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Garmin Nuvi 360


The Nuvi 360 is no longer in production so there is a danger that if you purchase the GPS now, it could come with an older map. This model also comes with an older “flip up” style antenna which is slightly less convenient. It still remains a very popular model however, and if you are not concerned with updated roads, the Nuvi 360 could be a great bargain.

This Nuvi will speak street names in addition to standard voice prompts (text-to-speech). The mount is still one of the best designs in the industry where the power cord plugs into the mount which makes connecting and disconnecting the GPS to the mount easier. Bluetooth hands free calling also became available on this early Nuvi.

333 Responses

  1. Nick – The Safety Camera subscriptions for Garmin devices like the Nuvi 360 appears like it will become available in the next couple of months. I suspect they will use the POI Loader application to get the data on your Nuvi 360.

    GPS Review - July 26th, 2006
  2. Chris

    Thanks for the reply. I am a little confused however; what is the difference between viewing with map screen and navigating? Surely the map is displayed as you navigate? I am used to Tom Tom which has the option viewing the car speed together with all the journey data at the bottom of the screen.

    Nick - July 26th, 2006
  3. GPS Review

    Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify then: The Nuvi 360 does not come with speed camera info already pre-loaded (unlike Tom Tom). If not, is there nowhere to download it for the moment?

    Nick - July 26th, 2006
  4. Nick – From what I recall you cannot get your speed to display on the navigation map itself while navigating like there is on the status bar on TomTom devices. On the Nuvi 360 you need an extra tap on the screen to display your speed.

    No, the Nuvi 360 does not come with speed camera information pre-loaded. Garmin will offer this as a subscription service sometime in the next couple of months.

    GPS Review - July 26th, 2006
  5. Navigating – meaning having the unit guide you turn by turn. You can view the map display on it’s own just showing you where you are on the map. While it navigates(turn by turn directions) for you, that box is then used for an ETA (Estimated Time Arrive) you lose the current speed info that would normally be there.

    Chris - July 26th, 2006
  6. Enlighten me. I am trying to figure out why anyone cares if the the current speed is being displayed.

    Seems to me that it makes a whole lot more sense to look at the large speedometer on the cars dash vs. a tiny speed indicator on GPS display. What am I missing?

    I think the ETA feature is much more valuable. If someone calls me I can tell them I should be there in 20 min vs I am going 76 MPH and am not watching the road.

    To change the subject:

    Several reports of 360 not being as loud.
    Is that a problem for you owners or just different?

    Any problems with Bluetooth?

    What are the reports from people on the other end of a call? Do you sound like you are in a drum or it is clear? In short, is it worth the extra money for the 360 vs 350?

    Me thinks for apx $800 I shouldn’t have buggy software, features available later, low volume, freeze ups, glare or extra hardware required.

    Just my opinion, I am waiting out the bugs before buying a 350 or 360. Keep those bug reports coming.

    Current speed 95, taking detour due to blue light in mirrow, ETA unknown!

    keith - July 26th, 2006
  7. Well Keith, having the speed on the same screen is not all that important to me either, but I guess people see it on many other units, and wonder why Garmin deosn’t. Your not missing anything, you simply have a different perspective.

    As for the volume, I too noticed that it isn’t wuite as loud as the 350, but when turned all the way up it seems to work very well.

    Bluetooth – I recently had an issue where when the Nuvi is turned on it accasionally tried to update the software but froze. I talked to Garminm and they don’t know much about any issue like this yet. Just a couple hours ago I loaded the Beta 2.52 software into my Nuvi. So far it has improved a few areas where my Nuvi wouldn’t work quite as fast as the 350. I’ll know better tomorrow morning if my problems have been fixed.

    As for waiting for the bugs to be fixed, maybe a great idea for you. I wanted this unit for a trip though, and I can work through the bugs in time through updates that I’ll gladly do.

    Good luck on your decision. Either way you’ll end up with a top notch product.

    Chris - July 26th, 2006
  8. Thanks for the info Chris & please keep us up to date on your results. First GPS experience recently when I rented a car with a c330(?) and really liked it until I came across the Nuvi.

    Looked at Tom Tom and liked what I saw until I did an internet search and found lots of problem reports (to be fair, a lot of them were due to the map service) so have elected that it will be Garmin 350 or 360 due to size.

    The two things I really wish it had is multiple stop routing (I am a Realtor) and wish it would
    use FM to the car radio so volume wasn’t an issue. That would put it way over the top.

    On buggy – I have a habit of buying bleeding edge and a little tired of doing updates and beta work on products. I know….it’s the way of the world these days. Thanks again for the info – much appreciated.

    Keith - July 26th, 2006
  9. Well Keith I would be delighted to “enlighten” you why anyone would care to see if the current speed is displayed on the main screen.

    It does so on the Tom Tom (and maybe other devices I don’t know)and is therefor useful for making a comparison between the Tom Tom and the Garmin Nuvi as to their respective specs.

    Furthermore, I have discovered that the speed reading given the GPS unit is generally held to be more accurate than the speedometer on the dash.

    I hope this has enlightened you!

    Nick - July 26th, 2006
  10. Just go my nuvi 360. Has v8 maps and non-glare screen. It is quite an amazing gadget for its size.

    The only problem that I have noticed is that it does not have my home address even though it is over 2 years old. Also, it does not have the address of my place of work even though it has been there for many years. I put in the closest intersection to my place of work and received the “no match” message. However, when I drive down the streets in question, their names appear on the map, so they must be in the database.

