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Garmin Nuvi 465T GPS For Truckers


Garmin (NASDAQ: GRMN) is taking the wraps off a new GPS for truckers, the Garmin Nuvi 465t. A GPS for long haul truckers has long been a wish list item for many of our readers. Other companies have tried building such a GPS in the past, and have failed. In the world of street GPS […]

241 Responses

  1. Tim:
    Thanks for your response. That truck unit looks promising but he can’t wait for mid year. I should have been more specific but was trying to save space.

    My friends first and foremost needs in a GPS unit is being told when to be what lane (to avoid missing a route change or exit)and then distance to turns, change etc. The last major need is route and address directions as he gets off the interstate. We both understand that a car unit would route him differently on city streets than a truck unit would and he’ll have to decide if that alone would want to make him wait for the other unit. He’s been at this for a long time so he’s not a novice. Thanks again. You offer a valuable services! Dick

    Dick Strong - March 19th, 2009
  2. National driver for 9 years. Gps user for 8 years. Have accumulated over 1900 truck stops that I have actually been to. Have tried many GPS units and always go back to my Garmin 7200. PC Miler and World Nav trucking GPS units are terrible. Do not get one of those units.

    Very excited about Garmins entry into truck routing GPS units. However, I will wait until Garmin does a little better job and provides a useful trucking GPS.

    My ideal unit would be to take the Garmin 7200 as is to include the navigation software the 7200 uses and put the truck attibutes into the unit, provide Garmins exellent Blutooth sofware, use MSN direct, add lane assistance and 3-D buildings.

    The 7200 has superior navigation software to any of the new offerings by Garmin. All the newest Nuvi series GPS units have dropped the display of rest areas, weigh stations and exit numbers. These are critical displays in my business. I use the exit number dispay on every route I create while driving a truck. I can’t convey the importance of knowing where weigh stations are after I get a truck loaded. All this is missing with the new Nuvi navigation software. The find command on the 7200 is far more enhanced on the 7200 then any of the new Nuvi series GPS units. Better in every way.

    A 4.3 inch display is totally useless in my truck. I need an external GPS receiver in order to get more accuracy. I use the remote on my 7200 all the time. I have XM radio on my 7200 which is a real blessing. Multiple trip computers on the 7200 is a feature I use everyday. An FM modulator or an external plug for a cassette adaptor is needed so that I can use my truck speakers for both XM radio and navigation instuctions. The truck is simply too loud for reliance on those puny speakers in all the new Nuvi’s. Because of the noise in my truck, the blutooth feature on the 465T would be useless. The 465 T lacks all these features.

    As I said, I am very excited about Garmin’s entry into the trucking GPS market. I know that their effort is the best in the industry. However, my 7200 is still superior to anything offered by anyone in the business of GPS units, including Garmin. For now, I plan to keep my 7200. Let’s see what Garmin does in the future.

    Gary Snay - March 20th, 2009
    • Is there any way I can get Garys Snay’s email address or get mine to him so I can get more info about the Garmin 7200 as he is using it.

      Dick Strong - March 22nd, 2009
      • need info on where to buy the 7200 thanks lonnie harrelson

        lonnie harrelson - March 26th, 2009
        • You can find a few places here.

          Tim - March 26th, 2009
    • hello there fella i would appreciate the files if you could e mail them to me it would be very helpful.. got myself in a sticky situation and had to redirect traffic if you know what i mean.

      santiago - July 3rd, 2009
    • hey there gary, was reading gps reviews and came across your entry, was wondering if i could get the poi list of bridges and such you had posted about ..this would be very much appreciated. thank you so much…

      rick - November 6th, 2009
    • Please send me the latest files. Greatly appreciated.

      Hugo - January 8th, 2010
    • Please e-mail me the files as well. Thanks in advance.

      Shane - January 14th, 2010
    • I would also like a copy of those files, anything that saves time and trouble is a good thing out here!

      Tony - March 8th, 2010
      • Hey,
        Just checking to see if you received the files? Can’t seem to get them.



        Crieg - March 14th, 2010
    • I would like the files also if you would email them to me.

      Joy - March 12th, 2010
  3. Worldnav GPS tracking system is not only feature rich and supports largest map network. The most important thing about this is the large screen its having which enables the truck driver to easily keep tab on the location through screen even driving at high speed, small screen devices requires to concentrate more and then view. Which makes the journey prone to accidents.

    Mike Ryan - April 17th, 2009
    • You must not be using the same WorldNav system people visiting our site have used…

      Tim - April 17th, 2009
    • We had a WorldNav and it was total crap. Would not recommend it anybody. We returned it and got our money back.

      Joy - March 12th, 2010
  4. I had a worldnav and it stank ! I sold it as fast as i could,What a piece it was.It kept telling me to take routs i knew i was not allowed on and would tell me not to go on routes i was allowed on.The screen quality stinks also.I am useing my outdated garmin nuvi 200 over the worldnav piece.I am waiting for the garmin 465t.I have tried a few other brand and they never compare to a garmin unit.GO GARMIN!!

    BILL - May 3rd, 2009
    • You are right. Stay away from the World Nav and also stay away from PC Miler. The problem with those units is that they are using routing attributes from PC Miler. I fear that Garmin will be using the same source in their 465T. Garmin has not released a manual for the 465T yet so it is impossible to tell at this point. The World Nav and PC Miler are using Windows CE 5 software as well. Stay clear of that software. It is unstable, and does not support more then a 4 Gig SD card. 2 Gigs in the case of the World Nav. Pretty much limits the use of the device. You cannot import outside POI files either. I have about 1700 accurate truckstops I give away for free. Just send me your email address and I will send my files via an attachment. I will say it again. If you drive a truck, get the Garmin 7200. It is the last of the really good GPS units that Garmin makes. Their new offerings are not as good for us truckers. At this point, I have to say all of the new Garmin products fall short of the 7200. I found one new in the box for $350. Snatched it for a spare because Garmin is not going to offer a product as good for a long time to come.

      Gary Snay - May 4th, 2009
      • Hi,Gary, just finnished reading your opinion of garmin, glad i did as i was looking at worldnav and pc miler. i am very unfamiliar with these gps units myself. just so i don’t make a mistake are you talking about the garmin street pilot 7200.
        please advise if this is correct, i would appreciate any other helpful hints you could offer on the gps units. I would also take your offer of the truckstops and other points you have generated, as I am an otr driver aswell.
        Thanks in advance for your help, Gord

        Gord - May 18th, 2009
        • Just my opinion, but the best GPS unit on the market right now is the Garmin 7200. All their new units fall short of the 7200 for trucking purposes. The 7200 is the only unit (Garmin or otherwise) that displays on the screen exit numbers, weigh stations, rest areas. Very important if you are driving that big truck and need to concentrate on the road. You don’t need to manipulate the device with some cocateu menu while negotiating a complex freeway thru the city. I need your email address in order to send you my POI files. Keep in mind that my POI’s are geared for the Garmin 7200 using City Navigator NT 2009. There are differences between different GPS devices from other companys. I have also corrected about 300 low bridge locations. When I imported the low bridge file into my 7200 I noticed none of the locations matched the roads. Using Map Source by garmin I moved the locations to the most apparent spot on the map and put the low bridge icons on the road so my GPS will be more accurate. Some of this was guess work but for the most part I believe it is somewhat accurate. I looked at railroad crossings, river crossings, and freeway overpasses then moved the low bridge icons to the most logical placement on the map. These corrections became the new GPX file imported into the 7200 and with Garmin’s POI loader you are able to get visual and audible warnings a few miles ahead of your route. I am currently working on turning these locations into custom avoidances so that my 7200 will not route thru those areas. My files are free for any truck driver. Just give me a good email address so that I can send those files to you.

