps/devices.

    Tim - September 7th, 2007
  44. I now have the old (6-8 years) Garmin etrex. With the Garmin 60csx down to about $300.00 I am considering getting it. Now I was wondering if it will impact greatly on two things that get my goat with the etrex. One when I use it to Geocach it seems to bounce a lot. Two when I use it for backpacking unless I hold it flat and high it will not keep a lock in the woods. Would like to just hook it to my sterum strap or there abouts and have it not lose its lock. Other then the maps is it worth the $300.00 to replace my etrex?

    Greg - September 15th, 2007
  45. I am looking for a GPS unit that I can use while huting(with waypoits or landmarks), hiking, or riding my Harley(navigation). Any suggestions?

    Rick D. - September 16th, 2007
  46. I was wondering if you can load routes ect. from one 60CSX to another?

    Bill - October 1st, 2007
  47. I currently have a GPS 60 that I want to use for scientific field work to mark sites and location of transects etc. However, I noticed that Garmin’s 60CSx has 20 channel ‘high sensitive receiver’ compared to the normal 12 channel in mine. What is the difference in accuracy between the two? What is the current accuracy of the GPS 60?

    I would really appreciate your advice on whether I should spend the money and upgrade to the 20 channel GPS unit.

    Paul - October 5th, 2007
  48. It is a bit hard to quantify the difference. It will get a signal faster, and it will hold onto that signal in areas where a 12 channel receiver might have dropped. It will also be a bit more accurate, but not a ton. I know that is a vague answer, but the results will be too. It will be more accurate, but not by a large margin. After all it will use the same signals from the same satellites.

    Tim - October 5th, 2007
  49. I’m going to Iraq and looking at getting the garmin 60cxs. Will it show military grid format? And do you think the maps I download for the area will be accurate?.

    Josh - November 26th, 2007
  50. Looking at a new GPS for Geocaching. I currently use a PDA and Bluetooth GPS, which is great for paperles caching, but not always convinent and restricts us to fair weather. My top 2 contenders are the Garmin 60CSX and the Magellan Triton 1500. Do you have any thought on which would be the most suitable for geocaching?

    Neil - December 19th, 2007
  51. Neil – The 60CSx is tested, and probably the most sought after GPS for geocachers. The Triton looks quite interesting, but it hasn’t been tested much yet so there are bound to be some “version 1” issues.

    Tim - December 19th, 2007
  52. I can’t find serious information about the real accuracy of the altimeter in the 60 CSX : who could help me to find out this data ?
    Also, I would like to know if the resolution of the altimeter is metric, or sub-metric (number of decimal places with wich data are displayed?).
    Thank you very much.

    Pierre Gautreau - December 27th, 2007
  53. Pierre, accuracy is about 5-10 meters, vertical accuracy is even less so it doesn’t make sense to display decimal places.

    Tim - December 28th, 2007
    • My mountaineering course informed me that gps’s altimeter functions works best at sea level and can for example be as much as 800-1000 feet off when on the mountains in WA state. Worse yet the same spot can have a different reading the next day making return track by that method useless. The recommend the barometer method and it compairson with known check points is an art into itself.

      John - August 15th, 2009
  54. hello, i am in the market of a gps to blaze existing trails and then prepare a map of several trails. i have been reading about the garmin gpsmap60csx and the gpsmap76csx and don’t know which one to purchase. what exactly are the differences except for thesd card that is provided? i would also like to get in geocaching. i don’t want to purchase one and then upgrade later down the road. please help. thanking you in advance…have a great night!

    anna - January 11th, 2008
  55. Could someone please ecplain what the difference between a Garmin GPS MAP 60CSX and a Garmin GPS MAP 76CSX are except for the the sd card provided. I tried comparing but can’t find anything. THanks alot! Have a great day!

    anna - January 14th, 2008
  56. Anna – The two other differences are that the 76 version will float, and has a different orientation for buttons. I like the buttons on the bottom like the 60 has versus the buttons on the top like the 76.

    Tim - January 21st, 2008
  57. I am comparing the 60CSx & 76CSx and have a few questions.
    1- Is the software exactly the same? If not which is better?
    2- Is the signal reception,accuracy, locking,etc… excactly the same? If not which is better? Please i do not mean from the published specs, i mean from a feild test comparison,if you have a link to such a comparison it would be great.
    3- On the garmin website they say it is 12 channels and in the answers above you say 20 channels.
    4- On the garmin website it is said that only the 76CSx has a transflective screen which is clearer to see,is that true? I saw one 60CXs at a shop and the screen seemed dim and their was one such comment above, so is the 76CSx screen better?
    5-Can the 76CXs also carry a 2GB card ?

