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Garmin NASCAR Commercial


Recently Garmin started to air a new series of summer commercials featuring Yao Ming. I noted that I really liked the commercial much better than the Super Bowl Commercial. Today, Garmin let everyone know about a new commercial with a NASCAR theme. So what do we think?

This commercial absolutely rocks! (And this is coming from someone who doesn’t watch NASCAR.) I think this commercial will work well because it is highly entertaining, something that the Super Bowl commercial strived to do but in my opinion didn’t achieve. However more importantly this commercial actually shows the device in operation, highlights many of the features, and despite being depicted in a fictitious car race actually shows the consumer the basics of GPS and how it can be a useful tool. (Or at least as much as you can in a 30 second commercial. They were able to at least mention voice prompts, automatic route recalculation, Bluetooth hands-free calling, and live traffic reporting.

So huge props to Garmin on this one, A+. This commercial would even be worthy of playing outside of NASCAR programming.

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