          Gary Snay - May 18th, 2009
          • I am a truck driver and have come across low bridges. I was ready to give up my 7200 garmin and buy the new 465 T. I would appreciated a e-mail for those files.

            Thank You

            Perry - May 25th, 2009
          • hello, tanker driver here, mostly through PA. I just got a used 7200. I would love your poi please. thanks a million.

            john - June 20th, 2009
          • I am a truck driver and have come across low bridges. I just buy the new 465 T. I would appreciated a e-mail for those files.

            Calvin - August 19th, 2009
          • Thanks for the offer and information. I am going to get me one and would love to have this file. thanks…

            Vyacheslav - August 22nd, 2009
          • Hello Gary,

            I am a new driver and I am going to look for a 7200 thanks to your information. Please if you dont mind, send me the files your offering for the Garmin.

            Thanks so much!

            Mark - September 16th, 2009
          • Thanks for all of your info….we just purchased the Garmin 7200…can you please send us your updated files… Thank you sooooo much!!!!

            Alex M - September 21st, 2009
          • Hi, I just emailed you about getting the 7200 for my father-n-law and after reading all the people wanting the POI files I thought I’d better get them too :) I have no idea what they are but I’m sure he will! If you don’t mind, I would appreciate any other tips about the 7200 since i’m the one getting it for him…he’s out on the road right now so he’s leaving it up to me to find him one…yikes!

            Stephanie - September 23rd, 2009
          • Gord, can you please send me those POI files also. My husband is a trucker and I plan onbuying him the 7200 as a gift.

            Carolyn - November 15th, 2009
          • Hi Gary, could I get those files from you. Very new to the trucking world and I’m going to go out and buy a 7200 as soon as I can. Thanks a bunch! :)

            Bill - February 27th, 2010
        • Is the Garmin 7200 really that good? I’m currently using ALK Copilot Truck 11, which is dangerous at best. I love it when it warns me that I-10, or one the roads that numerous truck terminals are on, is not truck legal….
          I’d like to have a set of your files, too.

          Brent - October 7th, 2009
      • Gary I would like your files also going to buy the 7200 and would like to be up to date.

        Bob - June 28th, 2009
      • Hello Gary

        I would like your files, please. – Plan to purchase the 7200.

        Sandy - August 20th, 2009
      • hi gary,i’m getting my cdl real soon and would appreciate those poi’s.thanks for the useful info about gps systems i think you have shed alot of light onto the subject for us just getting into the business:)

        mike j - November 14th, 2009
  5. I will check out the 7200.I did not know that they had this unit.

    BILL - May 4th, 2009
  6. Gary, I would GREATLY Appreciate the files you are offering to fellow drivers.
    I have been several WEEKS fixing TA and pilot CSV and GPX files that some yay-who wrote and put up on a poi site.
    ALL of the TA files send you to city center for the town the truck stop is near.
    you just might be saving me A LOT of work.
    looking forward to receiving the file.

    Barry G - May 28th, 2009
  7. Hi Gary,Just bought the 7200 through your recommendation, would love to acquire those free files. Thanks in advance.

    Winston - June 3rd, 2009
  8. Hey gary,
    glad i found your reply page about gps unit i have a tomtom go 920 and it too likes to run u in circles i was looking to buy the worldnav 7200 till i saw all the negative feed back so im gonna buy this garmin 7200 and would deeply appreciate ur updated poi files your offering
    thank a million and god bless ,Art

    Art - June 6th, 2009
    • Been amazing and gratifying to have sent my files to so many truckers. There is no charge. Anyone can have these POI files for free. I do not work for Garmin and receive no benefit from advocating the Garmin 7200. I have wasted a few thousand dollars on useless GPS units and I’m just trying to pass on my experience to other drivers. Still waiting for Garmin to offer a new unit with the strengths of the 7200 but includes some of their new tricks. So far, no luck. Do not buy their 465T. It will not do the job.

      Gary Snay - June 6th, 2009
      • Gary, appreciate your help. I too am just looking into this. Was reading up on the 465T and the 7200. I think I will go with the 7200 also. If your not tired of sending your POI files, guess I will take a peak.

        Bill - June 6th, 2009
      • Gary,

        I’ve been trying to research the right GPS device, and as you know it’s difficult to find the right device that assists with truck routes. Now you’ve made the decision simple.

        Please send me the files whenever you get the chance. Your help is greatly appreciated, and it’s wonderful that you’re assisting so many people.

        Lisa - June 6th, 2009
      • Gary, if you would like me to host the files here, let me know.

        Tim - June 8th, 2009
        • Not sure what you mean. Please explain.

          Gary Snay - June 8th, 2009
      • Hi Gary,
        You sure are popular! I would appreciate a copy of your POI files as well. I am a new trucker and just drove into New Jersey unassisted. That was a nightmare. I’ll be getting a Garmin 7200 asap! Thanks, Steve Carrigan

        Steve Carrigan - October 26th, 2009
      • Hi Gary,I’m aotr driver too, based on your recomendation I will buy that gps 7200.We deliver flower on ny all the time and the one we have send us on to parkways. Thank You so much.

        Eric Gomez - February 5th, 2010

    The files are zipped. Download the files to your computer, open the file and extract all files. This will create a set of usable files for import into your GPS unit. Have included the Icons I use on my 7200 for display purposes. At your option, you can also use my shippers/receivers file. Useful for Martin, FFE and Crete/Shaffer drivers as we all go to the same locations. (Many other Companys as well).

    Low bridges are an educated guess but I believe are pretty accurate. For the bridges, I found the files sent to me to be very innacurate. I imported them to MapSource, then placed the Icons where I thought the low bridge location should be.The Scale file is weigh stations I have encountered off the main highways.

    Please keep in mind the locations were created with the actual GPS address when I pulled into a place. Example: the location of the fuel island at a truck stop or the entrance gate of a Wal-Mart. Files created with City Navigator North American NT 2009. Use Garmin’s POI loader after unzipping the files and designate the unzipped folder, with the Icons as your source folder. I recommend using a audible warning of 6000 feet in the POI loader for the Scales file only. Otherwise, the unit will drive you nuts with warnings. Use only the audible setting in the POI loader. Do not use the continuous setting.

    Go to this location http://www.masterclass.com/gpxtopoi/gpxtopoidownload.html and get the Free GPS to POI loader. Dowload and run the program. This is a very usefull tool when used with the Map Source program that comes with the 7200. Using this tool convert my CSV files to GPX format, save the converted files in a separate folder. Once all the files are converted click on one of the GPX files and Map Source will open. Save this file in native Map Source format. Save this new file and call it your master POI file. Go back to your newly converted GPX folder and open a new document in Map Source. Highlight all the POI’s, copy them and close the file. No need to save this file. Open your newly created Master file in Mapsource, click on the POI tab and paste the new files into your master files. Do this for each the the Converted GPX files. In the end, you will create a very large Master Mapsource file with all your POI’s.

    The reason? Mapsource will not open the CSV files. You must have your files in GPX format. As you drive you will create your own favorites on your 7200 or any other Garmin unit. Over time, you will exceed the limit on the number of Favorites you can save on the 7200 and you will want to get those Favorites into Mapsource for future use with Garmin’s POI loader.

