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Garmin Nuvi 3700 Series: 3750, 3760T, 3790T


Today, Garmin introduced a new line within their Nuvi series GPS devices, the Garmin Nuvi 3700 Series. While the full details are still trickling in, we’ve got the goods on these new devices and will take you through the highlights. The most remarkable features are the redesigned hardware featuring full glass in the front, an even thinner design, and historical traffic data built in presumably via Navteq Traffic Patterns.


As you can see by the image to the right, the new devices are very thin, 9mm in fact. It is very difficult to look at the device and not think “iPhone”. The glass itself, black border around the edges, the silver edges, and thin design all very closely resemble an iPhone. The new design is also accompanied by a new mount. After having ditched the “active mount” on some of their more recent releases, they are back with the 3700 series. (An active mount means that the power cord connects to the mount, rather than directly to the GPS, the GPS gets its power from the mount.) But there is more than just convenience tied to the active mount– there is also a secondary speaker on the mount for even louder, more clear voice prompts.

3D, Multi-Touch

Garmin has added 3D terrain and 3D buildings to some models in the Nuvi 3700 series. While previously available in other models, this trend is rapidly becoming standard in new models as the base devices start to have enough horsepower to handle the advanced graphics. You can also use (again, iPhone like) multi-touch gestures to make certain changes to the interface. For example you can switch between 2D and 3D modes or rotate the map. A screen lock button (hey, just like an iPhone) can prevent accidental touch input. You can also pinch our double tap on the map to zoom in and out. (The iPhone similarities are getting old.)

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition also gets a minor update where the GPS will listen to a use-specified “wake-up phrase”. I remember when voice recognition first came to computers many years ago that feature was fun. You could set the “listen phrase” to “Hey, computer” and it would only listen to instructions after that phrase. The feature works much like the kids game “Simon Says” and on my computer it mimicked the game so well that it was occasionally wrong.

trafficTrends, myTrends

Perhaps the most important new features are called Garmin trafficTrends and Garmin myTrends. Garmin trafficTrends on the Nuvi 3700 series is an implementation of a feature similar to TomTom IQ Routes. Historical traffic data is built into the device so that it recognizes that a major feeder highway might be smooth sailing at 5:00 am, but more closely resemble a parking lot by 9:00 am. Assuming they are using Navteq TrafficPatterns data (we don’t know) the data isn’t as good as what TomTom IQ Routes has so far, but if these devices end up feeding data back to Navteq via software updates we could see the data improve rapidly.

Garmin myTrends is an interesting concept– based on the time of day you turn on the GPS and where you turn it on, the GPS will try to guess where it is you are going. For example if you leave home every day at about the same time and start in the same direction the GPS might assume you are driving to work and will automatically build a route to that destination. Clever, although not a significant advantage.


While mocking the design for how “iPhone-like” it is, those same design principles also make me want one more. I also particularly like that it appears you can use the GPS in both landscape and portrait modes. But the biggest new feature in the Garmin Nuvi 3700 series is Garmin trafficTrends. It might not be better than IQ Routes yet, but it has loads of potential.

All models expected around Q3 (July-Sept)

Garmin Nuvi 3750 – $349
Garmin Nuvi 3760T – $399 (adds live traffic)
Garmin Nuvi 3790T – $449 3790T (live traffic, voice control)

56 Responses

  1. Hmmmmm… I don’t see any images in this review.

    patruns - April 19th, 2010
    • There are lots of images… turn off any browser extensions/ad blockers you might be running.

      Tim - April 19th, 2010
      • The YouTube video helped. Thanks!


        patruns - April 19th, 2010
  2. Tim are they killing the nulink connected services? I’d have thought that a connected model would be included at the top of the pile. Nice looking product line here and finally historic traffic.

    offthegrid - April 19th, 2010
    • Still several months before these models hit store shelves, so there could still be more connected devices coming. Sales of connected devices from all manufacturers continue to be disappointing, so I wouldn’t expect to see a huge push for them– but I doubt they are being killed.

      Tim - April 19th, 2010
  3. Best Buy is showing “this product ships on 7/15” but who really knows.

    caryrae - April 20th, 2010
  4. Hey Tim when do you usually get your hands on units to review? Can’t wait to find out more about these units.

    caryrae - April 25th, 2010
    • It is difficult to predict. Sometimes a few weeks prior to general release, sometimes a couple of months after general release (assuming I don’t purchase directly).

