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Garmin Mobile 20


Garmin Mobile 20 has been announced. This system allows for automotive GPS navigation on select mobile phones. Currently smartphones by Nokia, smartphones based on Windows Mobile, and the Treo 650 are supported. Garmin Mobile 20 provides turn by turn directions with voice prompts as well as hands free phone operation.

Garmin Mobile 20 is basically a phone cradle which also has Bluetooth functionality and a GPS receiver. If your phone has data (internet) capabilities the system can also access data features such as weather, traffic information, and safety camera databases. You can also send your current position or POI information to other mobile phone users via text message.

For extremely advanced users there is also an API available to create your own datasets to use the device. For example you could load onto the device a customer database or a database of your company’s retail store locations.

Don’t expect to get your hands on the Garmin Mobile 20 until July November. The European package will include Garmin Mobile 20, GPS 20SM, and a preloaded regional data card. The North American package will include Garmin Mobile 20, GPS 20SM, and maps of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico preloaded on a 1 GB data card.

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