    When you are ready to get your favorites created on the 7200 into Map Source, hook up your GPS to your computer, and import your favorites into your master Mapsource file. Hint: hook up your GPS first, then open Mapsource. A message will appear saying the program will add your favorites to your Master POI file when you import your favorites.

    Hint: When you create your favorites on the 7200 use the same icons for each catagory you want. Example: On my files, you see different catagorys for Ship/Rec, TA, Petro, Pilot, etc. When brought into the Master Mapsource file, you can click on the sort tab within the POI tab on Mapsource and keep your catagories sorted together. Very usefull when you are ready to create a new POI list on your 7200 with your own specialized POI’s beyond what I have provided.

    Separate each catagory in Mapsource. Delete all the POI’s in other catagories, then save the single catagory in GPX format to your GPX folder. Example: In Map Source you have separated all the Flying J locations. You have deleted all the other catagorys. Save file as, then highlight the GPX option. Go to your GPX folder, click on the Flying J GPX file and replace the file with your new Flying J file which may have new Flying J locations you have discovered over time. Do this procedure for each of the catagorys in Map Source. These new files will be used when you use the GPX to CVS Converter program for use with Garmin’s POI loader. BE CAREFUL. WHEN YOU CLOSE THE MAPSOURCE FILE THE PROGRAM WILL ASK IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE FILE. SAY NO. IF YOU SAVE THE MAPSOURCE FILE WITH ONLY THE FLYING J LOCATIONS IT WILL REPLACE YOUR MASTER FILE AND YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR POI’S. MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR MASTER MAPSOURCE FILE AND PUT SOMEWHERE SAFE IN CASE YOU MAKE THIS MISTAKE.

    Feel free to contact me if you have problems.

    Gary Snay - June 8th, 2009
    • Hi, Gary. First, I think you’re a fantastically generous person for offering the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years to others who have purchased the 7200. I’ve recently purchased the unit and will be travelling for a month starting next week. I read your post (post #10) which has a downloadable file from masterclass.com. It looks like it’s a file to convert CSV files to GPX format.

      Could you please send me your POI files and anything else you can think of that will help me in my upcoming travels? I’ll be travelling solo in an RV and it’s a little overwhelming to me all the prep work and any hints and information you can provide would be most helpful.

      Thanks again, Gary. I think you’re terrific!


      Cara - September 4th, 2009
    • the truckstop files and poi do they work with the nuvii 465t. if so can u email to me.
      Thank you

      Terrie - January 2nd, 2010
  10. Been using gps since 1998. Tried them all as they came out especially the ones suited for trucking. Alk copilot left me hanging quite a few times with dropouts and just plain bad directions. Worldnav was returned shortly after I got it. I then got the C330 from garmin and have had great luck with it. I drive a truck everyday thru Mi In Oh and Illinois. Garmin uses the same mapping info on all there units. Only thing nice about the 7200 is the large screen. It will guide you to your location just like my C330. Nothing special. The 465T has more specific info for the trucker. It uses the same mapping source. Screen size is the only thing different. I suggest the 465T

    Frank Betts - June 10th, 2009
    • Hi Frank…always good to hear from another Driver. You are correct when you mention how much better the C330 is compared to other GPS units. Garmin has very good maps because they are using NAVTEC maps. There are several other GPS units that use NAVTEC as well and because of this their units are adequate as well. The difference is in the routing alogrethems (Spell?) each unit uses. Garmin does very well in this area.

      You mentioned how the ALK based mapping programs gave you some problems. These very same problems will show up if you get the 465T by Garmin. The truck routing attributes used on the 456T are leased from ALK. Buyer beware.

      The 465T is a good first effort by Garmin but I would advise waiting until they produce a product with all the needs of a truck driver implemented. All of the new products by Garmin use their new stripped down version of the Navigation software. The 7200 has many more features not available in even their high end products. Garmin needs to get the advice of some real truck drivers before they attempt to enter this truck driver nich. There are so many missing features in their new 465T it’s as if some desk jocky designed the thing without ever consulting a truck driver. Buyer beware.

      Read my comments earlier in the forum. God Bless and stay safe.

      Gary Snay - June 11th, 2009
      • Gary Just another frustrated driver here looking for a usable truckers gps unit and with your suggestions and help im going to go with a Garmin 7200. It seems like a good way to go. With your help from your poi’s and such it will make our jobs a little bit easier i can get back to trucking! thanks for your dedication to making things easier and more understandable. Thank you!

        Randy - June 13th, 2009
  11. I am looking for a truck gps. I see by Gary’s post he thinks the Garmin 7200 is the best for that. I look on line I see prices from$289.00 to almost $700. what is the correct price to pay?

    Bob C - June 19th, 2009
    • Bob, you can see current prices as well as store ratings in this STP 7200 link.

      Tim - June 19th, 2009
      • That had has the price from a little under $300.00 to $1000.00. Which is the correct price?

        Bob C - June 20th, 2009
        • I don’t know what you mean, Bob. Stores can charge whatever they would like. There isn’t a “correct” price. Pick the one that is reputable (smiley face) that has the best price.

          Tim - June 20th, 2009
          • I do not know if there were different models of this item.

            Bob C - June 20th, 2009
  12. I now have weigh stations ready for download in about a day. For the last 7 years I have been marking weigh stations as I travel using Garmin products. I believe they are very accurate. For those of you using the 7200 you will already see the weigh station symbols displayed on your unit. For the rest of you, these weigh station icons are missing on your unit. They can be used with almost any Garmin unit available. Probably Tom Tom as well. There are about 470 POI’s. I am imbedding a proximity alert of 6000 feet for each weigh station. On the 7200 you can get an audible and visual warning of a weigh station on your route. For those of you who have already received my files I will send the weigh stations to you with instructions on how to use.

    Gary Snay - June 21st, 2009
    • long time trucker new otr driver.itll help me alot.

      c jay - October 1st, 2009
  13. Please send me your file for the 7200.
    Thanks a lot

    Danny Sagan

    Danny - June 28th, 2009
  14. Hey Gary , thanks for your input on the GPS systems . I was gonna but the PC MILER NAVIGATOR but heard it sux , now I’m gonna definitely buy the Garmin 7200 . Please send me your files sir . Thanx .

    Craig - July 7th, 2009
  15. I purchased the world nav 7200 and used it on my trucking trips for two weeks the next trip it wouldnt work and worldnav sent me another sd card saying it would fix the problem but it did not do anything to fix it. I am very disappointed with the world nav 7200. The only thing I like about it is the large screen.

    Julian - July 13th, 2009
    • Sorry you went with the WorldNav. I tried it out for awhile and found a lot of problems. 1st and foremost of course is the Windows CE operating system. Stay away from that unstable operating system. PC Miler uses that system as well as several other cheap GPS devices. Very hard on the the SD cards and very hard to download upgrades. Unable to load POI’s, period.

      Interesting GPS. Uses a 7 inch screen. Employs the exact same hardware device as the WorldNav but uses IGO8 software. Next to the Garmin 7200 this unit is probably the most feature packed GPS on the market. The software is more stable then what is on the WorldNav. Good price too. Only problem, it uses Windows CE. The NavsGo is probably the most fun GPS device on the market and the IGO8 software includes 3D buildings. I used the NavsGo side by side with the Garmin 7200 for 3 months. Both units calculated in exactly same way. Identical routes.

