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Garmin iQue M3 GPS Review


Several sites have recently written about the new Garmin iQue M3 PocketPC GPS. So far most people have not had many good things to say about the device.

Although the Navigation works as expected, this Pocket PC does not have any particular feature like VGA screen, nice design or Wifi connectivity. In fact, I bet that one could get a decent Pocket PC and a Bluetooth GPS for less than the $450 that the Garmin M3 costs. – ubergizmo

Aside from its GPS functions, the M3 is a rather vanilla PDA. I has no built-in wireless, no VGA screen, nor any other particularly remarkable functions. It’s primarily–almost exclusively–a GPS device, designed around a single task, with handheld computing as a secondary benefit. – bargainpda

Sure, it’s a PocketPC with integrated GPS reception, which is pretty hot, but does anyone really want to pay $450 for a product like this without a VGA screen or WiFi? I think not. Garmin, time to get your head in the game and license your GPS tech out to companies that know how to give us what we want—for less. – gizmodo

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