      Tim - April 26th, 2010

    SHAKER - May 7th, 2010
  6. Hello Tim – Do you know if the FM transmitter is via the power cord or would I need to connect it directly to the radio? If I have to connect to the radio, do you know how to dual connect with FM Transmitter since I currently have sirius satellite and would be adding a GPS? Thanks in advance.

    Jeff - June 14th, 2010
  7. Check out the videos problems I found online


    Roger - June 28th, 2010
  8. I just purchased the 3760T and am a little disappointed.
    The power on-off button does not seem to always work – even when I hold down the button. I also find that the touch screen is not all that sensitive and will not take the qwerty key that I’ve identified – even when the key highlites.

    Thinking of returning this unit and maybe getting one that also plays mp3’s.

    Stewart - July 21st, 2010
    • Follow up 3 – GPS on-off switch seems to be behaving and no hang-ups onf system but the touch screen remains temperamental.

      Re: Update to my earlier posting. Sent back my Garmin 3760T after it froze twice. Due to receive my replacement tomorrow.

      Stewart - October 12th, 2010
  9. I’m on my third garmin 3790-t nothing but problems. the first on the screen went bad, just got the replacement for that on a two days ago and it’s having issues with programing. can’t set the correct time and it’s reading my location different than where i’m at. I like the style and i have thre other garmins and this is the first one i have ever had issues with. Great support staff but getting a little frustrated with having to keep shipping it back.

    Tom - August 26th, 2010
    • Update to my earlier posting. Sent back my Garmin 3760T after it froze twice. Due to receive my replacement tomorrow.

      Stewart - August 30th, 2010
    • I’ve had a 3760t since Sept and I would give it a 5 out of ten. I’ve had the power button problem, my screen has black marks on it and I am returning it. In Canada Garmin use a service company in Montreal. We will see how much of a hassel returning it proves to be. I’ve had problems with mapsource and basecamp. Overall I’m disappointed. This is a $400 GPS. There should be any problems.

      Gerry - December 8th, 2010
  10. Hello:

    I have been interested in purchasing a new 3790 gps system. I have been comparing it to your 1690 gps system. I like the connected feature of the 1690 and I love everything about the new 3790.

    Will Garmin be offering the 3790 or a newer system with all the features of the 3790 plus the connected feature?

    Thank you,


    David Avedesian - September 2nd, 2010
  11. This product is crap if you live in Canada. I just purchased the 3760T and it will go back tomorrow. The Lack of support for Map source was annoying but the complete inability to use the trip planner outside of Ontario makes this a OPS (Ontario Positioning system) not a GPS. I recommend any other brand of unit than Garmin at this point.

    Greatly offended with Garmin

    Alex Reid - September 16th, 2010
  12. I have had a 3790T for a couple of months. It locks up and freezes on you so you can’t turn it off. You have to connect it to a computer and do an undocumented button push to turn it off. The maps also blank out at times. The unit randomly reboots itself in the middle of driving. The styling on this unit is great, the software is half baked. It is NOT worth the money, as you have always have to reboot it or reload it to get it to work. Don’t buy it!! (And I am a Garmin stockholder!)

    Ed - September 21st, 2010
    • Purchased the 3790t a month ago and have been using it every day now. I can honestly say it has worked perfectly fine and I have not had any of the issue that some who posted have had.

      Destination - September 22nd, 2010
  13. Paid $500 for the nuvi 3790T and the Junction View does not work. I called and spoke to Garmin as this function is “supposed” to work out of the box on this unit. They claim it has been implemented sparingly across North America and if you want it, you will either need to pay $100 for lifetime map updates or purchase individual updates when it has been implemented. When asked where it did work, they said that information was not available, but could tell me where it didn’t work, when I gave them a specific city. Garmin stated to me it doesn’t even work in Kansas City, which is where their headquarters is. How can you sell a product with key functionality that doesn’t even work nor can it be tested in the area in which you operate……… VERY DISHONEST ADVERTISING – STAY AWAY!