      Gary Snay - July 14th, 2009
      • Hi Gary, thank you ever so much for all the usefull info you posted, If I where garmin I’d hire you in a heart beat.
        Please send me the files you have. I just bought the 7200 and should have it by Friday.
        On a side note, I’ve been using the copiolt 9 for the past two years, I love it, yes its frozen up a few times but as far as POI and scales its good, address finding is good also, only problem is the abuse my laptop has taken over the last 300k miles.

        Kurt - July 15th, 2009
  16. Hi gary
    I would like those files please
    Do you know where I could purchase a Garmin 7200?

    Julain - July 13th, 2009
    • Julian, check this link to see places to find the 7200.

      Tim - July 14th, 2009
  17. I’m researching for a GPS for my husband’s Semi – enjoyed & appreciate all the data guys! I’m signing up for followup comments.

    Elaine - July 16th, 2009
  18. Hi Gary, Thanks for all the info.
    After reading your post I’m going to go with the garmin 7200. I have been looking for a gps for some time. After reading all the good reports on the garmin 7200 im going to try this unit. I was stuck until Now. I wanted the 465t and the 7200 and could not make a choice. I think your right! Garmin need’s to look long and hard at the 7200 format, The 7200 is a good style for a trucking gps and something the should build-upon. A gps for a trucker is a tool and the 465t is not.

    I would love to get your POI file

    Thanks for all the info. I’m sold on the Garmin 7200

    Rhett - August 8th, 2009
    • For those of you who keep up on this forum I hope that you have not come away the the idea that the 465 T is a bad unit. It is made by Garmin so it can’t be that bad. Just a couple other points. I have heard that there is a new rule about a 7 inch screen being too large for some states. Have not been able to confirm this but for the sake of safety I suggest that you mount the 7200 below the level of your dash if it looks like any Smokey of any flavor is going to look at you for any reason.

      Gary Snay - August 8th, 2009
  19. Hi Gary,
    I have been keeping an eye on your post and thanks to you I am leaning towards the Garmin 7200. The only fear I have is that we are not very computer savy and I worry that once we get the files we will not be able to figure out how to load /unzipp them. How difficult is it? I hope I don’t sound like a total girl. Either way I think I would like them….

    Katrina - August 8th, 2009
  20. Hey Gary,you talked me into the 7200 also been debating for over a year now myself,was gonna go with the 465,new is not always better,also please send me those files please,thanks Karen

    Karen - August 9th, 2009
  21. Hi Gary, I like others that have made comment would also like to acknowledge your committment to keeping truckers informed. My wife and I have come over from New Zealand to drive as a team out of Canada. Having correct information is important, and getting good advice is priceless. I have been looking at reviews and have like other purchased a Garmin 7200 because of your advice, and feedback from others. Can you please emali me POI files and instructions on how to use them.

    Russell - August 9th, 2009
  22. Gary,

    Thank you for all of the information. I have been trying to decide which GPS to buy for my husband (truck driver). You have made the decision much easier. I would appreciate the files you have put together.

    April - August 12th, 2009
  23. I have finally purchased a 7200. I bought a refurb and it works great so far. Plus it came with a warranty of 90 days. Now if i can get Gary to send me the files, I will try to download them. Thanks to you for all your work.

    John - August 15th, 2009
  24. Well I just recieved my new Garmin 7200. Since most everyone one this page has one I have a question. Did you recieve any kind of software with it? All I recieved was a disk with city navigator on it and I was trying to use the mp3 option and it said that I need to put in the disk to download the software. Am I challenged or did they mess up at the factory? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Katrina - August 17th, 2009
    • This is what happens when you try to figure things out from the manual when your hubby hasn’t arrived with the laptop yet. Don’t worry it’s all dowloadable from the Garmin website. I figured it all out :).

      Katrina - August 23rd, 2009
  25. Hello,

    I am going to purchase the 7200 for my boyfriend who is a truck driver. Can I please have your POI file? Thanks so much for the information and the detailed instructions. Sounds a little complex but I’ll give a try.

    Amanda - August 17th, 2009
  26. I am a truck driver and have come across low bridges. I just buy the new 465T. I would appreciated a copy of your file.

    Thank You

    Calvin - August 20th, 2009
  27. Trans Am lease operator, I am using a Garmin 650 and love it.Looking forward to the 465T, waiting for the price to drop. Please send me your poi files. Thanks, Dewey

    Dewey - August 20th, 2009
    • Dewey: Need your email address in order to send the files. Read my previous posts on this forum before you get the 465T.

      Gary Snay - August 21st, 2009
  28. Sounds like you’ve put a lot of work into this gps. My husband has just started back OTR and the Tom-Tom is not cutting it for him. Based on your review I’m going to recommend the garmin 7200 to him. Could you please send your files to me. Hopefully the company will get him back soon so we can get this rolling for him. Thanks so much!

    Leah - August 20th, 2009
    • Thanks for you prompt reply. I really appreciate the effort you’ve put into this.

      Leah - August 21st, 2009
  29. Please send me your POI file for the 7200.

    Derek - August 21st, 2009
  30. Can I have the POI file for my Father who is a trucker. Can I upload POI file to any garmin he has one but been asking me to find one that has truck routes for him, because here in California there are many truck routes and truck restricted roads.

    Raul - August 22nd, 2009
  31. Gary, thank you for all the info. I will now be buying a 7200 and would like to have your files to help me.

    Edward - August 28th, 2009
  32. I ordered a 465T soon as it was available…welll its better than those WorldNav’s but it still has a flaw or 2. Getting off I-90 in New York heading for a hotel in Johnstown it sent me on a 17 mile loop. But it does warn of posted weight bridges and sharp curves ahead. It doesn’t warn of Low Underpasses per se; but it does route you around them. The only reason I can see it routed me way around was because the other way was through a village (State # route)which didn’t really matter once they opened the WALMART distribution Center on the other side of it. I discovered this when I left the hotel next day.

    Ken - August 29th, 2009
    • Combining your common sense and using the routing your company provides, you can usually arrive at the best route. If the 465 T supports multiple waypoints (I believe it does) you can alter your route prior to departure. If the unit warns of some restriction on route you will see it. You can alter your route then. In New York, most state roads are safe. If you discover a road that is illegal, use the avoid roads or area feature for future routing. The 7200 does this. When driving along I could temporarily mark roads on my route as I went by them. When my day was over it would be easy to create avoidances. I had a couple hundred avoidances on my 7200 over the years.

      Gary Snay - August 29th, 2009
      • Hi Gary,
        Do you still have these avoidence routes saved?
        and if so, can they be transfered into another 7200?
        Thanks, Barry G

        Barry G - October 9th, 2009
  33. Hi! My husband drives a semi, and we’ve tried multiple gps’s and found them unsatisfactory. I was about to go purchase the 465t, but ran across this thread and am going to purchase the 7200 instead.

    Jeana - August 31st, 2009
  34. if you could i would like all the files needed for the 7200 and any helpfull tips on loading the files this wold be a great blessing and thank you for all your hard work to helping others.

    jesse - September 2nd, 2009
  35. Hello Gary i was about to Purchas the Pc Miller. I came across this review and thank god I didnt. I ordered the 7200. I am a truck driver for my Company and this sounds like life saver.

    Chad Anderson - September 3rd, 2009
  36. Hey Gary, Great advise. I’ve been looking in to getting a gps for the truck, i think i might go with the 7200 rather than the 465T thanks to you! If you could send me your files, it would be much appreciated!