    Anybody else encounter this issue??


    Rick - July 26th, 2006
  11. Nick,
    No argument that the speed indicator is probably more accurate and others may have the same feature but it still isn’t useful to me vs. getting to where I am going.

    But hey, if that is what makes your day, you have a bad speedo and strong eyes I am enlightened.

    I tried to find my address on a 350 at Best Buy and had the same results as you. However, I live in a rural area and the street name changes once you get outside of the city limits. When I used the “city” street name it found it.

    From what I think I know, it’s not a Garmin issue, it’s the map data that they buy. Not sure if it’s Mapquest or Google maps but one of them uses the same company for map data. Would be interesting to see if the results are similar.

    Keith - July 26th, 2006
  12. It (and most all Garmin devices) uses maps which come from NAVTEQ.

    GPS Review - July 26th, 2006
  13. Thanks Keith

    Interestingly enough, the opposite approach worked for me. I had been searching by “city” was getting the “no match” message. I did the search by state and was able to find the address. When I brought it up, the city shown at that address was the city right next to us. As it turns out, we are close to the city boundary lines.

    I guess the lesson learned is that you might have to use both approaches (city and/or state) to find an address.

    Unfortunately, this did not work for my home address

    Rick - July 27th, 2006
  14. Well after a conversation with Garmin they don’t know of any issues like mine. I tried all the updates and even the new Beta 2.52 software. Still freezes on me. This unit is going back to Garmin and I hope to get another one shortly. I guess I just had bad luck. I’m now starting to wonder if I should have just gotten a C550.

    Chris - July 27th, 2006
  15. UPDATE!!!

    I just got finished talking with my local supplier of my Nuvi, they tell me that Garmin is having operating software issues with the Nuvi 350, 360, and even the C550’s, possibly even more units. The issue is uits freezing up and malfunctioning. Apparently Garmin knows about it and is currently working on a solution, and there is apparently an imminent software release in the making. When I hear more about it I will post it up here.

    Chris - July 27th, 2006
  16. UPDATE 2 !!!

    I just got off the phone with Garmin International. They confirmed that there is a problem in the software that causes the unit to try and update the SW code levels (GPS and Bluetooth).
    The “Automotive Product Supervisor” confirms that there will be an offical Unit Software Update released any day now. They are just working out the final details. So watch the Garmin website for the new update and all should be resolved.

    Excellent Support!!! GO GARMIN!!!

    Chris - July 27th, 2006
  17. I am considering both the nuvi 360 and streetpilot 2820, and had a few questions. I would mostly be using the GPS for my business trips, so need to swap it into different rental cars.
    -Does the nuvi 360 have both a battery and the ability to plug into a cigarette lighter?
    -How are both units for multiple destination trips?
    -Can I input and save my own destinations ahead of time so that I can just click on them while traveling?
    -How extensive are the POIs? I travel to many high schools around the US for business, and am wondering if most high schools are already in the POI database.

    Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

    Karyn - August 2nd, 2006
  18. I own a Nuvi 360 – Does anyone have battery issues? My was FULLY charged and it died after 1.5 hours????

    Pik - August 7th, 2006
  19. Karyn – It does have both a battery and cigarette lighter power. The Nuvi 360 only allows one “via” to be added as a waypoint to a route while the STP 2820 allows multiple “vias”. Yes, you can save “favorites” for quick use. I’ve never looked to see if public schools are included as POIs. Perhaps someone here who has one of these units at home can look.

    Pik – I haven’t heard of anyone having battery issues. Has this happened on all charge cycles?

    GPS Review - August 7th, 2006
  20. Nuvi does have schools built in.
    My battery lasts quite a bit longer than 1 1/2 hours. Never checked it exactly but it is good for 3-4 hours at least.
    I also was looking for multiple via’s but after working with the 360 for a bit, find that I really don’t need them. I rarely plan out a multi stop route ahead of time. Instead I just enter the different stops as individual addresses and then they are listed in order of distance. Easy to go to each and if I have to detour, then I am not disturbing the entire planned route.

    Chuck - August 7th, 2006
  21. Pik,

    Try draining the battery completely and recharging it to full without disruption. That should display the battery life correctly.

    Jeff - August 7th, 2006
  22. (My apologies — I had already posted this question to the Nuvi 350 list, but since we are leaning toward the 360, I reposted.)

    I am considering buying a Nuvi 360. My question is, if I buy the unit preloaded with maps for North America, and I decide to travel to Europe, can I easily load separately purchased maps for Europe and then switch back again to North American maps on return to the US?

    Or, if the unit is “preloaded” with North American maps, do you use the SD card for the European maps?

    I guess my question is really whether you can unload and reload the “preloaded” maps.

    Do preloaded maps additionally come on an accompanying DVD with the purchased unit?

    Al - August 9th, 2006
  23. Another question: As a customer in the U.S., is it even possible to buy the Nuvi 360 here in the U.S. preloaded with European maps?

    Or is the only practical way of using European maps on the Nuvi 360 “American” version to buy the European maps separately?

    I’m having a bit of difficulty searching and finding info on that issue.

    Al - August 11th, 2006
  24. Al – You could do it either way. You will probably have a hard time finding someone who sells the European version in the U.S. Therefore it would be easier to purchase the North American version of the Garmin Nuvi 360 and then purchase the European maps.