    Eric - September 24th, 2010
  14. I am thinking of purchasing this model, and have never owned a GPS before. Two questions I have are as follows:

    1. How well does the Bluetooth hands free calling work? Does it sound normal or like you are on speakerphone?
    2. How does the voice activated navigation work on the GPS.

    Thanks for the responses.

    Grant - September 30th, 2010
    • This is the 3rd Garmin I’ve owned. The is 3790GPS is only as good as the maps that are on it. If they are current good, however technology is practically useless if they don’t keep up with maps and we men don’t like to stop and ask even if it gets us in the vicinity. One time in Kelowna we were almost late for a funeral and it could not find a satelite to begin navigation. I followed my brother who had a much cheaper model. My wife is darn frustrated with hers 3790. She is navigationally challenged and ready to throw the thing out, because of old mapping. Bluetooth feature works well with my BB for hands free calls, nice thing is it downloads your whole address but thats a pretty expensive handsfree device. I have asked my wife during a call and she says the sound is good and its pretty good at my end as well. Providing you have a fairly quiet vehicle it should be fine, however if your vehichle has a lot of wind and road noise you’re going to have to stop anyway. Anyway dont expect to much interms of map updates.

      Joe - February 5th, 2012
  15. Problems with my new Garmin 3790, the device will reboot continuously after 20-30 mins of navigation which is totally unacceptable. Went back to the Challenger shop in Tampines One but they did not have carry that stock anymore. Can you believe it? Its that the latest gps? Unless they knew about the issues and decided not to restock the problem gps.

    Anthony - October 10th, 2010
  16. I have had my Garmin 3760 for 1 week and it is acting up. The map starts to turn white, then the streets disapear. Or it may reboot. I am just getting a refund not worth the trouble.

    Jose - December 23rd, 2010
  17. I’ve had a 3760T since September 2010. This is my first GPS so I have nothing else to judge it by but it does seem to do weird things from time to time and I have trouble with updates. A few weeks ago the corners of the screen started to go black. Garmin replaced the unit. I hope this one will operate as expected.

    Gerry Conway - December 24th, 2010
  18. Things I DON’T LIKE about Nuvi 3750:

    Two cables required, one for data and one for charging the Nuvi in the car. Why not one cable for both data and for charging? The speaker on the window mount could have been powered from the Nuvi through the window mount.

    Can’t use the Nuvi for guidance when walking (In places with tall buildings like Manhattan) or using public transportation using “simulate gps” when gps signal is not available. Nuvi wants to start simulation at last GPS fix. Ridiculous if you get on a bus in DC and get off the bus on 33rd st and 5th Ave in Manhattan. Cityxplorer maps are useless with this crippled design.

    I find that the 3750 does not calculate the best routes. This morning I was taken on a tour of Falls Church and Arlington when going on an errand. When I got back I checked, Google maps shows a logical route that takes 24 minutes to my destination, the best Nuvi could do was to take me by a ridiculous route that is not logical and gets me to my destination in 30 minutes – 6 minutes longer. I have checked my settings, I have not chosen any route restrictions.

    Had I known these limitations of the Nuvi 3750, I would not have bought the unit. It looks good, but it does not work properly. Wait till the defects are corrected before buying the 3700 line.

    Terry Prytula - January 17th, 2011
  19. nuvi 3760t

    I have been experiencing strange problems with my unit. The screen goes white and maps disappear but it continues to give route instructions; the unit reboots itself during a journey, also very slow to recalculate. This unit also gets so hot that I can’t believe it is normal.
    I bought the unit in August 2010 and contacted Garmin today about these recurring problems. After checking that I was on the latest update they suggested reinstalling the software. I said I was unhappy and wanted a new unit and they agreed just like that. Told me to take it back to the store with my proof of purchase and I now have a brand new unit. I really hope that this will now be ok as I like the Garmin brand, I previously had a nuvi 660FM which was fantastic. I will report back in 1 months time and let you know the status.

    Stephen - January 19th, 2011
    • Hey,
      Any luck with you device? I am still having the same “white map” even after 3rd exchange -((((

      Vit - January 24th, 2011
      • Hi,

        The unit is much better, although it has rebooted itself and lost the maps during a five hour trip. Also, it sometimes cuts out when speaking directions but then recovers. I am currently doing a software update which I hope may fix the problems. I still like this unit, but if it continues to malfunction I will demand a refund and purchase a different model. I cannot fault Garmin after sales for allowing a replacement unit, but I just want something that works.