    Scott - September 10th, 2009
  37. Hi Gary, You’ve been extremely helpful in choosing a new gps (went with the 7200). Thanks so much for all of your research and helpful insights. I’d really like to get a copy of your POI’s if it’s not too much trouble.

    James - September 10th, 2009
  38. Gary

    I must tell you that I am very impressed with your research and diligence.I am currently in search of a GPS solution for my drivers , I too will be buying multiple 7200 units . We have some of the ALK units now and they do not perform very well . I would be very interested in obtaining your files to upload to these units to make my drivers jobs easier . Thanks for your help .

    mike - September 11th, 2009
  39. Hi Gary
    Great info, I have a 7200 and would appreciate the two files. Have you considered posting links to the files? Have a great day.

    Jack - September 15th, 2009
    • In the process of sending you the files. I am not affiliated with any commercial enterprise. My files are not included with any domain. When i get a request I just send an email to the requesting party with zipped files of my POI’s and recently I have been sending a small video of my Garmin 7200 in my truck and its placement. I took the mounting bracket off the 7200 exposing four mounting screws. Then I got one of those small wooden jewlry boxes available at almost any truck stop, mounted the 7200 on that box. Using 3M outdoor mounting tape (rubberized, sticks to anything without doing damage) I stuck the garmin on my truck instument panel, just below the level of the dash. Using an external antenae I get very good satellite reception.

      Gary Snay - September 15th, 2009
      • Hi Gary,
        Will you please send me a few pics of how you mounted the 7200 in your truck/
        You can post on facebook if it’s easier.
        (you added me to your freinds list a few months ago.)
        or just send to my email.

        Barry G - October 9th, 2009
  40. the information posted here has been very useful in making a final purchase decision. thanks!!

    monica - September 15th, 2009
  41. is ti garmin 7200 street pilot?

    tori - September 15th, 2009
    • It is the Garmin Street Pilot 7200. When I send my files to people I usually include links for Garmin utilities, a good sight for obtaining the external XM radio made for the 7200 and a link for getting the GPX to CSV converter needed to use Map Source properly. Here is the link for the XM Radio connection for the 7200. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000BYU62M/timflight-20

      You can also get a 7200 for $284.99 at the above link. Very good price. No, I am not affiliated with anyone for commercial purposes.

      Gary Snay - September 15th, 2009
  42. The POI files I send are broken up into different catagories. Truck stops include Pilot, Flying J, T/A, Petro, Loves and independents. Included are a couple hundred Shipper/Receivers, some additional weigh stations not on the garmin and low bridges. I also include Icons for dispaly on the 7200. Those icons have identical names as the CSV POI file with the difference being the file extension. BMP for the Icon, CSV for the data file. That way, when you load my files into your 7200 the proper Icon will appear for the truck stop or whatever. This technique also helps when searching for a fuel spot on your route because with POI’s split up into catagories you search for a specific item on your 7200 either on your route or near your destination. You will have to put up with some of my comments associated with each, but not all, truck stops. If I thought the place was a price gouger you will see that comment when you open it up on your Garmin. Sometimes I will cuss if I really hated the place or they peeved me off and you will see those comments as well. Many of the truck stop POI’s have a SM, Med, or Lg included in its description telling you of the amount of parking available. You cannot make comments like this on the Garmin 7200. You can make comments using MapSource and being a bored truck driver I would stop at night, open up MapSource and make my comments, make location corrections such as the side of the street the truck stop is on or make additional entries for truck stops I had missed or any other piece of information I thought useful. The next time I imported POI’s into the 7200 those comments and adjustments would appear on the 7200.

    Gary Snay - September 15th, 2009
  43. Hello Gary
    I’m very interested in your poi’s I was wondering if you could send me those files I’m also a truck driver and after reading your comments I’m going to buy the garmin 7200 meanwhile I’ll install them in my nuvi 660 and see how it works on that system Thanks.

    Carlos - September 16th, 2009
    • Yes, my POI’s can be used on any Garmin or units from other providers that supports the import of POI’s. However, the Icons I provide for display on the 7200 will not display on any Nuvi series GPS because Garmin has degraded the software since the 7200. In addition, the search capabilities on the new Nuvi series GPS units have been degraded as well. My POI’s are still functional but if you do not have the 7200 you will have to work a little harder to use them while driving down the road. No matter how much money you spend on a new Garmin, you will not have the same functional capabilites of the 7200. Therefore, you will not have an adequate GPS for trucking. Period.

      Gary Snay - September 16th, 2009
      • Gary, great info. Would like your POI file. Thanks for the dedication.

        BuSTeR - September 18th, 2009
  44. The imformation you have put out is really good i too have spent money on units that i wish i had done more reserch on would apperciate a copy of the file myself

    David - September 18th, 2009
    • Gary i’ve just got me a 7200 iwas wondering if you could sent me the abbreveations they use for different roads such as i figured out cr is county road i would apperciate it thank you

      David - October 11th, 2009
  45. I have sent my files to a couple hundred of you by now. Glad to see the response. Keep it up. I enjoy sharing my info with you which is based on 7 years of truck driving and using a GPS. Don’t get me wrong. I think the new Garmin 465T is a great unit. It is better suited for a car, not a truck. It just lacks some things I found important as a truck driver over the years. The 465T lacks an FM modulator and does not have an external jack for sound output via a cassette adaptor requiring reliance on the internal speaker of the 465T. In a noisy truck, this is not adequate. All that information loaded into the 465T is cute but not useful to me as a Company driver. When I break down, my company arranges towing or tells me where to take the truck because of the long standing financial arrangements with repair services through the years. Knowing where all the repair facilities are have no functional use for me as a Company Driver. I have to go where the company sends me and my company includes directions. The truck stop data base on the 465T is based on information from ALK industries and they are notorius for their innacurate information causing the 465T to be innacurate. My truck stop POI list is far more accurate. On the 7200 you can listen to MP3 music, have books read to you, listen to XM radio, and using a cheap DVD player the unit can play your movies as well. The 7200 is a complete entertainment system all wrapped up in a small package avoiding all the clutter in your truck while outputting all the sound to your truck speakers. Whether you are having a book read to you, listening to XM Radio, or listening to your MP3 music, the 7200 will interupt the sound and give out navigation instructons then resume the sound. No other GPS will do that. Driving a truck is very difficult and can be very boring. It’s nice to have a complete navigation system that shows you where the rest stops are, alerts you to the weigh stations and allows you load your own POI’s for future reference along with providing a larger screen to view and the ability to output all sound to your truck speakers. A real plus. I have seen the 7200 sell for as little as $284. What a bargain. Get it.

    Gary Snay - September 18th, 2009
  46. Can you send me your POI file? I was torn between purchasing a 465T or the 7200. My decision after reading all the responses is the 7200. Thanks

    Larry L. - September 18th, 2009
    • Larry L

      I need your email address in order to send the files.

      Gary Snay - September 18th, 2009
  47. Hello Gary!

    Thank you so much for doing the work – it is very helpful. I was planning to buy 465T but after reading your findings I changed my mind. Please send me the POI file.

    Thanks in advance.