    You won’t be able to fit both sets of maps on the internal drive at the same time. You can run the maps off either the internal or external drive so you could leave the North American maps on the internal drive and then insert the European maps on SD card to have both at the same time.

    GPS Review - August 14th, 2006
  25. Well Garmin just released another FW Update. The current version to look for is Software v2.8.

    I am curently awaiting my new 360 to arrive from Garmin USA. The previous 2.7 update did not correct my Bluetooth update error, nor did it correct a few other anomolies I was having. Oh well. :) I’m happy.

    I recently took the Nuvi on a 3000km road trip and it performed flawlessly. So well, I was able to venture into unknown territory without worry of getting lost. :-) The SiRF III receiver even worked to maintain a decent lock in downtown Quebec City (accuracy of ~5m) amongst all the tall buildings. Out on the open road I was getting accuracy of 3m or less, without WASS!!
    This unit is a no brainer!

    Chris - August 17th, 2006
  26. I might be in wrong forum to post this. But I received “Fodor’s North America SD card” for my Nuvi 360 last week but I noticed that the listing for downtown Las Vegas Hotels were in wrong locations. I mean my complain is that those old hotels been there for a long long time yet the Fodor has wrong info. It’s not a big problem since I already know those places but I wonder if I can trust other areas that I’ve never been to. Anyone else found incorrect info?

    Kyle - August 18th, 2006
  27. Well, I bit the bullet and picked up a Nuvi 360.

    My wife recently started a new job that has her driving to lots of fairly obscure places all around the greater Houston-Galveston metropolitan areas, and I’m giving it to her in a few days for her birthday.

    I can’t wait to “borrow” it from her. 😉

    Thanks in part to the great info here, I feel I was able to make a well-informed decision on the unit to go with. Thanks, GPS Review. You’ve got a great resource here for people like me!

    Al - August 18th, 2006
  28. Does anyone have any experience with the bean bag friction dashboard mounts for the Nuvi? I have a Dodge Durango with a long sloping windshield and can’t find the perfect spot to mount my Nuvi on the windshield.

    Apparently the bean bag mounts are filled with lead “beans” that mold to the dashboard. My concern is that the unit will shake a bit while connected to this type of mount and will be difficult to read.

    Any opinions on the various Nuvi mounts on the market are welcome.


    PS: I purchsed the Nuvi over other models based on info gathered on this site and I’m very pleased with the info I received and the Nuvi I purchased.

    Mark - August 18th, 2006
  29. Hi Kyle and GPS Review,

    I posted my 360 bug on #193. Following your suggestion I called and email them my 360 problem again. Recently I got to replies from Garmin tech support as following:

    On Aug.12:

    “This seems to be an error in the mapping, you basically have 2 choices.You can send the unit in for repair or if your Nuvi has Version 7 of the maps on it I will offer you a free upgrade to version 8. Please let me know what you would like to do. Also please register your unit in MyGarmin using the link below as when v8 is available to order you can order it online.”

    On Aug. 15:

    “Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I will be happy to help you with this. When we were looking at the route you told me about we found out why it was giving different distances on the way there and on the way home. When you are driving from your house the unit is not recognizing the turn, it is combining two legs of the trip, thus the 5.8 mile distance. When you are going home it is recognizing the turn and breaking that 5.8 mile distance up into two parts, thus the 1.9 mile distance. As for the number of houses on your street this again would be a mapping error, they put too many houses on your street. There is no way to correct this until a new map update comes out. The one thing that you could do is fill out an error report form, these are submitted to the mapping company and they take them into account when they do their next map update. The reason I suggest people fill these out is so the mapping company knows about errors in the mapping, they won’t be able to fix a problem that they don’t know about.”

    Now I don’t know who should be responsible for this error on mapping with Garmin GPS unit. Does the software of Version 8 not created by Garmin? Or mapping/mapsource information not created by Garmin. Iam going to report it anyway. I did see the updates from Garmin Website for mapping program and mapping. But I don’t know when and which update they will correct my routnig issue? Hope Garmin takes serious responsible to every mapping error their customer found out and make a quick step to correct them!

    Frank - August 18th, 2006
  30. Kyle – You might want to read our article on Outdated GPS Maps. Unfortunately, finding inaccurate data is a fairly common occurrence.

    Mark – We’ve written a little bit about Bean Bag mounts for GPS before. Most people I’ve talked to have been pleased with the results. Since that post I’ve used them a couple of times and most of the time they work great… no vibration issues. The only time I had trouble was with bumpy dirt roads.

    Frank A company called NAVTEQ produces the raw data that Garmin uses to produce their maps. So while the MapSource product is created by Garmin, the actual data of where house numbers are, intersections, road locations and grades, etc. all come from NAVTEQ.

    Therefore Garmin would not be able to provide you with corrections until NAVTEQ corrects the data, gives it back to Garmin, and Garmin releases a new version of their mapping data. Garmin typically releases new map data once per year, so it often takes years for corrected data to reach the consumer…. Unfortunately.

    I’ve personally submitted corrections to NAVTEQ/Garmin a couple of times over the years. Once was about three years ago and even the latest maps from Garmin (version 8) didn’t yet fix the issue. Other times the data was corrected but I don’t really know if they fixed it on their own, or based on my input.

    GPS Review - August 18th, 2006
  31. Hi Chris!

    1.I’m glad to finally get comments from someone who has actually used the Garmin 360, and I am pleased with your comments.

    Some reviews mentioned poor sunlight-readable screen quality and also poor sound, at least when compared to the StreetPilot c550.