    Amr - February 21st, 2008
  58. weird how many people are comparing the 76 and 60CSx models because i am too. In the meantime, i bought a new Legend HCx and i have to say its reception is so good i’m afraid i’ll be disappointed by the 76/60 csx. in my all brick apartment, i’m getting 10-11 fixes all the time. With my explorist 600 magellan, i would get 3 if i was lucky, most of the time 1 or 2. Now my dilema is will the new H series (high sensitivity) garmins be better than the older sirfstarIII garmins (60/76 csx) for reception.

    littleman - March 3rd, 2008
  59. I’m in a search & rescue team for our community and we want to buy a GPS. We did– no names– and liked the unit. But we perceive there is problem. For instance, I could set up waypoints on the unit and then when I tried to route from one waypoint to another all I got was distance. There was no bearings. The only bearings were from “current location” to either of the waypoints. To us this could be critical.

    I had talked to the GPS unit tech support group for over 3 hours and they finally told me that there product line does not do that. They said people don’t do that.

    Here’s a scenario–
    Winter conditions, temperatures in low 30s.
    Two kids ice skating on frozen pond on private property.
    One boy calls with cell phone and says other boy has fallen through ice.
    He has a gps unit and gives co-ordinates of 14R 0646181 – 3424888

    Our search group is parked on a roadway nearby.
    Their location is: 14R 0646930 – 3425395

    What is the bearing from the search group location to the pond?
    What is the distance to the pond?

    This would be easy as long as my current location is at the point above. The unit gives distance from the waypoints, but if the guys in the field only have compasses and maps– we can’t give them a heading using radios if we’re at comm center because com center would be my current location. Hope this makes sense.

    Does the 60CSx allow me to do this? Or the eTrex Vista Cx?

    Alan - March 16th, 2008
  60. Alan, if I’m understanding you correctly, you don’t even necessarily need a GPS so long as you can calculate the distance and bearing between two sets of coordinates, correct? If so you can use a simple online calculator like this to do the job.

    Tim - March 16th, 2008
  61. Tim–thanks for your timely response.

    Actually, we really do need a GPS. In the event that we need to air evac someone out– especially at night– the evac helicopters will not come in or even respond unless they have precise coordinates. If we have the GPS at the emergency site–then we can provide the co-ords. The scenario was a “What if”– but something that we feel is a possibility.

    Since we are a volunteer group we really don’t have a lot of money to spend, but we would like to get the best bang for our dollar, to be honest. We recently got a small grant from FEMA due to our help during Katrina, so we’re trying to purchase equipment to help us in the future, in the event of any other disaster.

    Alan - March 16th, 2008
  62. I guess what I’m saying is that you wouldn’t need the GPS to calculate the bearing and distance from one set of coordinates to another since you can do that via online tools. Then the GPS would just be used to directly navigate to the location, take good coordinates when you get there, etc.

    Tim - March 16th, 2008
  63. Is that URL still available? I’ve tried several times as well as a friend and we can’t get to the FCC site.

    Alan - March 17th, 2008
  64. It is working fine for me still. Anyone else here having trouble with the link in comment #60?

    Tim - March 17th, 2008
  65. Tim– you’re right, it does work. My HOST file was messing it up.

    Neat site to keep in mind– but what if I’m in the field with no PC? Just radios and hopefully a GPS. So, will the 60CSx or the eTrex Vista Cx allow me to attain a heading and distance from waypoint 1 to waypoint 2 from a remote location?

    Sorry to keep bugging you on this.

    Alan - March 17th, 2008
  66. Hi Alan – Sorry I don’t have one with me at the moment to test that on. But I’m pretty sure you can do that. (Create a route specifying a starting position other than the current position.) I’ll try to find a more concrete answer for you.

    Tim - March 19th, 2008
  67. 60CSx vs Legend HCx. Well, my fear is now realized. I bought the 60csx a few weekends back and have had time to compare it to the newer Legend hcx that i already had. I have to say the newer H legends kicks the 60csx’s butt as far as time needed to acquire a satellite fix. I’m in the same brick house, same sort of uses, side by side comparisons around town/city. sometimes the 60csx (with highly touted the sirfstar chipset) sits a full minute or 2 longer than the legend hcx before it’s usable. Not only that, the legend is smaller and seems to built tougher. Newer is better.. The days are numbered for the 60csx high rankings in the customer reviews.

    littleman - March 24th, 2008
  68. I forgot to mention the map re-drawing and other functions are also noticably faster on the Legend hcx and the 60csx often hangs for just a second or two when doing things like cycling thorugh pages or zooming/scrolling maps whcih i’m guessing means the re’s a faster processor in the legend hcx? This is using the same size/brand/model memory card and maps, btw.

    littleman - March 24th, 2008
  69. I am storm Spotter for an organization Called Skywarn here in Central MN. I am also an amateur radio operating and I am going to be getting back into a mode Call APRS. what I am wondering is I am eyeballing the 60CSx and the 76CSx? I will only use it in my vehicle. the gps has to have NMEA and has to have an RS-232 port on it.