    Paul - September 22nd, 2009
  48. Gary Iwas in the Pilot in Amarillo TX this past weekend and a driver was trying to buy the 465t and they opened 3 boxes and couldnt even get them to turn on that is ashame i have used garmin products for years and have had no problems i beleive they just got a bad deal on who ever put this thing together for them should of had some more testing before they put it on the market David

    David - September 23rd, 2009
    • I have heard there were problems as well. Everything I have purchased from Garmin has been rock solid but now I am hearing stories about the 465T. They are using data from PC Miler. That product is very innacurate and unstable. I wouldn’t be surprised if that isn’t the source of the problems. I used the PC Miler GPS along side my 7200 for awhile just to test the thing. I ended up taking it down. The 7200 out performed the PC miler by a mile (pun).

      Gary Snay - September 23rd, 2009
  49. Gary could you send me the poi file I tried to email your yahoo address but never heard from you. I just got home for the weekend and my new 7200 was waiting for me!

    Ian - September 26th, 2009
  50. hello gary your advice and poi’s are very much appreciated i have been useing a tom tom for years and am ready to upgrade thanks for the help plse send me your poi’s

    ricochette - September 27th, 2009
  51. I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 465t when it first hit the market. I really like it alot. I don’t need it to be an entertainment system. I just need it to be a GPS system and get me to my destination. So far, it has been doing that very well and has saved me “ALOT” of time planning my routes. Unlike my other GPS, it has maps that I can zoom in on and check the routes. I wish all GPS units did that.

    I have had it hang up on me and reset itself a few times. Usually it will start right where it left off. When it doesn’t I just hit the “where to” icon and select recently found destinations and choose the one I need and we’re back in business. It does this very quickly. I haven’t owned a GPS unit yet that hasn’t hung up on me a time or two; so this doesn’t bother me that much as long as it isn’t doing it frequently throughout the trip.

    On a scale of 1 – 10. I’d give it an 8. It’s a good solid unit. Very easy to use. But, just like anything else, it could use some improvement. Still a good buy and worth every penny I paid for it.

    Tony - September 30th, 2009
    • You are right. The 465T is a good unit and because it is made by Garmin you will get many years of service out of the unit. Any software glitches (Hang ups) will resolve themselves in time as Garmin does frequent updates of their unit software. Have you checked lately for any updates for your 465T yet? Garmin has discontinued the 7200 now but drivers will be able to get the 7200 for a couple more years at a very good price. I got a spare for well under $300. Good buy. I like the 7200 for several reasons as indicated on my previous posts. I like getting the MapSource software with the unit. Absolutely needed for managing your own POI’s and for doing custom routes for export to your GPS. So much easier doing those routes on a computer verses trying to do custom via points on the screen of your GPS. I like the larger buttons on the 7200. Easier and safer to manipulate while driving. I don’t care what anyone says. You are not going to stop your truck just to touch the screen of your GPS. I like the display of Exits on screen. Very helpful. I like an external antenae because my windshield restricts the number of satellites I can get. I like the audio output to my truck speakers. My truck is noisy. I like being able to hear what the GPS is saying. I like having an all in one entertainment system that can be easily used. Cuts down all the clutter in my very small truck living quarters. Garmin has stopped all the features I have just listed. The 7200 is still the best Truck GPS you can get and it comes now at a very good price.

      Gary Snay - September 30th, 2009
  52. I have a real dumb question. Is the 7200 a truck gps right out of the box. If I never put Gary’s files in the unit will I ever have to worry about low bridges and non truck routes?

    Bob - October 1st, 2009
    • The 7200 is not 100% truck ready out of the box. In fact, there is not a reliable truck ready device on the market today. The 7200 has truck attributes but they are limited to truck lanes on I-5 and in Chicago. There are some truck restrictions in other parts of the 7200 but it is hard to guess where. You obtain truck routing with the settings on the 7200 itself. Excample: I would set the 7200 to put priority on Major and Medium Hwys. That way the device would keep me on Interstates and the US highway system. If I allowed the use of Minor roads the device would sometimes get me in trouble. Also, over the years I developed over 200 custom avoidances both Highways and areas. Once developed the 7200 would avoid those roads or areas. Example: I could set an avoid area for Atlanta and Washington DC and the unit would put me on the correct bypass roads. I am a company driver. Like almost all company drivers my company sends a suggested route along with the dispatch. I always stayed out of trouble by making sure the 7200 follows the suggested route. In addition, I could always develope a route using MapSource on my laptop then export the route to the 7200. All the new Garmin units do not include MapSource with the units. Only the 7200 has this added feature. If you want Mapsource now with the purchase of your new Garmin it will cost you an additional $100 to get it. If you drive a truck and use a Garmin GPS you need to get MapSource in order to take full advantage of your GPS unit. Especially useful for creating your own POI list. Things like your company terminals, your company shipper/receivers and any new truck stops you discover along your route will need to be imported into Mapsource in order to develope your own POI list. There are about 1700 POI locations with my files. This number exceeds the 1000 favorites limit imposed on all Garmin units. In order to exceed that limit you need to load POI files into your unit with the POI loader. My low bridge file was first brought into MapSource by purchasing a low bridge file based on information fom PC miler. Pitiful is all I can say. I spent several hours putting the low bridge poi’s on the proper road and location then created avoidances. My 7200 does not route me over/under low bridges. I cannot provide my avoidances but as a driver you can search for POI’s on your route and if you see a low bridge icon pop up on your route…danger, danger Will Robinson. I can go on forever about how to use a 7200 for trucking. But not now.

      Gary Snay - October 1st, 2009
      • boy it would be nice if we could clone your unit (gps)
        into our units…sounds like you have it all figured out…
        way to go..

        rick - November 12th, 2009
        • The unit is easy to use. Anyone can do it. I did. Nuff said.

          Gary Snay - November 12th, 2009
    • Somebody like Gary would be better to talk to about that. The research I did on the 7200 before I purchased the 465t turned out to be no. I really wish it was, because it was cheaper than the 465t. I purchased my 465t through Dell, so I could make payments on it instead of shelling out the entire cost all at once. Woo Hoo! My experience with the 465t so far has been that you never even come close to a low clearance bridge. The annoying part is that it will route you 20 or more miles out of route just to avoid them. However, if you’re not familiar with the area, you don’t mind so much, I guess.

      Hope that helps! :)

      Tony - October 1st, 2009
  53. Hi Gary.I’m a new truck driver and I can use all the help I can get. You’ve been very helpful in choosing a new gps- just recived my Garmin 7200.Could you please send me your POI files and instructions on how to use them.

    Adam - October 9th, 2009
  54. Thanks for providing the information about the Garmin 7200. Please provide me the POI file and instructions.
    Thanks again for your help.

    Paul Bowman - October 13th, 2009
  55. Finally, my weigh station file is ready and will be included in any future files I send. There are now a total of over 2500 POI’s in my files to include, Flying J, T/A, Petro, Loves. Pilot, independent truck stops, low bridges, shipper/receivers/ and weigh stations. Using the POI loader from Garmin, set the export feature to manual in the POI loader. When you get to the low bridges and weigh station files, set a proximity alert in the POI loader to about 6000 feet (or your preference). On the 7200 set your proximity alerts to one time only or the thing will drive you nuts. Do not set “Continuous”. For those of you that have already received my files without the weigh stations, contact me and I will send that file to you. The weigh stations are very accurate.

    Gary Snay - October 16th, 2009
  56. I am no expert on GPS or trucking. But I have had GPS in my car and now that I am driving a truck, naturally, I wanted one in my truck. After 1 TomTom and several different models of Garmins, the 7200 has got to be the best I have used. My only concern, or curiousity, is why does the map show you all the lakes and bodies of water, and all the little airports, as you travel along? Sometimes I feel as though I am in a boat or maybe should be flying an airplane with all the airports and lakes displayed. You would think that the name of towns or communities would be more helpful to land roving drivers. Anybody else noticed this? Anybody got an answer why? Have I got a setting wrong? Or is that just the nature of the beast?