    What can YOU tells us, based on your experience, about these two features.

    Louise - August 22nd, 2006
  32. GPS Review,

    In their response to Frank, #229, Garmin indicated that they would give him a free update to V8 maps. Any idea how much such an upgrade costs?

    Will Nüvi 350/360 purchased from today onward have V8 Maps? How can we check which version is included when we purchase the unit?


    Louise - August 22nd, 2006
  33. Louise, all of the Nuvi 360’s I’ve seen have come with v8 maps. The 350 comes with v7. The update is $75.

    GPS Review - August 22nd, 2006
  34. I purchased a 350 in mid-July and it came with v8 and a matte screen. To my knowledge, all new 350s being sold now come with v8 and the matte screen.

    Adam - August 22nd, 2006
  35. That is correct Adam. I meant to write “the 350 originally came with v7 maps”. I am not sure if there is a way to tell the difference between the 350 that comes with v7 and the 350 that comes with v8 by looking at the box.

    GPS Review - August 24th, 2006
  36. Looks like Garmin has released software version 2.9 for the Nuvi 360. Here are some of the updates:

    • Improved the calculation of long routes and avoiding highways
    • Improved coordinate entry find method
    • Improved vehicle load times on vehicle page
    • Fixed potential routing problems in areas with overlapping maps
    • Removed off-road bearing line
    • Updated text language translations
    • Added verification step to Garmin Lock Pin entry
    • Fixed traffic list and detour button interaction
    • Adjusted the Bluetooth Audio parameters
    • Removed the audio tone for proximity points while a call is active

    GPS Review - August 24th, 2006
  37. Curious what – “Adjusted the Bluetooth Audio parameters” means?

    Also – any word on Nuvi 660? Internet chatter says this will be out in the near future and includes FM transmitter and larger screen.

    FM transmitter sounds good, hope they don’t make it so big it no longer fits in your pocket.

    keith - August 24th, 2006
  38. Hi Keith – Your guess is as good as mine regarding the adjusted Bluetooth parameters. We have posted a good amount about the Nuvi 660 you might want to read and comment on over there.

    GPS Review - August 24th, 2006
  39. Louise,

    The sunlight display on the C550 is pobably a bit better than the Nuvi, but the matte Nuvi screen is readable in direct sunlight. If you keep the unit facing away from you a bit it helps even more. I’ve had zero issues reading the unit except for when the sun was directly facing it so that the reflection angle between you and the sun is near 180 degrees. This is not a serious concern though as the only time that would be a fact would be for a few short hours, during sunrise and sunset, or during high noon if you are carrying the unit face up towards the sun.

    Sound quality is ok on the Nuvi, as there is only one speaker, and it faces the widshield when mounted. For assistance with that issue I use a patch cable right to my car stereo. Another option would be to use an FM transmitter, but I’ve had isses with them not being clear. In dense urban environments you may even have an issue finding a clear channel.

    These issues are still not enough to disuade me from owning this fantastic unit.

    Chris - August 28th, 2006
  40. Thanks for a great website that helped me choose the Nuvi360, and I wanted to share some of my experiences.
    1. Bluetooth was a prerequisite for the GPS I purchased. I use a Sprint Samsung A920 which is similar to the Verizon A950, this phone paired with the C550 at Circuit City, and after special ordering the Nuvi360 it would not pair until I took the phone and had it updated by Sprint technicians, web updating did not work.
    It now works great, caller ID, hands free answering etc.
    The only issue I have is occasional “phantom incoming calls” on the Nuvi, the cell phone does not ring.

    2. The Nuvi is a better GPS than my wife’s Lexus, which also has phantom rings, Nuvi tech support suggests updating the software, this did not completely take care of the problem.

    3. Speaker volume is not loud enough for me at freeway speeds with the radio turned
    up, following a previous reviewers suggestion I hooked up a portable speaker to the Nuvi (in the manual is says power connector!) and mounted it on the sun visor. This works well for me as it allows you to turn on the speaker when necessary, phone calls directions etc. and still be able to use the radio.
    The speaker is a Sony SRS-T33 active speaker system with amplifier using two AAA batteries, approx’ 8”x 2” purchased at Frys and available on ebay for $40, you need an extension cable. Maybe other extension speakers will become available as portable GPS become more popular.

    4. I have the Nuvi mounted to the left side of my windshield, which makes it closer than mounted in the middle and easy to use even being right handed. A larger screen Nuvi660 would be even better I believe.

    I do not have any problems with screen reflection, and was pleasantly surprised to find the Nuvi turns itself to night mode at sunset if Auto is selected in Color mode Display settings. This is also a good reminder to turn on headlights

    Tony Cassidy - September 2nd, 2006
  41. Will I be able to view the entire routing as pre-determined by 360.

    santos - September 2nd, 2006
  42. I have been using my Nuvi 360 for over a month now. I waited for the ‘360 because I wanted the BlueTooth functionality. I recently signed up for a 2 year VerizonWireless contract and got a Motorola Razr V3c BlueTooth enabled phone as part of the deal.
    I was surprised how easy the BlueTooth association process went (took about 5 seconds). Now, when I get into my car, the Phone icon on the Nuvi 360 pops up. It immediately put my phone-number directory on the screen. Calls are soooo easy. I hit 2 icons,and can voice-dial either numbers or names without taking my hands off the wheel. The audio is quite acceptable. If an incoming call comes, it suspends the playing MP3 (I have all my favorite ripped albums on the Nuvi).
    The GPS engine is amazingly fast. My accuracy varies from 15′ to 9′ ! (shorter than my car). The maps, navigation, and voice-annotation are much better than my cousin’s brand new E-class Mercedes.
    This is the best consumer electronic product I’ve every purchased. You can’t go wrong with a Nuvi 360 (except maybe the bigger/more features Nuvi 660!) All the worry-wart issues on this blog were a non-issue for me. Happy motoring.
    – RadioRich

