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Garmin Nuvi 350


Once considered a benchmark against which all other auto GPS devices were measured, the Nuvi 350 is beginning to show its age in the Nuvi product lineup. The Nuvi 350 is no longer in production so there is a danger that if you purchase the GPS now, it could come with an older map. This model also comes with an older “flip up” style antenna which is slightly less convenient.

It is however one of the best selling auto GPS devices out there, and for good reason. This Nuvi will speak street names in addition to standard voice prompts (text to speech). The mount is still one of the best designs in the industry where the power cord plugs into the mount which makes connecting and disconnecting the GPS to the mount easier.

435 Responses

  1. TIM – Thank you for your answer. Just to clarify so I understand, when we’re looking in a Recent Selection mode or My Favorites selection mode, the mileage that is shown on right side is the straight line from point A to point B mileage not the actual driving mileage. Just curious, what is the practical use for it?

    Dariusz - August 8th, 2008
  2. Correct, it shows the relative straight line distance. They do that because it would take too long to calculate a driving route to each location in the search results.

    Tim - August 8th, 2008
  3. I purchased my Nuvi 350 1/31/07. Seems like I have updated something on it free in the past. Are there any free updates that I should get? Is there good reason to pay for the other updates.

    Ron - August 12th, 2008
  4. Ron, you can use WebUpdater to check for application updates (free) and register your device at my.garmin.com to check for map updates (may not be free).

    Tim - August 13th, 2008
  5. Hi Tim
    I am consisdering buying a 350 with V.7 map. I am hearing so many complaints about the 350. What do you think of the 350…also 360 – I want one that says street names….. please help and advise…. thanks

    rbutter - August 13th, 2008
  6. The 350 was a great device. But it has since been discontinued. I wouldn’t purchase it with v7 maps as those are quite old now. I’d look at the Garmin Nuvi 255 or the Garmin Nuvi 260 instead.

    Tim - August 13th, 2008
  7. thanks for a quick responce….
    what about the garmin 650?

    rbutter - August 13th, 2008
  8. My 350 is V4 i believe. Purchased 1/31/07. Works very good for me. As mentioned above hearing complants. I’m afraid to upgrade in the event it does not work as well. Could this be true?

    Ron - August 13th, 2008
  9. The 650 has been discontinued as well. The current models are the 200 series, 2×5 series, 700, 800, and 5000 series.

    Tim - August 13th, 2008
  10. Well I’ve been reading the comments and concerns but I heard this is the only portable GPS that has the setting for commercial driving. Is this true? And if so how helpful really is the feature on this device.

    Robert - August 15th, 2008
  11. Robert – Yes, Garmin has done away with that feature on newer models. I think people assumed it would route you around low bridges, sharp turns, etc. What it really does is just avoid things like carpool lanes and parkways where commercial vehicles are restricted from driving.

    Tim - August 18th, 2008
  12. Hi, I bought a Nuvi 350 way back when they were a new model, after a year it stopped working and Garmin replaced the product without hesitation – great service, especially here in Belgium where the customer usually comes last. However now I get the message that the maps are out of date (Europe NT v9), I expected a free update for this but I’m getting asked to buy. Secondly, if I get the matest version will I have to install onto an SD card or will it replace the current version in the Nuvi memory?


    Dave - August 19th, 2008
  13. Map updates will replace the map in the internal memory.

    Tim - August 19th, 2008
  14. I bought Nuvi350 at least a year or more ago. Did register it, but have not tried to update it (sware or maps). How do I know what map version I have? Is updating the software or the maps even worth trying now? I use the 350 all the time and has worked wonderfully, so updates could(?) cause problems? Any comments would be appreciated.

    Billy - August 20th, 2008
  15. Great site! I’m trying to decide between the nuvi 255 and nuvi 350. The 350 is available for about $50 less from a local retailer here in Canada.