    John - October 17th, 2009
    • On the 7200 you can control what is displayed and at what zoom level different attributes appear on your map screen. Go to MAP SEETINGS/ZOOM LEVEL DETAIL. Many options there.

      Gary Snay - October 17th, 2009
      • Wow! You are such a big help. Guess if I had read the manual from one end to the other, I might have figured it out. I just went and made some adjustments to my settings. Will see if I made the correct ones next trip out. I am sure that I am not the only person who truly appreciates your knowledge and your help. Thanks so much. Garmin might be hiring. Ever considered?

        John - October 17th, 2009
        • After changing a few settings and playing with this 7200, it is amazing at the options this unit offers. It is the nicest GPS I have ever used. As for the low clearances??? As long as they have the height posted, I can live with that. There is no way that I would let that stop me from owning one of these. Sure, it would be nice to know the clearances before hand. But until they get all that programmed, I will use what I have.

          John - November 1st, 2009
          • On the low bridges file I send out. I purchased the information from a third party but upon loading them into Map Source I discovered they were way off as to location. Using Map Source I moved the POI’s to the most logical location. (RR Crossings, rivers, etc.) putting the POI’s on a road to match Map Source and ultimately the 7200 or some other Garmin unit. The name of each low bridge POI includes the height of the clearance. If it has a 10 6 after the name the bridge height is 10 foot 6 inches. Hope that helps.

            Gary Snay - November 1st, 2009
  57. The link for the GPX to POI onverter has vanished. Don’t know where it went. However, here is another link for a FREE converter. It works for all GPS devises. I have found that you can load a native MapSource file (ending in .gdp) then convert using the AUTO ROUTE PUSHPINS option. This has worked for my Garmin. Suggestion: If you want to have separate catagories on your GPS appear on your search criteria, create separate MapSource files for each catagory then convert each in turn putting your converted files into the same folder. Don’t forget to put bitmap images of your choice in the same folder with the exact same name as your CSV file but ending with .bmp. That way, when Garmins POI loader installs the POI’s on your device an ICON appears on your map screen. Here is the link for the FREE converter.


    Gary Snay - October 17th, 2009
  58. Gary, I am a truck diver and would like to have the files you have for garmin 7500. Thank you Jerry

    Jerry - October 17th, 2009
  59. Gary,
    My husband is a truck driver, could you please send the files for the 7200, I need to find him one of them Thanks

    Debbie - October 21st, 2009
    • Gary its great that you are giving out your files. If you could send them out to me that would be great. I got a 7200 because of your post and love it. Thanks alot

      David - October 26th, 2009
  60. Gary,
    You should contact garmin and work for them!! My husband had a garmin 200 that died and now he is crying the blues. Even though his company provides routing he also likes to have a gps as well. So I am going to get him the 7200 because of your advice. Could you please send me all your POI file with the weight stations and the truck stops. We would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

    Kay - October 28th, 2009
  61. Gary,
    Your dedication to the trucking community is to be lauded! It’s unusual to find such a selfless act of sharing as you have demonstrated in emailing so many truckers. My husband is a new otr trucker and we just bought the Garmin 7200. Would appreciate the files and instructions being emailed to me. Thank you so much.

    Linda - October 30th, 2009
  62. Hi Gary, Thanks so much for all the great info. Could you please send me your files and information for downloading for my friend Jimmy. He is a long time truck driver but never used a GPS or seldom uses the computer. I think the Garmin 7200 will make an excellent Xmas gift for him…so if I can figure out what it is he needs, and how to load it, we’ll be all set and can keep him “Truckin”. Any extra hints etc that you have please send them my way. Again many thanks for your time and your expertise!

    Cheryle - November 1st, 2009
  63. Hi Gary
    It is refreshing to know that there are people like you in the world who sincerely care about others. After reading your comments, I will be purchasing the 7200. I would greatly appreciate your sending me the files to upload. My husband and I thank you

    Gail Keyes - November 3rd, 2009
  64. Hi gary you rock.

    I just started driving a month ago and really appreciate your advice and data. If you could send me the files It would sure make my first year go smoother.

    Phil - November 5th, 2009
  65. Gary,great information! My husband is a new OTR driver and I wanted to get him a GPS, looks like this is the one I am buying. Could you please send me all your files. Thank you in advance.

    Vickie - November 7th, 2009
  66. thanks for everybodies feedback on gps been looking at them for months think im sod on 7200

    Kenny Jarvis - November 10th, 2009
  67. Gary, WOW you’ve put a lot of time and effort into this, Much appreciated for the generous sharing of same. Have had a 7200 for over a year, excellent solid unit, your files will make it even better. Please add me to your list requesting your files!

    Al - November 12th, 2009
  68. I apologise if you have not received my files after your request. This forum does not always notify me of a response here on this post so I am unaware of your request. I just went thru the postings and found 5 of you wanting the files but I did not get notified of your request. I just sent them. My POI’s now include about 465 weigh stations. They are accurate. If you received my previous files without the weigh stations just send a request thru this forum and I will get them to you.

    Gary Snay - November 12th, 2009
    • Gary, this forum does send a notice to you every time someone leaves a comment. However Yahoo blocks many of our emails to you.

      Tim - November 13th, 2009
      • Hmmm…that’s good to know. I will need to check this forum more often. I have been depending on responses to yahoo. Thanx for the information.

        Gary Snay - November 13th, 2009
  69. Gary I have your old files and love them, could you send me the updates. Thanks! I just have to say I love my 7200!!! I bought a Ram mount because the one that came with it bounced around too much in the truck and it is perfect now!!!

    Ian - November 13th, 2009
  70. Ok..believe I have caught all the requests for my files that werte missed due to Yahoo not showing all the posts from this forum. Thanx to the people running this forum. Ya’ll doing good.

    Gary Snay - November 14th, 2009
  71. Add another convinced CDL GPS buyer to the 7200 band wagon.

    Marietta - November 14th, 2009
  72. Gary please send me your files. My husband drives and has a Garmin 330 but it is getting old and doesn’t always show new roads so am looking to get him a new one. With your files he won’t have to try and drive and look in his book for a truckstop. Thanks

    Kathy - November 14th, 2009
  73. Gary, Recently my husband and I bypassed the 465T for the newer 1690. Im not at all tech savvy so my question to you is: will your files work with the 1690? If so, I would appreciate it if you would send me a copy. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Mary - November 17th, 2009
    • Yes, my files will work with your unit. Files have been sent.

      Gary Snay - November 18th, 2009
  74. Hi Gary.
    Would appreciate it if you could send your POI file

    Many thanks for all the work you have done..You have saved truckers untold countless hours!

    Regards. Dave

    Dave - November 18th, 2009
  75. Hello,
    I have gotten very confused on which GPS to buy my uncle. He is a owner operating long-distance driver for Mayflower and has been one for 30years and has never used a GPS. He now wants one. I have read sosooo many reviews on both the Garmin 465t and the Garmin 7200. I know from reading that the 465t is not great, but I also have read that the 7200 does not list street names, and if you get lost, you have to look at the names on the streets and it’s really no help in that situation. It also has no battery life and lane changing alerts. Also, I believe I’ve read that it cannot hook up to a PC. Please comment. I find the comments here very helpful!