    RadioRich - September 2nd, 2006
  43. Hi..Im very new at this GPS reciever thing and Im planning to get my bf a Garmin Nuvi 360 for his birthday but I did some research and some say that the Tomtom One is also very good..plus it’s cheaper then the Garmin 360..I dont know which one to get him..If anyone has the Nuvi or the ONE..what do you think of it? any suggestions?


    Yvonne - September 4th, 2006
  44. Yvonne – The 360 has the ability to connect to a Bluetooth mobile phone for hands free calling via the 360. It also has the ability to store extra files on the hard drive such as MP3 files, etc. The Nuvi can play MP3 music. The Nuvi can also speak street names like “turn left on Main Street” versus “turn left in 400 yards”. The battery in the Nuvi will last 4-8 hours while the ONE will last about 2 hours. However with those additional features, the retail price of the 360 is nearly twice that of the TomTom ONE.

    GPS Review - September 4th, 2006
  45. Can’t save or create a custom route

    No roadblock or area to avoid feature (great if a road is closed or due to construction)

    As mentioned only a single via point can be used

    Detour function is very very weak on the nuvi, hard to understand what it does

    No tracks or breadcrumb feature to see where you’ve been

    These things missing from this expensive unit by Garmin are driving some users crazy and as such I’m looking at my next unit to be a TomTom which has all these features and more. Now with the TomTom One release the nuvi no longer has a monopoly on the small size category. It’s a shame because the nuvi can truly be the best unit out there.

    MarkTZ - September 5th, 2006
  46. I finally got my Nuvi 360 and I think it is well worth the price. I have the Europe Navigator SD card on order for my trip to Ireland and Englanda couple weeks.

    My impression of the performance:

    1. Although I thought it took a while to turn on, I then timed it – less than 30 seconds. Not bad, I’m just impatient.

    2. Can quickly acquire a signal in an open area. Capable of holding onto a signal in an obstructed area, but could take a several minutes to acquire a signal in such locations.

    3. Interface – Easy, easy, easy! Try it and you’ll love it.

    4. Bluetooth – Easy to set up, easy to use.

    5. Display – Highly legible under most conditions. I cut out and applied an LCD screen protector because I am anal and I hate fingerprints and scratches, so this cuts down a bit on the gloss of the screen – minor price to pay for piece of mind.

    6. Volume – Loud but may not be loud enough for driving around with the windows down above 50mph

    7. Windshield mount – solid and secure; easy to quickly install and remove nuvi.

    8. Address searches, points of interest – very quick.

    9. Battery life – seems pretty good. I have been playing with it a lot and have only had it though 2 charge cycles. I would expect 3 to 4 hours with normal use, (button pushing, backlight on, and bluetooth phone use)

    So for about $1000 I have a fast, compact GPS unit that I can use in any car in the US and all of Europe. May seem pricey to some, but the user interface and bluetooth is better than any OEM car nav unit that I’ve ever seen. BTW my personal reasons for going with Garmin over TomTom are the following: 1)very good previous experience with Garmin products, 2) product design features, and 3) Navteq vs. Teleatlas maps.

    In short, this unit lacks nothing. Again, I think the unit’s portability, functionality and small size justify the price. Slip it into your pocket and you will never have an excuse to be lost – even if you aren’t the driver.

    By the way, as I am sitting in my bedroom right now, surrounded by a slate roof and brick walls (there is one large window about 10ft from me) I have 4 out of 5 bars of singal strength – awesome.

    Hope this helps other prospective buyers, like the other posts helped me.


    TC - September 7th, 2006
  47. I’ve been reading this site for a while and have a few more questions about the Nuvi360. I want to have this hardwired into my car, so no need for wires going into my cigarette lighter. A local store said they’d do it for $40. Would this be a problem? Also, I wanted to get an external antenna for better reception. Would this be wasteful, given all the great reviews about satellite in houses, etc? One last thing…if ordering from the internet, how can one be sure to get a “newer” 360 ( with the earlier bugs worked out?) Thanks for your help – a very informative site!!

    Sabrina - September 8th, 2006
  48. Sabrina – Having a “hard wired solution” shouldn’t be a problem so long as the installation is done properly. If the local store knows what they are doing it shouldn’t be a problem. As for the external antenna, you could always try it first without, and then if you find you need it have it added later. However I doubt you will need it.

    I’m not aware of and hardware changes in the Nuvi 360 since it was released. All of the changes to work out the bugs have been with software updates which you can perform from your computer.

    GPS Review - September 10th, 2006
  49. I am having an issue with dis-mounting my nuvi from the windshield mount. Does the small plastic insert suppose to stay connected to the Nuvi unit?

    Pik = Nuvi 360

    Pik - September 11th, 2006
  50. After a long wait and watch, i have decided to go with NUVI 360. 660 might be a good option, but the form factor of 360 is more useful and the important point. though if the reviews of 660 are encouraging, i will sell this unit and get a 660.
    Thanks to all the people who gave so much information on this web page, it really helped me to decide.