    I see from above discussions that the 350 is older and no longer in production – will I still get firmware updates and the same level of support? Tim, you suggested that it would probably be better to buy the 255 or 260 because of the outdated map data on the 350.

    Does this mean that I can’t upgrade the maps now that the 350 is no longer in production?

    This will be my first GPS purchase, and any insights would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Alex - August 26th, 2008
  16. You will be able to update the maps (at least in the current format) however since you may have to pay for that map update it might be more cost effective to purchase a different model that will already include the newer map.

    Tim - August 26th, 2008
  17. Tim: I’m a first time buyer looking for a unit that will be used primarily for local travel for our new au pair. If the 350 is discontinued, is there an analog in the Garmin line-up now? Like the 270 maybe? And between that or the TomTom One 3rd is there a recommendation you are comfortable making?


    Cliff - August 26th, 2008
  18. The Garmin Nuvi 260 is the most similar to the 350. I’d go for the TomTom ONE 130s over the ONE 3rd Edition.

    Tim - August 26th, 2008
  19. Thanks…and the 130s versus the 260?

    Cliff - August 26th, 2008
  20. Simplicity (260) versus customizable (130s).

    Tim - August 26th, 2008
  21. I have Garmin 680, I downloaded songs from my cds to my computer in MP3 format. When I drive and run the music thru my FM reciever all songs stop in between songs for about 3-8 seconds. But when I play songs on GPS itself it does not stop. How can I play songs without songs stopping.

    Scott - August 26th, 2008
  22. Tim: I recently purchased a refurbished Nuvi 350 from [snip]. Now that I’ve realized that the 350 has been discontinued, I’m thinking maybe I should return the 350 and get the 255. What is your opinion?

    Jim - September 1st, 2008
  23. We’ve recently written about Garmin’s Discontinued Status and the implications thereof.

    Tim - September 1st, 2008
  24. Thanks Tim, I did read that article. I am not as concerned about the map updates as I am the quality and functionality of the two products.


    Jim - September 1st, 2008
  25. It being discontinued won’t impact the quality and functionality of the product. Still the same product it was before. :)

    Tim - September 1st, 2008
  26. Tim: I don’t mean to be a pain. Does the 255 incorporate features that are superior to the 350 i.e. chipset, display, accuracy,? In short is the 255 a better unit than 350?

    I really appreciate your help.

    Jim - September 1st, 2008
  27. Hardware is mostly similar. I prefer the display on the 255 and the lack of a flip up antenna on the 255 is also nice. Accuracy and chipset will have similar performance. The 255 also adds the nice graphical turn arrow at the top which I’m personally exceptionally fond of.

    Tim - September 1st, 2008
  28. Thanks alot Tim. I think I will return the 250 and go with the 255. I have been reading many of the reviews on the site. It is very helpful.

    Thanks again.

    Jim - September 1st, 2008
  29. I purchases a new Nuvi 350 and have 2 questions
    1) I’ve downloaded the 2009 update with unlock code to my desktop. How do I proceed with the update.

    2) As I’m going through other states, I’d like to find the Local Harley Davidson dealer, but nothing comes up on my searches. Any recommendations

    Tommy G - September 10th, 2008
  30. 1) Run the installer program that was downloaded. 2) Only about 5-25% of all known POIs are typically included on any GPS. You would need to find them in advance or look for someone who has a POI file built with all of the locations.

    Tim - September 10th, 2008
  31. I am having the same problem as the following –

    I just got the Garmin 350. I say got because it was a gift from my brother (nice guy, isn’t he). I cannot get the updates to work. I downloaded the software (tried both webupdate and manual. I can copy mp3’s and play them, so the device is being recognized. When I try to update, my 350 does not show up in the device list. When I click “Find Device”, I get a message that tells me to set the interface option to “Garmin” or “Host.” I cannot find any such settings on my 350. Has anyone else had this problem?
    David L. Meeusen – June 26th, 2006

    Any resolution on this???