    take care,

    Ben - March 26th, 2008
  70. Dear Wizards,
    I’ve had a Magellan Meridian (Yellow) for years and had been quite happy with it. My wife and I travel cross country and have it cabled into a MS PC machine to track our route. But… We’ve converted to the Mac environment and as many of your contributers suggest, the support just isn’t there from Magellan to make the conversion. I’m ready to get a 60 or 76CSx (we still greatly enjoy geocaching!). Does Garmin and one of these two GPSrs support the Mac OS? Are there better combinations?
    TIA for this forum (it’s great) and any help you can give.

    Sam Banks - March 30th, 2008
  71. Garmin has limited Mac support at this time, but out of all of the handheld GPS manufacturers they are the closest to having full Mac support.

    Tim - March 31st, 2008
  72. Hello,

    I’m a wildland firefighter and have been thinking of purchasing my first personal GPS unit. I’m often at fires at night on a dozer/plow or brush truck unit and need to find my way back to my transport truck or a road. Both pieces of equipment are equipped with significant additional protection ie. steel frames and coverings over the cab. I’m also in terrain with heavy tree cover. I’m looking for a unit that is sensitive enough to pick up a signal as well as be able to map out the acreage and have a compass. Not knowing much about GPS’s, what would you recommend for my needs?


    Joshua - April 12th, 2008
  73. I have read that the WAAS receiver does not work correctly in the 60CSx? if so, does it work better in the newer 76CSx

    Chris Beach - April 14th, 2008
  74. Hello,

    We are going on a hut to hut cross country ski trip in Colorado. We will be in the backcountry and the trails might be snowed over. We will have the mountains and tree line as a guide but are thinking about purchasing a GPS unit for navigation. We would also like to use the unit for weekend hiking. The priority is ease of use, battery life and type (double A), and accuracy. Can you recommend a GPS unit(s) that we might consider for the above purpose?

    Thank you,

    Mayumi - September 24th, 2008
  75. I HAVE A GARMIN 60csx and i am going to use it for hunting in new england. I want to find topographical maps to load onto the unit. what are the options to do this and what is the best way?


    RICHARD - October 16th, 2008
  76. Garmin Topo Dvd 2008

    Tim - October 16th, 2008
  77. I purchased a 60CSx in 2006 when first released in Australia, for multi functions. I have used it in conjunction with a laptop for offshore sailing. I use the 60CSx, with mount, whenever I travel away from my home city either by hand or in rental vehicles. I also use when walking/hiking. Yes, I did have to purchase maps but the benefit greatly outweighs the cost. I purchased RAM (great selection) mounts (better than the Garmin OE) for use in vehicles/bicycles. The angle of the windshield on most modern cars makes the original Garmin model useless. Earlier this year I travelled to Japan and was able to download from a vendor in Japan English language maps, I knew exactly where I was at all times. The 60CSx is a great bit of kit and I would purchase another if need be, it is very robust and handles rough and tumble of travel well. My only negative is that the Owners Manual is too brief, would like something that digs into more detail.

    David - November 24th, 2008
  78. My 60CSx is a \keeper\. I’ve had quite a few GPS handheld units; starting with Magellan 2000. I enjoy the eTrex Legend and the Rino series are also very useful. But the 60CSx is much better under pacific northwest evergreen canopy forest (at LaPush, for instance, where GPS-V got no signal at all). it has some features I don’t care for; the Legend gives me a good altitude reading in an airplane but the 60CSx uses its barometric altimeter and reads cabin altitude. I had some difficulty with a 2 gigabyte micro-SD; a firmware update seems to have fixed it, also, there’s a limit on how many map segments you can load — even with enough memory you can still crash the GPS with too many map segments so loading the entire western United States Topo AND City Select, while it did fit, the unit did not like it very much. Route finding is good but occasionally produces bizarre routes so always use your brains in conjunction with GPS.

    Michael - January 10th, 2009
  79. I’m looking for a gps that will fit all my needs ,hunting , atv ,motorcycle and in my truck . tall order to fill ,Im looking a the 60csx and the 76csx. Any other ideas .

    Colin - February 6th, 2009
    • Colin, your best bet is to look at multiple devices. There really isn’t any single GPS that will meet those needs with good functionality. You can often spend less getting two devices to do those tasks versus one “master” device that will try to do them all but perform some functions poorly.