    Harsh - September 11th, 2006
  51. I wish to receive followup comments

    Ayad A. Lawi - September 14th, 2006
  52. Hi Guys,

    I remember I asked how useful of Garmin Travel Guide (North America) in the previous post. Since Garmin sells it as one of important accessories and a travel assistant benefit function in its GPS. I am so curious and can’t help to spend $70 more to get it, hope to have more fun in 360. BUT when I took my photo and MP3 memory card out and plug this Garmin Travel Guide (North America)card in, I realized it is a foolish investment I have made since I got my 360. The information Fodor’s provide just like a book of ads. which Fodor’s has picked up for you, and the contents and categories is hundred times simplified than its website. I think it just add a bad reputation spot for Garmin GPS. I don’t know how much Fodor’s can make from those ads, and how much Garmin make from Fodor’s to put its ads book in this good GPS unit. BUT as end customers, we have to spend a lot to buy and read in that small screen.

    Just a suggestion to 360 holders. It is worthless to use this function on your 360!!!

    Frank - September 19th, 2006
  53. I have the GMT 11 for my NUVI 350. I see it (GMT 11) is discontinued. Any problems you are aware of? I sometimes have problems with receiving data even though I live in a metro area.


    Pat - September 22nd, 2006
  54. Pat, I’m not aware of any major issues with the GTM-11. I think it was just superceded with a newer product, the GTM-12, which has a more compact design and antenna suction cup mount.

    GPS Review - September 22nd, 2006
  55. […] With the most recent software update, version 2.91, Garmin Nuvi 360 owners can now use SMS Text Messaging if you have a compatible phone. Grab the software update and keep the phone in your pocket while not missing out on text messaging. […]

  56. I’ve had my Nuvi 360 for a few weeks now and basically love it! I do have a problem releasing it from it’s mount – anyone know a special trick here? Also, does anyone know if i can download waypoints from GSAK (a geocaching tool) to the Nuvi? They are .gpx files… thanks!!

    sabrina - September 23rd, 2006
  57. Sabrina, I’ve heard of of people successfully doing this although I have not done it myself. You can read one set of solutions here and I’ve also heard of people having success transferring the waypoints (.gpx files) with the MapSource application.

    GPS Review - September 23rd, 2006
  58. I got my nuvi 360 a month ago and I was excited to use it. It works pretty well and happy the way it perform until I just noticed that mine does’nt speaks street names in giving directions. Am I missing something? Is there any settings that I should do to activate this features?

    James - September 23rd, 2006
  59. James – according to which “person” you get to talk to you, you can have the street names spoken or not…We are currently using an australian-accented woman – she speaks the names very nicely, altho sometimes provides comic relief with her pronunciations. Try a few different “voices” and you’ll see what I am talking about.

    sabrina - September 23rd, 2006
  60. Sabrina- Tried what you said and it work great. Thank you very much.

    James - September 23rd, 2006
  61. I have had my NUVI 360 for about a week and in general love it. My one pet peeve is that once you are deep into the menu tree (POI find etc.) you have to “BACK” out through the whole trail to get back to the MAP. Am I missing something?

    Also one other question. For trip planning can I set both “Where From” and “Where To” locations? I know how to do the “Where To” but can only seem to calculate route from current location.

    Peter C - September 27th, 2006
  62. I wonder if this bluetooth function works as a gps data streamer via bluetooth to work with 3rd party products such as Google earth on laptop or symbian Cell phones that you can get your position data without any cable connection. On the website, they only mentioned phone features such as Handsfree call etc.

    Altug Bilgin - September 28th, 2006
  63. Peter:
    For your first question hold the BACK button down for 2 sec and it will back all the way out to the main menu negating having to push back several times.
    As for guidance from a location you are not at, you must close the antenna (Simulating GPS mode) and use the “Browse Map” feature in the “Where To” menu. There you can manually search for a location on the map. Ath the bottom of that screen will be a option button for “Set as Location”. Then go back to “Where To” and select your destination. Keep the units antenna closed during this operation or the unit will automatically reset you to your current location. Hope that helps.

    Altug: No it does not. It is for Handsfree use only.

    Chris - September 28th, 2006
  64. Chris,

    Thanks for the help on these functions. I guess I should read the manual a little better. One question about manual search in “Browse Maps”. Is just scrolling through map (zooming and re-centering etc.) the only way to do the manual search? I even checked the manual on this one and it only suggested this as only approach.

    Peter C - September 28th, 2006
  65. Pik – i too had problems removing my Nuvi from the mount, until my husband figured it out…the directions in my manual are incorrect – you merely push that bottom button IN ( rather than pull forward as my manual states) and the Nuvi practically falls into your hand. Much easier!!

    sabrina - September 28th, 2006
  66. Defective Suction Cup?

    We are finding that windshield suction cup on my wife’s Nuvi 360 does not want to adhere to the windshield of the vehicle consistently well. It tends to fall off at random times, despite whatever amount of care we tale to fix it snugly to the windshield. (Although she uses it exclusively, I’ve been in the vehicle a couple of times when it happened, and she assures me it’s not an uncommon thing.) It’s also happened in both of our vehicles. We’ve tried cleaning the windshield and the suction cup, but still keep having the problem. This of course worries me because of the possibility of damaging the unit. Anyone else have this problem?

    In the mean time, I’ll contact the manufacturer and see if they might replace the suction device (on the possibility that there may be some small defect in ours that keeps it from working correctly) or whether they might have some other suggestion for us. But any feedback here would be appreciated.