    Jon - September 10th, 2008

    robby - September 10th, 2008
  33. The only difference is that the 360 includes Bluetooth.

    Tim - September 10th, 2008
  34. Hey Tim – could you pleaseeeeeeeeee help me with my question????

    “”I am having the same problem as the following –

    I just got the Garmin 350. I say got because it was a gift from my brother (nice guy, isn’t he). I cannot get the updates to work. I downloaded the software (tried both webupdate and manual. I can copy mp3’s and play them, so the device is being recognized. When I try to update, my 350 does not show up in the device list. When I click “Find Device”, I get a message that tells me to set the interface option to “Garmin” or “Host.” I cannot find any such settings on my 350. Has anyone else had this problem?
    David L. Meeusen – June 26th, 2006

    Any resolution on this???””

    I will appreciate any help
    thank you

    Jon - September 11th, 2008
  35. finally got a resolution to the following problem –

    I just got the Garmin 350. I say got because it was a gift from my brother (nice guy, isn’t he). I cannot get the updates to work. I downloaded the software (tried both webupdate and manual. I can copy mp3’s and play them, so the device is being recognized. When I try to update, my 350 does not show up in the device list. When I click “Find Device”, I get a message that tells me to set the interface option to “Garmin” or “Host.” I cannot find any such settings on my 350. Has anyone else had this problem?

    Had to call Garmin and a support specialist sent me a file to manually update the software. Its a common problem with software version 4.90 and web updater does not recognize it therefore has to be 1st manually updated to 5.5v and then use the webupadater to get the latest version. Hope this helps if anyone is running into this issue.

    Jon - September 11th, 2008
  36. Hey Jon

    How u did that “manually update the software”

    Robert - September 11th, 2008
  37. Garmin support specialist emailed me the update file and then asked to move that file to the device under the ‘garmin’ folder (the device while connected should be visible under ‘my computer’- also all of this was done on a pc w winxp). Then disconnect the device and let it restart and that should update the version on the device connect it back to the pc and run webudater to get the latest software version which rite now is 5.6 i think.

    Jon - September 12th, 2008
  38. I bought the Nuvi 350 years ago and I use it every day and never had a problem. I recently installed 2009 maps (city navigator 2009) and I see lots of errors on the maps and, worst of all, the unit sometime takes lot of time (30-60 sec)to follow the road when I start driving. It seems that the program cannot update the actual position in real time. I’m wondering if there are compatibility issues between new maps and firmware (updated to 5.60). Has anyone noticed similar problem recently? Errors in the maps are understandable, but problem following the road is not good.

    Nick - September 16th, 2008
  39. Are you running the latest application/firmware version?

    Tim - September 16th, 2008
  40. Can you buy this model with European map set.

    Erik - September 18th, 2008
  41. The Garmin Nuvi 370 contains the same features but adds European maps or you can purchase the maps as an accessory to the 350.

    Tim - September 18th, 2008
  42. I have a Nuvi 350 for the past 2 yrs. Has always worked great. I am thinking of purchasing another for my daughter but the map version is 7. Is there much difference between 7 and 9 version?

    Ron - September 18th, 2008
  43. There isn’t a version 9. Garmin stopped using single digit numbers and moved to a four digit number. The most recent is called “2009” and is based on data from the second half of 2007. So the map is a few years newer than v7.

    Tim - September 18th, 2008
  44. Tim, just after posting my message I found that the latest firmware was 6.00 and so I updated the nuvi (my last update was 5.60). I also removed all POI (deleted the file poi.gpi) and now it seems to calculate and track the route faster. I still notice errors in the position of the car respect of the maps road, even if it’s receiving 8 or more satellites, but that could be due to errors on the 2009 maps. I did a complete backup when I bought it two years ago and I was thinking to reinstall the old files to see if there is any difference. Has anyone tried that?

    Nick - September 19th, 2008
  45. I doubt you would see much of a difference. Positional errors are more commonly attributed to the underlying map database versus the GPS signal.

