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Garmin Lifetime Traffic Subscription


A few weeks ago we said we had a feeling Garmin would soon offer a Lifetime Traffic Subscription based on a number of clues we outlined at that time. As I look at the Garmin FM TMC traffic receiver page at this very moment (here) the offer is appearing. Instead of a one year subscription for $60, that same $60 gets you a “lifetime” subscription. So just what is “lifetime”?

Lifetime traffic extends for the useful life of your Garmin traffic receiver (as long as you own a compatible Garmin GPS) or as long as Garmin receives traffic data from its traffic supplier, whichever is shorter.

We also speculated that TomTom might be offering the same type of deal. However they have since released a subscription update method that is only for one year.

One Response

  1. Between traffic subscription ( for life? ) and map update subscriptions Garmin and Navigon are looking better to me than TomTom. I have 2 TTs and love them but when you start adding up the costs compared to the others I’m starting to think twice. I hope TT starts competing in this area. Tim maybe you can have some influence?

    John - October 24th, 2008

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