    Al - September 28th, 2006
  67. My Nuvi 360 drops the phone icon after about 10 seconds of being connected to my Treo 650. I’m using Cingular and the 650 is on software version Treo650-1.15-CNG. Do I need to update the software on the 650 to get the phone icon to stay on the Nuvi?

    Steve - September 29th, 2006
  68. Peter,
    Unfortunately yes this is the only way to manually search for a new location. I’d love to see Garmin put in a software update to correct that.

    Are you locking the suction cup? If you are following the install directions correctly then you can try one more trick. Clean the area on the windshield till spotless, then apply a small amount of water to the suction cup and press against the window firmly, then push the lock on the suction cup. The water will help to provide a better air seal against the glass.

    Chris - September 29th, 2006
  69. Thanks for the quick response chris, Do you think that feature (GPS Data Streaming via Bluetooth) can be applicable with a firmware update? I don’t want to use a seperate gps receiver

    Altug Bilgin - September 29th, 2006
  70. Window mount / mine almost fell out of my window. I also have that issue !!

    Pik - September 29th, 2006
  71. Altug,

    My best guess is that this would be a hardware limitation for the Nuvi. There are manufacturers out there that make just such devices for laptops and PDA’s that are fairly inexpensive.

    Chris - September 29th, 2006
  72. Chris,

    Thanks for the “water” suggestion. I’m guessing we’ll get better results with that. Or. the “spit” method, if no water available — but I’ve tried to avoid advising my wife to spit on her Garmin, if you know what I mean… :)

    But yeah, we’ve been doing the lock-down correctly (as well as cleaning the windshield). For some reason, though it seems to lose suction over a relatively short period of time – but not every time. Maybe I’ll get her to keep a small water “spritzer” (tiny sprayer) in the car to give the suction cup a shot before she places it on the windshield. We’ll see if something like that helps.

    Al - September 29th, 2006
  73. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the great conversations that are happening here! Since this page is getting long with comments (closing in on 300) I’ve decided to try something new.

    We are now offering GPS Forums where you can start your own threads, reply to others, and have a slightly more unmoderated, free flowing discussion than these comments allow.

    You will need to register for the forums to participate although hopefully it will be painless.

    Here is a link where you can find the Garmin Nuvi forum where you can continue to discuss the Nuvi 360.

    The only people who will know about the forums (for now) are people that read this comment, and the same comment on another post. Therefore the amount of posts will be very small at first. It is a test, and if things go well I’ll make a full announcement and encourage more participation in the forums. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

    GPS Review - September 29th, 2006
  74. Looks like Garmin just released another software update for the 360 to version 3.10. Not much new in this version except for “Improved the Bluetooth firmware update process”.

    Tim - October 11th, 2006
  75. […] Hyundai dealerships are starting to offer a customized version of the Nuvi 360 to their customers. So what is different about the Hyundai Nuvi 360? Not too much. A different splash screen, and a POI category for Hyundai dealerships and service centers. Other than that it is a basic 360. “We’re very pleased to offer the state-of-the-art nuvi to Hyundai customers,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s vice president of marketing. “This arrangement gives Hyundai customers a great opportunity to easily purchase a navigation device at the same time they’re purchasing a new vehicle – and they can be assured that they’re getting one of the most cutting-edge navigators available anywhere today.” […]

    Hyundai Nuvi 360 GPS Review - October 17th, 2006
  76. […] In the UK, a test was conducted recently to compare the speed at which two drivers could navigate from point A to B. One was equipped with a Garmin Nuvi and the other had maps which came from the UK Government website Transport Direct. Who would you put your money on? […]

  77. […] The Garmin Nuvi 360 is one of the most praised GPS devices out there. But like virtually any product it is not without a few faults. One issue we hear frequently is that the hands-free calling feature isn’t loud enough. However that issue might now be a thing of the past with the new 3.40 Nuvi firmware update. […]

  78. A few more software updates have been released for the 360. You can read about them in the Nuvi Forums.

    Tim - January 23rd, 2007
  79. A new software update has been released for the 360, this one includes fixes for the “+” sign when dialing POIs in the USA as well as a fix for changes the USA is making to daylight savings time.

    Tim - February 16th, 2007
  80. how does this product compare to the Magellan 4250? i know the 4250 is the widescreen and has a few more features. are the other things equal or is this better?

    alan - March 25th, 2008
  81. how does this product compare to the Magellan 4250? the 4250 has a widescreen and has a few more features. are the other things equal or is this better?

    alan - March 25th, 2008
  82. I’ve ordered the 350 and it’s being shipped but I just checked and the 360 is $10 more. What’s the difference between the two? I think it’s only the hands-free bluetooth capabilities on the 360, is that correct? In regards to the bluetooth, I heard if you are using that, your directions and map is gone until you end your call. Is that correct? I’m wondering if it’s worth shipping back the 350 and getting the 360.

    Lastly, is the Magellan 3140 worth getting compared to the 350 or 360? It’s about $100 less and has the text to speech feature I want. Thanks

    Scott - April 3rd, 2008
  83. Correct, the only difference is Bluetooth. However the map does not disappear when you are on a call.

    Tim - April 3rd, 2008
  84. Tim, is the sound for blue-tooth good on the 360? Do you think it’s worth returning the 350 and getting the 360? Thanks

    Scott - April 3rd, 2008
  85. Sound quality really depends on the combination of the phone and GPS. Some combinations work good, some are not as good. Even on the best ones I wouldn’t really want to carry on an extensive conversation though.

