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Garmin MapSource GPS Software Beta Integrates with Google Earth


Garmin has released another beta version of their MapSource software. New is integration with Google Earth. You can send waypoints and tracklogs from your MapSource software into Google Earth which is a very cool feature!

Changes made from version Beta to Beta:

* Fixed issue with a fatal error at program startup caused by the previously selected page in MapSource version 6.5 being the GPS page.
* Fixed issue with clicking on the View menu caused by having an old version of Google Earth installed.
* Fixed issue with not splitting the active track into separate track segments.
* Fixed issue with a fatal error when launching the ‘route avoidances’ dialog.
* Fixed an issue with the waypoint symbol not being updated on the map when it was changed back to the original symbol in the waypoint dialog.
* Fixed an issue with the duplicate street names being shown in popup windows.

Changes made from version 6.8.0 to Beta:

* Change to warn users when the beta will expire. This is done in the application’s title bar, at startup (this can be silenced), and in the about dialog.
* Change to merge data received from a GPS into the current document.
* Added several map POI icons, including summit, landmark, arena/track, sports/fitness center, city hall, dealer/auto parts, and bowling center.
* Added the ability to view the data contained in the current document in Google Earth, if it is installed.
* Added support for importing LOC files.
* Added the product restrictions dialog, which is shown when you open a map product that has limitations imposed by license restrictions with the map-data vendor.
* Improved error reporting during communication with PocketPC devices.
* Changed the route preferences page to use the same road class avoid/prefer design used in newer GPS’s.
* Change to not show detailed map outlines when viewing areas that are not installed (in a partial install).
* Change to notify the user what invalid data is received from a GPS, so that the user can correct or remove this data on the GPS.
* Changed the SI unit for speed from “kph” to “km/h”.
* Changed the splash window (shown at program startup) to be displayed on the same monitor that the program will be displayed on, in multi-monitor configurations.
* Changed the product info dialog to be resizable.
* Changed contour lines with no elevation data to display the string “Contour Line” instead of “Invalid Elevation”.
* Fixed an issue where a user’s data selection on the map was not visible in the user data list.
* Fixed an issue with a track segment selection being displayed after the track dialog was dismissed.
* Fixed an issue with driving directions for routes that take a series of unnamed roads.
* Fixed an issue with certain key stroke combinations in the track dialog.
* Fixed an issue with selecting the wrong track segment on the map when many track segments are close together.
* Fixed an issue where a selected track point was obscured by the scroll bar in the track dialog.
* Fixed a drawing artifact that could be caused when displaying a context menu over user data.
* Fixed an issue where addresses in multi-language products where not found when city names were in certain languages.
* Fixed an issue with creating a waypoint on certain map features when the map’s language is not the same as the computer’s language setting.

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