    Tim - September 19th, 2008
  46. I just updated my nuvi350 to version 6.0 and when it start up it briefly shows updating software with a scroll bar. It is stuck in my last location and does not find a satellite. Any suggestions. Garmin is closed for the day.


    Eliot D. - September 22nd, 2008
  47. How long did you leave it searching and did it have an open sky view?

    Tim - September 22nd, 2008
  48. It has been searching for quite a while. I also notice the time is way off. I have pressed the reset button; that appeared to help if it was having problems finding the satellites. I was in IOWA when I used it last week it is stuck there. I am north ofSeattle now.
    Any thoughts?

    Eliot - September 22nd, 2008
  49. I had it on in my car for probably 45 min. I have noticed that the time is off as well. I was in Iowa last week and I am N of Seattle now. I beleive the problems are with the new software. I have pressed the reset button in the back and it used to help with finding sattellites in the past.

    Any thoughts?


    Eliot - September 22nd, 2008
  50. How long did you leave it searching (I don’t know how long “quite a while is) and did it have an open sky view?

    Tim - September 22nd, 2008
  51. Sorry for the repost. Yes it had an open view.


    Eliot - September 22nd, 2008
  52. Updating the application typically kills the ephemeris data. Moving it a long distance can also confuse it, so the two put together will make for a much longer initial acquisition time. I’d leave it running with an open sky view for as long as it takes.

    Tim - September 22nd, 2008
  53. Thanks Tim I will try that.

    Eliot - September 22nd, 2008
  54. I really like Garmin’s customer service. I have had problems with the car mount and the car charger. With no questions asked they shipped me new ones at no cost to me. Very happy with the Nuvi 350. Performs much better than my friend’s TomTom One!

    Liz - September 24th, 2008
  55. I am considering buying a 350 that has been remanufactured by Garmin. I recognize that different manufactures have different standards for their remanufactured products. What is the worst-case of a unit that has been remanufactured by Garmin? Might there be scratches on the screen or body? Could battery life be questionable? Could they have out-of-date maps?


    Cary Swoveland - September 24th, 2008
  56. In the review, you mentioned how great the mount was but there’s no mention of what, specifically, that mount was, could you please clarify?

    Katie - September 25th, 2008
  57. We do talk about what we like of the mount, last paragraph in the ‘Hardware’ section of the review.

    Tim - September 25th, 2008
  58. This Nuvi 350 is a piece of junk. I purchased it in Jan 07 and is completly junk Aug 08. Naturally out of warranty. Garmin wants $175 to fix it, although they say that they don’t know whats wrong with it. (Figure that out). The unit was working one day, then was turned back on 2 1/2 days later, still on the car front windshield, and no longer was able to locate any satellites. Garmin offered 2 fixes over the net, neither of which worked, (sort of like the nuvi 350)go figure. I guess the fix is only as good as the product. Hense this thing is crap. Quite often it wanted to send me through fields where no roads existed. I say pass on this. Big bucks for little value

    Alexander Wolf - September 26th, 2008
  59. Just got the 350 for under $200 and it’s got more features than others in the same price range. The customizable vehicle icons have my kids satisfied, while the plethora of languages have my friends wishing they got a Garmin instead. I mount my unit beside the rear view mirror so it’s close enough to reach easily and closer to my eyes as well. This way, it’s in a spot that I look at frequently, since I look at my rear view mirror every 5-10 seconds while driving anyway.

    A very highly recommended unit, even if it is no longer produced. For me, after having used the Street Pilot 2720 and Nuvi 650/660, there was not much difference in every day use. I wish the screen was portrait instead of landscape because I’d like to see more of the road ahead rather than the road beside me. Hence, I find the wider 4.3″ displays rather useless.

    Ruben - September 28th, 2008
  60. I realize the nuvi 350 comes with text-to-speech. But does that include saying aloud street names? Does any GPS that says text to speech include saying aloud street names. Thanks.