    Tim - April 3rd, 2008
  86. how does the garmin 360 compare to the Magellan 4250? the 4250 has a widescreen and has a few more features. are the other things equal or is this better?

    alan - April 3rd, 2008
  87. Does garmin 360’s bluetooth supports Motorola PEBL?

    hexa - April 15th, 2008
  88. The Magellan 4250 has some performance issues that the Nuvi 360 doesn’t. Most times you have to wait after pressing a selection, sometimes nothing happens.

    ArcFlash - April 19th, 2008
  89. Why doesn’t Garmin nuvi 350 battery last? I just bought a Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS. I have two key problems: 1) I fully charged the unit, and turned it off, did not use it at all. However, the battery is out of electricity after one day. Is my battery defective, what can I do? Shall I return it? 2) It may take a few minutes for GPS to acquire sattelite signals.

    I am hesitant if I should return GPS or just buy a new batter. However, I have not found the slot for battery? HOw can I replace Garmin Nuvi 350 battery?

    Thank you.


    Cynthia - April 30th, 2008
  90. Cynthia, the battery in the Nuvi devices (and most auto GPS devices) is sealed and not user-replaceable.

    Tim - April 30th, 2008
  91. I bought my Nuvi 360 just over a year ago. It started to lose satellite reception frequently, to a point of complete no reception in the past month. Has anyone else experienced the same? I am just hoping that is not a hardware failure; and that I can somehow fix it by a software patch or reset. Any feedback will be appreciated.

    MM - May 1st, 2008
    • I just encountered the same problem. I had my nuvi 360 for 3yrs and it worked well until it started not to acquire any satellite reception. I tried updating the maps and the resetting it via the reset button but to no avail. I heared sending the unit to garmin for repair will cost you $100 plus of so. I am contemplating just buying a new unit. I feel so bad losing such a great device that has now proved to have poor long term reliablity. I wonder if it is because of the so called “programmed obsolesence” that environmentalits often blame electronic manufacturers of–so we keep on buying their products.

      dennis - June 27th, 2009
  92. MM, follow our GPS satellite acquisition tips.

    Tim - May 1st, 2008
  93. The BEST value for the money. The unit goes back and forth between two cars. The reception is great and most of the time we do not mount the GPS, we just put it in the middle console and plug in to the lighter receptacle. Many times we just take it and run off of the internal battery.
    Ihave not seen one better for the price. I paid less than $250.

    HarveyElmore - May 4th, 2008
  94. I just ordered the Nuvi 360 for [snip, see comment policy] but just realized that the StreetPilot c550 is on sale at C—– for [snip] and has nearly the same features. How much bigger is the c550? Is it still comfortably portable and easily fit in my glove compartment? Also, how helpful do you think the live traffic report option would be in the Los Angeles area? I’ve heard the information is delayed, so if that’s true, no use in getting the c550 for the built-in receiver. Also, is it true that you have to pay an extra $125 or so for an FM receiver to use the traffic option on the nuvi 360? I can return my nuvi 360 until Friday, so I’d be grateful for any input. So far, I’ve considered the nuvi 360, SP c55, Magellan 3225 [snip], and Navigon 7100 [snip]. Willing to spend up to $250. Must haves: text-to-speech, clear/intuitive interface, readable screen in sunlight/night, reliable (re)routing. Nice perks: bluetooth, traffic reports (that won’t break the bank), 4.3″ screen, case, non-windshield mount (for CA resident). Thanks!

    Amy - May 8th, 2008
  95. I’m having the same problem. Have you had any luck? I’ve reset, updated software, tried the diagnostic mode and nothing is working? I have about a month left on the warranty!

    Pam - June 1st, 2008
  96. Hi–for me, it’s down to Garmin 350 vs. TomTom XL-S. The deciding factor seems to be map updates. I see that TomTom boasts a “map share”, yet still sells map updates. What’s the basic difference here?
    Aside, is there any info you’ve coma across that would lead you to choose one over another? Thanks, Ian

    Ian - June 26th, 2008
  97. Ian, MapShare is user submitted (and user-shared) updates. The other updates are the “official” map updates from the mapping companies. You can use MapShare to report and fix many of the errors you might find, and then share those changes with other users.

    As to the XL-S versus 350, the XL-S has a widescreen display as well as multi segment routing so it has some feature advantages. If neither of those are important to you (and even if they are) also consider checking out the two articles I link to from this page which document two people who faced similar decisions and how they made up their mind.

    Tim - June 26th, 2008
  98. How often do you have to update maps? I just purchased a 360 in Feb08. It doesn’t have the baseball stadium in Washington DC (Nationals Park). Do you have to download maps when you first configure the unit?

    Neil - June 30th, 2008
  99. Garmin offers updates once per year. You can update as often as you would like. Keep in mind that not all Points of Interest that are known are included on the device, unlike the street database where 100% inclusion is strived for. So the mapping company could know about the POI, but Garmin might not have chosen it for inclusion on the map.

    Tim - June 30th, 2008
  100. if my car has an auxiliary input (like I can plug my iPod into), can I plug that into the 360 and get the gps audio, phone and music through my car’s stereo? I was thinking about the 660 for the FM transmitter, but I heard the quality isn’t great, so if this worked it would pretty much make my decision for me. Anyone ?

    JA - July 8th, 2008

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