        Stephen - February 14th, 2011
  20. I recently purchased the Garmin 3790. I used it once and it worked great, but just my luck, the charging cables DON’T FIT. Who sells a product that has cables that don’t fit? if anyone knows why this might be please do tell.

    Holden - January 20th, 2011
    • Which cable doesn’t fit where?

      Tim - January 20th, 2011
      • Follow up: I was having trouble with both the USB and car charger cables. I expected them to connect directly to the device, but after a brief conversation with customer service, it was revealed that the dock was wear you plug in. They should put this in the instructions, or outline it more clearly because I missed it.

        Holden - January 21st, 2011
        • See my post – # 18. In my opinion, having to use two cables is a design flaw.

          Terry Prytula - January 21st, 2011
  21. My bluetooth icon has disappeared from the tools/settings so I can no longer pair my phone. Any suggestions?

    Jeanne - January 24th, 2011
  22. My 3760T is having some of the same issues as described in previous emails. Details dropping from the screen until it goes blank. Also reboots randomly. Not happy with this model. Sounds like a factory problem.

    John Arsenault - January 31st, 2011
  23. Recently I’ve talked to Garmin again about this problem and that time to clever guy (not regular call center person -))). He consulted developers/tech people and confirmed that there is such problem with this device and developers are working on path. But no timeframe for release.
    Good point that garmin knows abt it…

    vit - February 1st, 2011
  24. Don’t buy gamin nuvi 3760- locked up while in the middle of Indiana.
    Won’t turn off! Buy Tom Tom.

    Dana - March 5th, 2011
  25. After the latest firmware update (v.3.9) mine unit is OK, no more screen flashing… may be will be later, but so fat it is OK.

    vit - March 6th, 2011
  26. Okay, I see people here who love it and hate it, so it seems pretty fair to ask…
    We (volunteer fire department in the middle of nowhere) are looking at putting GPS’s in our trucks. The major criteria is going to be the maps – most of our ‘roads’ don’t exist. (my etrex shows the bulk of them with the usgs maps installed) Question is: can you make any modifications to the map base? Add roads, landmarks, names?

    Let’s face it, we only need about 80 sq. miles in our map base, but we need to be able to modify that.

    Obv. we’d never need things like the traffic notices, or for that matter most of the bells and whistles.

    As a bonus: we’ll probably hardwire the units to the radio/lights, so would it power on when the master switch is thrown, or would we still have to hit a button on it?

    Thanks, in advance.

    Jack - March 8th, 2011
    • No, you cannot make any modifications to the base map as far as adding new roads yourself.

      Tim - March 8th, 2011
    • I don’t know if anyone in the emergency services should buy a brand new model of any GPS. Isn’t it better to buy last year’s model? The 1400 series is full of good features and Garmin has had time to tweak the software.

      Jeff - August 20th, 2011
  27. Are the 3700 series Nuvis compatible with the iPhone 4 for bluetooth connection? The Garmin website says not, but a few other websites have said they were when paired. Please advise!!

    Ava - June 7th, 2011
  28. How are the 3790LMT doing to date? Still have lock-up problems? I’m looking to replace my TomTom 930 because of issues but I don’t want to trade old problems for new problems.

    Steve Bukosky - July 17th, 2011
    • I bought the 3790LMT a few months ago and have given it a good workout. Having had a TomTom 930, there were things that I’d gotten used to that I missed but that fades as time goes on.

      One thing that I don’t like is the snotty sounding voice when it says “recAAlculating”. Also if the road is a county road, such as “Cr A”, it sounds like its saying something in French.

      I’ve not had lock up problems or any other operations problems with one exception. Yesterday I tried to add another destination to the route and it rebooted itself. First time it ever did that.

      The voice commands work well. Only twice did it respond to something it heard on my radio. That’s to be expected, I suppose. Overall it recognizes everything that I say which has impressed passengers who are not familiar with the technology.

      The maps are good, though some roads in local parks do not show up as they do with TomTom. Also I miss custom POI’s, though they seldom worked well in TomTom.

      I like the choice of three routing options, but miss the TomTom’s “travel via” feature. Also miss the ability to keep asking for alternate routes.