      Tim - February 9th, 2009
    • I’ve been looking at GPS for similar usage. It might be worth your while to look into the Garmin GPSMap 276c/376/378/478 models. Unfortunately it seems that gpsreview.net doesn’t keep up-to-date on non-automotive GPS units so you probably won’t find anything about those models on here. (The reason I’m on here is I’m trying to find a review comparing the 378 and the 478 for chart coverage but I haven’t found anything so far) The cost of a one of these is probably comparable or cheaper than purchasing two separate units if you shop around. (depending on what you compare to, of course)

      David - April 7th, 2009
  80. Just got a GPS 60 which although tough build quality was a little disapointed with the monotone display. Thought i could load Topo great britain map of Scotland onto it purchased for 70.00 GBP. The mapsource software throws up an error saying i need Topo great Britain V2 to work with mapsource. whats all that about?If i had that why would i need to buy Topo scotland?
    Very disappointed.
    To me it seems Garmin make stuff too complicated with unclear interface and more expensive. Considering i can buy a 51 channel blue tooth receiver unit for £30 which incidently gets a signal in the house within about 1minute. For me they are well behind Navman and other aftermarket software.

    Stuart Hodgson - May 1st, 2009
  81. When will Garmin produce topo maps for the 60csx of Central and South America? Traveling minds want to know.

    Buford Pruitt - August 9th, 2009
  82. Barometric altimeter and the Electronic compass operation on the 60cSx drain the battery quickly although you can switch it off. Buy a cheap compass and the 60 Cx model then you will have a compass upon battery failure and the $ save will almost pay for very good separate hand barometer/altimeter should you later need one. As mentioned above (not verified) my memory is that the alarm clock feature is on the 60Cx. I own the 60cSx and a 76 case and always carry extra batteries. I would like to leave it on for all day skiing but the batteries always run down. Down load the Garmin manual if you want their battery times.

    john - August 15th, 2009
  83. Hello Everybody

    I need a rugged handheld gps for fieldwork very very far from civilisation. I prioritize stability, high sensitivity and long battery time. I have worked with the 60csx before and looking around I find many of the recently launched devices look less rugged and have terrible battery time. The only thing that I have seen that are in favour of buying one of the new models instead of the (now very cheap)60csx is the application of google earth maps. Do any of you know if the 60csx device can actually use such selfgenerated google earth maps??
    Am I missing some other “extreme field proof” devices on the marked which you can recommend.

    Thanks a lot for your kind advice!

    Jos Kielgast - August 16th, 2009
  84. In a quandary about which unit to purchase. My primary use is on the water ocean kayaking. I have tried several units and wonder whether tide tables on the 60 CSx include Canadian tide stations. Between the Etrex Vista HCx and this one, the tide table seems to be the selling feature but at $100.00 more why would I purchase it, if there are no Canadian tables?

    Wayne - May 13th, 2010
  85. I too need advice on which hand held to purchase. Primary use will be recreational hiking and back country fishing trips.
    Usability is paramount. I find my daughter’s new camera, with the rear view screen, impossible to use in *any* direct sun condition.

    Michael - May 30th, 2010
    • Please add geocaching to the intended uses. Thank you.

      Michael - May 30th, 2010
  86. Anyone have hot tips for free nautical and us maps the ones on the 60 csx seem basic to me

    Kelly - June 2nd, 2010
  87. I use mine in sun and shade, day and night, and the illumination works great. It seems to be fairly accurate in the FL woods. It sometimes does not correctly track roads/streets, but I think that’s a registration error. I once had to take Garmin up on its lifetime guarantee when the rubber seal on one of the backside hookups failed in a strong rain. I am disappointed in two things:
    1. Topo contours are at weird increments (translated from metric to English?)
    2. Cannot import Google Earth imagery (Magellan can)
    3. Cannot correct Garmin mapping errors
    4. Garmin evidently has no intention of producing maps for countries south of the USA other than the cartoon base map.

    Buford - September 23rd, 2010
    • Ok, that’s four things.

      Buford - September 23rd, 2010
  88. Oddly, I rec’d a msg that David Threet posted the following question but it does not display here: “I have had one h*** of a time with this. I have never been able to unlock mine and Garmin is no help. I have not really used the device and bought it about a year ago. I just decided to set down try it again. Garmin should not make this stuff so complicated….”

    David, you do not reveal what exactly it is that you cannot unlock, so please… If it is the US Topo set, you do not need to unlock it. You buy it and you install it and you use it. That simple. I found this out by phoning Garmin.

    Buford - October 12th, 2010
  89. i have a gpsmap 60csx and a lot of times when i am in the wide open my compass and map pointer are not pointing anywhere close to the direction i am heading. the pointer moves in the direction but does not point in the direction

    Cody - January 13th, 2011
    • Have you calibrated the electronic compass? Otherwise it needs movement to determine direction.

      Tim - January 13th, 2011
  90. I need to drive then hike to a set of Latitude & longitude coordinates. Will the 60CSX do the job, or do I need another GPS?

    Jason - May 21st, 2011

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