    Max - October 6th, 2008
  61. Max – Yes, see our article on Text To Speech.

    Tim - October 6th, 2008
  62. I see at [snip, see comment policy] today the Nuvi 350 is at a “Special Buy” of [snip] (on line only). It doesn’t say they are refurbished or anything. With the Nuvi 260 at [snip] (also on line only). Does this reflect something may be “wrong” or “insufficient” with the 350 that [snip] is able to sell it at such a price?

    I am interested in buying a Nuvi, but not sure what’s up with these discounts vs value and reliability.

    Audra - October 7th, 2008
  63. Audra, the prices are likely cheaper on the 35 because it has been Discontinued and vendors are probably trying to clear out their inventory to make room for the numerous new models.

    Tim - October 7th, 2008
  64. does this unit have the commercial truck route option?

    frank - October 8th, 2008
  65. Depends what type of commercial routes you are trying to make. It doesn’t know things about weight or height restrictions for example.

    Tim - October 8th, 2008
  66. Hi, basically my question is: how do I set my garmin nuvi 350 to start off in Canada instead of the States? Every time I want to go to a destination it starts off in the States somewhere.

    And I read through the reviews posted above already but I haven’t found the answer.


    justin - October 26th, 2008
  67. Justin, see our article on Offset Starting Locations. Your 350 is a little different and you can take a shortcut from the steps in that article and start by just putting the antenna down in the closed position instead of following the steps to put the device in Simulation mode.

    Tim - October 26th, 2008
  68. My 1st nuvi350 stopped receiving satellite reception so I purchased a new 350. It has been working great….that is ..until I took it with me to Hawaii to see how it would work there.
    Now this one stopped working.I punch in the state and it says “not found”. Is this correctable?

    David - October 27th, 2008
  69. Paid almost $800 in 2006.Worked well for 2 years. Battery went dead. Garmin would charge $175 to “examine” the unit. Now, in late 2008 I can buy a new one for that price. I enjoyed the unit but dead battery in 2 years??

    Johnny - October 31st, 2008
  70. Thinking about picking up the 350 for [snip]. Can the maps be updated to the latest available? Kind of a dealbreaker if I’m stuck with 2007 roads. Thanks in advance :)

    Brodie - November 9th, 2008
  71. Brodie, the most recent maps available right now are called “2009” which are based on data from the second half of 2007.

    Tim - November 10th, 2008
  72. Tim, thanks for the prompt response. I should have been more thorough in my first post because I forgot to ask if updating would be free. From what I see on the garmin site it looks like $70 for the 2009 update. Any insight? Thanks again.

    Brodie - November 10th, 2008
  73. Correct, if you want a map update down the road they do cost money, typically around the $60-$80 mark.

    Tim - November 10th, 2008
  74. Does the 350 include maps of Hawaii? How can I find out which Garmin’s include Hawaii?

    Joyce - November 10th, 2008
  75. All Nuvi models include Hawaii.

    Tim - November 10th, 2008
  76. Hi, i recently purchased a garmin nuvi 350 and noticed on the garmin website that the 350 has been discontinued. will this be a problem in the future for getting updated maps or will you still be able to buy the maps and update your gps?


    Brad - November 13th, 2008
  77. Brad, see Garmin Discontinued Status.

    Tim - November 13th, 2008
  78. I like the 350 because you can put in latitude and longitude. Are there other models that have this capability that are wide screen and voice announce the name of the street to turn onto?

    Ron - November 13th, 2008
  79. My nuvi 350 has a compass needle on the left of the display that always points north. Does the 255 have that? The pictures of the 255 show a speedometer instead (not as useful since my car already has one of those).