      So as of now, the 3790 operates smoother than the TomTom but the TT930 had better features, and that was several years old.

      All things being equal as far as glitches, I hate to say that I think the TomTom had a bit of an edge. That’s because I’ve been a Garmin supporter for years, I have three of their handheld GPS’s for geocaching and another GPS receiver for the earlier smart phones without the GPS chip in them. But TomTom lost me when their customer service gave up on trying to fix my loss of traffic function upon my last renewal. They give up on me… I give up on them.

      Steve - January 22nd, 2012
  29. Problems w/ 3760T Garmin 3 weeks old:
    1. Turns off or on suddenly, i.e. I think it just randomly reboots.
    2. Screen goes black or blank but voice still heard.
    3. Had a route set for 150 miles away, then the 3760T rebooted and created a route to California, then back to my destination in Pennsylvania. I turned the 3760T off then on, and it corrected the course to the 150 miles instead of 4700+ miles (or some ridiculous number of miles from PA to CA and back).
    4. Sometimes won’t turn on or off.
    5. Sometimes only shows 1/4 of the screen the rest is white.
    6. This is my 3rd Garmin and all have been bad.

    John - July 25th, 2011
  30. What is the latest news on the map display issue on the Nuvi 3760? I don’t have any map display on my unit, only a blank screen. I can see routes and track logs and I can search for places under POI.

    Anja - September 15th, 2011
  31. I’m sorry but the 3790T is a piece of… The thing reboots when it wants to. It sends you out of the way no matter what you tell it and my latest favorite ‘feature’, it doesn’t have roads that have been there for years! Plus they make you update your 1 free update map within 90 days. What a waste. During hurricane Irene several roads were out due to flooding. My lovely GPS sent me so far out of the way it wasn’t funny. After the storm I went out on Google Maps and found several 2 lane paved roads that were not shown on the GPS. I’ll never buy another product from this company.

    John Arsenault - September 15th, 2011
  32. I purchased garmin 3790,I never found junction view works,although I tried everything.

    baocheng wang - October 20th, 2011
  33. Does anyone have problems with constant recalculations since the last update, and road speeds seem to be more out of date than ever?

    Erica - January 9th, 2012
  34. I just bought my Nuvi 3790T a week ago and I love it! Haven’t had any problems with calculations or anything. The thing I don’t understand … is how to make the 3D terrain and buildings to work. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!

    Robert - January 21st, 2012
  35. I purchased a 3790T last July. It seems to be working ok, until we were driving through Germany, it starts rebooting the whole time. Last Wednesday, we drove back from Germany to Holland again and it starts rebooting all the time. After contacting Garmin-support (6-emails before the gave any response) they told me to do a master reset. So I did and it seems to be working, however I couldn’t drive with it.
    Than I was notified that there was a map update (from 2012.30 to 2012.40), so I let the thing update themselves.
    After the update was (succesful) finished as the system told me, it’s rebooting all the time and doesn’t work anymore at all.
    Probably they will tell me that I’m the only one with this problem and that they have never ever have seen it of course.
    The worst of all is the slow support from those guys!
    It’s definetly my first and last Garmin ever.

    Henk - February 8th, 2012
  36. Hey guys,
    I have 3760T and had a lot of issues with flashing screen, reboots, etc….
    Now everything is OK – after some of the update last spring.

    So, I suggest you to make sure that you have the latest firmware and if you still have issues, just make video, publish on youtube and give link to garmin support guys.
    At least it helped me – before I called, send e-mail with description of the problem – no result, only frustration….
    After I created video on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OW_LqZOMrso
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4yjsinFo3Q) – i got confirmation that problem is registered and would be fixed. And indeed it was fixed.

    Vitaliy - February 9th, 2012
  37. 3790T — My unit will be working fine, then zoom-out suddenly so I am looking a globe of Planet Earth. It will somehow come up with a different destination in a different part of the state, yet keep giving me verbal directions to my original destination. It also switches at random from a map view to a written set of turn directions. I have updated to the latest firmware/software and the latest map update. Problems have not gone away. Not happy with my investment. Had a Garmin 265WT, never had any problems. Garmin has refused to respond to my messages. Purchased in July, 2011. No more Garmin.

    Michael - April 13th, 2012

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