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Garmin Nuvi 370


The Garmin Nuvi 370 is in the middle of Garmin’s popular Nuvi line of GPS devices. The most unique aspect of this device is that it comes with pre-installed maps of both North America and Europe on the device. This can be a handy feature for the frequent world traveller.

The 370 also comes with lots of other advanced GPS features such as an integrated traffic receiver. Bluetooth features allow for hands free calling and dialing points of interest as you navigate towards them. Text-to-speech allows the device to tell you out loud the name of the street you need to turn onto instead of just “turn left in 500 feet”.

The Nuvi 370 also includes an MP3 music player, and photo viewer. These can be fun features to have on such a portable device as the Garmin 370.

This is one of the smaller Nuvis, and does not come with a widescreen. Still, the size of this Nuvi makes it highly portable and many people don’t need the additional screen size and would rather pure portability.

9 Responses

  1. I can not believe the out-dated mapping used by Garmin. My first purchase,last month,was a Garmin c340. I promptly returned it because the map was outdated. I then purchased a TomTom 910 but it locked up and I returned it,although it did have an updated map. I went to another electronic store and purchased another TomTom 910. Unlike my first 910, this one had an outdated map. TomTom’s customer service sugggested I try a source that has a lot of turnover with their products. I found an Internet store that fit this description and bought another TomTom 910. After a couple of days, it locked up on me so I returned it. it did,however,have an up to date map. I switched to the Garmin 370. It’s a fine unit but the map is still out dated. The customer service foks at Garmin told me they would have new maps out by year end but I would have to pay for one. I phoned both mapping companies, Navteq and TeleAtlas. Both have up to date maps but can not control when the unit makers apply them.

    The Garmin 370 has very limited points of interest and due to the out daated map, many street mistakes.

    I am trying to find a suitable unit with up dated mapping . Sure is tough. Retail sales folks are not much help.I have contaceted Magellan and cobra but believe Garmin to be the overall best–except for their out dated mapping. They have a great system for windshield mounting. The TomTom 910 has the best overall features compared to the Garmin 370.

    I like Garmin’s marketing Plan and still recommend them. It’s just too bad they can not provide new mapping with their units.

    Sam Bigger - July 8th, 2007
  2. Purchased my device from an internet retailer, the device arrived with last year’s maps. The rep from Garmin has kindly offered a free update.

    I have no doubt that the virtually identical Nuvi 360 works as a charm for many of you, but here is my story about Nuvi 370:

    – In Raleigh, NC the device has directed me in the direction , opposite to the airport , despite as it has turned out I was one highway exit away.

    – in the same Raleigh, the device insisted that I will take a right turn ( non-existant) and go accross the 4-lane speedway.

    – POI coverage is less than Tomtom’s by at least one point – In Raleigh it could not find me the restaurant I was looking for, which was present in TomTom’s 720 POI list.

    – In Ontario, Canada , it has plotted a 45 min , 15 km route instead of the usual 15 min and around 5km.

    The errors above have been reported to Garmin.

    Tried to fool around and built a route from Ottawa, Canada to Prague, Czech Rep – the device showed a message box with “out ouf memory” message (understandable) but could not recover from it nicely and needed to be rebooted.

    the MP3 player is limited in what you can do with navigationg the lists, I’d rate it 3 out of 5.

    Now the cool:

    I have turned it on while the aeroplan was landing – the 3D picture and the 500mi/h was
    amazing – I felt I see the same picture the pilot did while going toward an airfield.

    Bottomline – I’ve had to return the device. The folks at the store acted understandibly and provided a refund.

    Sangria - September 3rd, 2007
  3. I have a Garmin navi 370. As I expected when I purchased it, the mapping is not current. Garmin let me access the latest version of their map but, also as I expected, three of my streets of interest,including my own street were mis-named. I talked with the Navteq folks and they said they do have more recent mapping but Garmin elects to use the particular one they are using in the 370.

    I spoke with the TeleAtlas mapping company in Amsterdam–the one most often used by TomTom. You may know that TomTom is in the process of buying TeleAtlas. Anyway, the TomTom mapping is way more up to date for my area than the one used by Garmin.

    I initially bought the TomTom 910 because,like the nuvi 370, I needed the German mapping. the 910 unit by TomTom was the pitts. I even turned it in and bought another one. Still, absolutely no good. So I then bought the nuvi 370,mentioned above. TomTom has come out with the unit I am now using and it is absolutely great. Mapping is great, unit is great. It is the TomTom 720. Lists for $ 499.00. It only came out about a month ago and does have the lastest mapping from TomTom supplied by TeleAtlas. It comes loaded with US and Canada mapping but European mapping can be purchased on an SD card like the ones used in many digital cameras.I am simply going to keep my Garmin 370 and take it to Europe when I go and use the 720 for here in the USA.

    The 720 by TomTom is a great unit and the windshield stick-on system is as good as the ones by Garmin. The other thing is, the tomtom 720 is interactive and you can actually change or add street names that you find may not be accurate or missing from the mapping. It’s a great feature. Lastly, I mention that Garmin just abut two weeks ago came out with a nice new unit that will compete against the TomTom 720. Problem is that this Garmin unit still does not have mapping comparable to that used by the TomTom 720 and is quite a bit more costly.

    The best solution to your issue that I know of is for you to buy the TomTom 720 and stop fussing around with the old Garmin units. There are a couple of other brands, like Cobra, Magellan, etc. that have up to date mapping but the support of the companies,as far as I can tell, is not as good as either TomTom’s or Garmin’s. During my trying out period I included these in my purchases. I actually purchased seven different units between the middle of June and the end of August. I am quite sure of what I speak here. I was impressed with Garmin and with Navteq so I actually bought stock in each. However, as far as the units go, I am definitely sold on the Tomtom 720. I have not and will not, try the newest one by Garmin–at least for a couple of years because I am quite sure they don’t use the up to date mapping. Although, I understand that one of the new Garmin units is designed to compete with the Tomtom 720 and has editing capability–like the TomTom. For some folks, the cheaper units made by the other manufacturing companies may be OK. but for me, the Garmin and the TomTom brands were most user friendly and had more extensive capabilities. Best wishes.

    Sam Bigger - September 3rd, 2007
  4. The maps are old in Garmin, and to update them from the Garmin webpage will cost you about 80.00, which I attempted this afternoon, and when it came time to transfer the maps 2009 update file from my computer to my Garmin, it failed due to there not being enough space in my Garmin to load this updated map program. So I bought a 2G SD for the optional drive in the Garmin and the file ended up being too big for that too. So I’m out over 100.00 and have nothing to show for it. My advice, buy a better product, don’t try to improve a Garmin.

    Jennifer - June 7th, 2008
  5. The Garmin Nuvi 370 is discontinued. If I purchase one now, would it come with the latest map versions. What are the cons on purchasing a discontinued model.

    Twee - August 10th, 2008
  6. Twee, see our article on Garmin Discontinued Status.

    Tim - August 26th, 2008
  7. What is the refresh rate on this GPS? or is it different for different areas?

    Erik - September 18th, 2008
  8. I recently bought a Garmin Nuvi 370 (discontinued) and it came loaded with 2009 North America maps and 2008 Euro maps. I guess I got lucky?

    Duncan - January 4th, 2009
    • The 2009 North America map was released in about April of 2008 and is based on a map Garmin received from their map supplier in the second half of 2007. So it isn’t a surprise that is the map that came with the device.

      Tim - January 4th, 2009

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