    Don - November 14th, 2008
  80. I am considering getting a 2nd Nuvi 350 for my wife. When I upgrade to the latest mapping available, can I use the updated map in both units or do I have to spend the $70-80 twice, once for each unit? Also, how do you update the maps? Thx. Steve

    Steve - November 17th, 2008
  81. Steve, you can check for map availability, as well as download and purchase map updates from my.garmin.com. Each device does need its own serial number/license to use the map.

    Tim - November 17th, 2008
  82. Tim
    I like the 350 because you can put in latitude and longitude. Are there other models that have this capability that are wide screen and voice announce the name of the street to turn onto?

    Ron - November 17th, 2008
  83. I’ve had my Nuvi 350 for about 1 1/2 years. It was working fine on Monday, but on Friday my friend turned it on and now I can barely hear the volume. I have powered down, recharged, adjusted the volume setting and reset the gps and still I can barely hear it. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Silvia - December 7th, 2008
  84. Tim Would you do a “Offset Starting Locations” on a new Nuvi 350 out of the box to speed up finding sat.s?

    Roger - December 9th, 2008
  85. Roger, I’m not sure if the 350 will recognize that hint… maybe it will I’m just not sure. But that GPS shouldn’t have much trouble finding satellites so long as the antenna is level.

    Tim - December 9th, 2008
  86. I just got a Garmin Nuvi 350. I’ve used other Garmins before and loved them. When I tried mine out last night it said I was on a different road then what I was on. Then after I turned it off it had the right location but about 2 miles ahead of where I really was at. This made it very difficult to follow directions b/c it had me turning when I wasn’t anywhere near the turn and then it was on to the next turn before I even made the first one. I ordered the unit online so I am hoping I dont have to fight with the website to return it. Can it be something else that I can fix myself? It did the same thing coming home last night. Thank goodness I already knew the way :)

    Tracy - December 18th, 2008
  87. I have had a Nuvi 350 for 3 years and until 3 weeks ago would have sworn it was the best thing ever invented. Concise, accurate, easy to use etc.etc. Then the thing stopped locating satellites and has become useless. Garmin tech service tells me it is not recognizing the Version number and shows 0.00 in that spot. The fix is to send it in for a charge of $175.00 base plus whatever else may be needed. I paid $600 for this dog and now am being forced to look at other brands. I expect much better service out of products and will not tolerate this nor will I return for more of their products. Such a shame. I really loved this thing!

    Jim - December 18th, 2008
  88. I have a 350 that I got a couple of years ago that I love. I downloaded the new maps earlier this week and finally got them installed on the unit this morning after updating the operating system on the GPS. I checked it after I updated the operating system and it worked fine. After I installed the new maps (which took forever) I have nothing on the unit except for very major highways, the car icon, and the north pointer. The background is now black, not light colored. If I look for addresses, food places, fuel etc. I get a “No Matches Found” message.
    I’m not sure what I should do next to try to fix this. I thought perhaps I downloaded the wrong mapset, but I don’t think I did. I’m kicking myself since I’m going to be travelling for the next few weeks starting on Monday and I’d sure like this thing to be working correctly–I’m not sure I can travel without it anymore!

    The maps were kind of expensive imo. I didn’t realize, nor did I check that a new unit might be almost as cheap as the maps. Does Garmin have a trade in program???

    Katie - December 20th, 2008
  89. It is interesting that a new 350 can be purchased for quite a bit less than a map update. I guess that is a way to make extra profits but does nothing for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    I also wonder why I have had no response to my previous post about the difficulty with my unit.

    Jim - December 22nd, 2008
  90. Why is my Nuvi 350 not navigating and is showing GPS OFF

    Russ - December 23rd, 2008
  91. Russ, sounds like your GPS is in simulation mode. See “Offset Starting Locations” for help turning it off. The page actually describes how to turn it on– but you will get the point. 😉

    Tim - December 24th, 2008
  92. can anyone help me? on my computer the music files show up as mpeg 4 audio files instead of mp3, is there a way to put the mpeg4 files on the garmin 350 or is it easy to just put them on a sd card??

    tiffany - December 25th, 2008
  93. Tiffany, the Nuvi contains an MP3 player and can only play music in MP3 format, not mpeg 4.

    Tim - December 27th, 2008
  94. Tim- the website is great… I used the instructions about how to enable the text to speech (so it says the street names) but when i went to the language it did not have any options for TTS. I have the latest update for the map pack… is there something else i need to do?

    Zach - December 27th, 2008
    • Perhaps you don’t have any text to speech voices installed on your device.

      Tim - December 28th, 2008
  95. I have been looking at various sites for research on what GPS to replace the defective 350 with and in the process have discovered the problem of the Garmin 350 not connecting to satellites is a defect not unusual. It seems other users are having the same difficulty and Garmin has not been helpful with them either. I am beginning to suspect the problem may be a planned one to force owners to replace their units. I like the unit so much I was tempted to replace it with another 350 but after reading other owners comments I will resist the temptation.

    Jim - December 29th, 2008
  96. I am starting to agree with Jim. The last few months I have noticed this same problem. Never had it before. Just today I used it and it was searching from the last location I had added to my Favorites. Never had that happen. Tim, can you shed some light on this please?

    Ron - December 29th, 2008
    • As far as a conspiracy for devices to break so that people would be forced to update to a new device as Jim suggested– no, I don’t believe that. While a few people have mentioned issues with acquisition, I haven’t seen it happen more frequently than other Garmin devices or other brands. From my perspective I don’t see a widespread issue, but I’ll keep an eye out.

      There are also firmware updates and differences which could be causing some issues. I’ll keep an eye out though.

      Tim - December 29th, 2008
      • Tim,

        You have misunderstood me. I am not saying a conspiracy exists to have units fail. Rather I contend the policies of Garmin make repair unreasonable and their service for customers very unfriendly. A policy that charges $175.00 just to look at a failed 3 year old unit is not very customer friendly. My switch to Tom Tom was very disturbing giving the fact the 350 was so good while it worked. An early death without a reasonable resuscitation policy forced the abandonment of a company with an excellent product except for life expectancy.

        Jim - January 7th, 2009
        • Did you ask TomTom how much they charge to look at a device that is not under warranty? I think last time I checked with them on that topic they said they will not repair devices out of warranty, but I could be mistaken.

          Tim - January 7th, 2009
          • No I did not. Tom Tom may not be any better but the fact a unit failed so early is my main reason for going away from Garmin. I tend to keep items a long time, I have a 5 year old Mercury Sable with 176,000 miles, as long as they work and I do not believe 3 years is an acceptable service life for an item. The TT may not be any more reliable or long-lasting but I had to give it a try.

            Jim - January 7th, 2009
  97. Well I took the plunge today and ordered a new Tom Tom. I really hated to leave the house of Garmin but felt I had no choice after the death of my 350 at the young age of three. It will be interesting making the comparison between the two.

    Jim - January 5th, 2009
  98. I have a Nuvi 350 and while playing around with it I noticed that the currency converter is off and will not allow me to save changes to make it accurate. Anyone else have this problem???

    Jason - January 8th, 2009
  99. Hey Tim, great stuff, great website. I’m considering buying a portable gps (have one in the car) and want to spend around $150. I’m considering the nuvi 350, nuvi 260 or TomTom 130, which I’ve been able to price all in my range. I’m most interested in basic GPS functionality (quick to acquire satellite, accurate, and durable). I’m also considering battery life since I’ll use it walking around cities. Can you help me decide? I know the 350 has been discontinued, but even though it’s outdated does it have better circuitry/hardware – they were really expensive when they first came out. Does having an external antenna make difference? Thanks for your help.

    Jake - January 11th, 2009
  100. Tim, also, text-to-speech isn’t extremely important to me, which is why i’m considering the TT 130 and not the TT 130S – don’t want to pay extra.
    Thanks, again.

    Jake - January 11th, 2009

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