    Nate - November 18th, 2009
    • The 7200 does list street names. It will tell you each street you are approaching before you get to the street. Street detail is dependent upon the detail zoom level you set in the settings dialog. It will also tell you he address on a street as you are driving on the street. If you get lost you can set the 7200 to automaticaly re-route you or you can do it manually if you wish. I set the 7200 in the preferences section to tell me I am off route but have the unit prompt me if I wanted to re-route. Sometimes I wanted a new route to get me back, sometimes I didn’t. Each situation depends on so many variables. You are correct, there is no battery in the 7200. In my truck I had the power source hardwired to the truck. The cigarett adaptor is always the weakest point on any GPS unit. In my truck I had 100% power at all times. As far as Lane Change Alerts go I have a rather obnoxious opinion on that. If you cannot read the road signs about truck lane restrictions or upcoming lane changes, maybe you have no business driving a truck. Wake up and read the signs. The 7200 does hook up to a PC and the 7200 is the last of the Garmin units to provide as part of the package the PC (or MAC) application Map Source. If you have the 465T and want to hook up to your PC you have to buy Map Source separatly. Roughly a $100 additional expense. Map Source completes your Garmin unit. With Map Source you can save and store whatever favorites you mark on the Garmin, convert your favorites to POI’s for future transfer to your Garmin unit. In this way you can exceed the built in 500 favorites limit on most Garmin units. I know the 465T allows 1000 favorites but that is not enough. My files transfer over 2500 POI’s to your Garmin unit. Only the use of POI’s allows this kind of storage of places you want to know about. There are times when your company will give you a hair brained route to follow because of fuel solutions or specific road avoidances. Creating this odd ball route is much easier on your laptop and when finished you can transfer your route to your GPS very easily. Believe me, you need Map Source. It will save you a lot of problems down the road.

      I hope I answered your questions.

      Gary Snay - November 18th, 2009
      • Hi I have been looking at the 7200 and the 7500 garmin gps. i am thinking of buying the 7500 gps by Garmin. I use the Co-Pilot laptop 4 in which i like but i want to use one for the dash in my truck. So could you please send me the files
        or anything that will work for the 7500.Thanks for the information

        David - December 14th, 2009
        • Just a matter of information for you. There is no advantage the 7500 has over the 7200 other than dead reckoning. You will never need dead reckoning. I have never lost a signal on my 7200 other than a a few rare tunnels I have gone through and the signal was lost only for a few seconds. The unit re-acquires the signal within a couple of seconds. Instead of the extra money you will spend on a 7500 get a 7200. Use the savings to acquire an outside antenna. That will do a lot more good then dead reckoning.

          Gary Snay - December 15th, 2009
    • I love my 465t. Also, if you get lost, you can simply hit the show map button and it will show you all the streets surrounding you so that you can plan a route out of where you’re at.

      No GPS is perfect. But I think the 465t has enough tools already installed in it to help even the beginner driver out.

      Tony - November 18th, 2009
      • The 465T is a good unit. I have tried almost every GPS out there and you can never go wrong getting a Garmin. It’s just that as a driver of trucks, I require more than the 465T offers.

        Gary Snay - November 18th, 2009
  76. Hi Gary; Had been considering the worldnav 710060 butdecided to go with the garmin 465T. Too many bad rev iews on the nav. After reading your post I am sold on the garmin 7200. I do not drive a semi but drive a 40ft motorhome and believe I could benefit from your poi download.

    Charles - November 20th, 2009
  77. I unfortunately have the Worldnav 7200. It is a very bad product. Will these files work w/ the Worldnav 7200? If so, i would love to have them. Anything to help make this thing better… Thanks!

    By the way, has anyone heard of success with returning the product to the manufacturer?

    Mark - November 23rd, 2009
  78. Gary,

    Based on all your feedback on the Garmin 7200, I will be purchasing one. I’m an OTR driver and was looking for the best gps for truckers. One question does the 7200 provide HAZMAT routing? Also it would be great to receive your files for the Garmin 7200. Thank you so much

    Sheilla - November 25th, 2009
  79. Gary,

    Id appreciate the files for the 7200 if you have time. Hope youre able to get together with friends/family and enjoy the holiday.

    Ken - November 25th, 2009
  80. Gary, I am attempting to choose a GPS system for my son-in-law for Christmas. I have found this very confusing and most all of the units have very mixed, if not poor, ratings. Thanks to this forum, I believe I have made a FIRM decision to purchase the 7200. Is the GXM-30 satellite antenna needed to go along with this as well as MapSource? Do I need to include anything else?

    Please send your files as well and I will include a hard copy plus link to these posts along with your files in his Christmas package.

    Thank you so much for your dedication to this. I hope you and your family had a thankful and blessed Thanksgiving and wish the same for your Christmas and upcoming New Year.

    Karen Jones

    Karen - November 27th, 2009
  81. I’d like to have your files, too.

    Thanks for sharing your hard work!

    Ron - December 2nd, 2009
  82. The 7200 has a built in XM radio tuner. It is not an XM radio. You must purchase the XM radio, mount it outside in order to pick up the signal. The XM radio connects to the USB port on the 7200. For sound you have two options for auduio output. The FM modulator which broadcasts sound to your radio or use of the external audio output jack on the 7200.

    I have found the FM modulator a little annoying because in cities it is difficult to find a clear channel causing interference to your sound output. I used a cassette adaptor, plugged it into audio out jack on the 7200 then plug the cassette into your radio eliminating interference from radio stations.

    The 7200 also has an audio in plug as well. This allows you to plug in almost any audio device and outputting sound to your truck speakers. Cheaper this way but kind of self defeating. The strength of the 7200 is the all in one navigation and entertainment system without all the clutter of mutiple devices.

    In my truck, the 7200 is my XM radio, MP3 player, audio book reader, DVD player and television all in one single control device outputting all sound to my truck speakers with very little clutter. When the navigation portion of the 7200 issues directions, any sound source being played is interrupted for the audio sound instructions and then my entertainment sound resumes.

    Gary Snay - December 2nd, 2009
  83. Gary u are a true blessing for us truckers out here deliverying americas freight, Im a long time gps user, I currently use a cobra gps, its a few years old and it sucks big time, cobra hasnt ever had an update for my unit, and they told me not to look for one, but it does help me with my everyday routing, Im a believer of the 7200 and Im looking for one as we speak, If u could please email me al of your downloads, I would be greatful, and remember to keep it between the mustard and the mayo ( the white & yellow lines ) for those who didnt know………

    Ty - December 2nd, 2009
  84. Hi. I’m trying to surprise my son with a gps. He drives a big truck across country. I’m going to get the 7200 after reading your review. I would appreciate it greatly if you would send me those files as well. Thank you so much. You are very kind to help everyone like this.

    Pam - December 3rd, 2009
  85. hey I was a truck driver before too, but now I am a coach bus driver. and still got to worry about weight restriction roads and height clearance. I am looking for gps for bus/truck too. had a garmin 255w and a tomtom go 930t. so I am looking to upgrade, since still with these 2 gps fighting each other. one throws me off by a mile or 2 and the other well lets just say it brings me right on. one is better then the other. one for canada and the other for USA. very nice 7 inch screen, well I am searching for it. not too many place has it.

    I am also going to be getting this one too. going to try ebay since it is hardly available in canada. thank you so much.

    REEDE - December 9th, 2009
  86. I will now see if it is better then my tomtom go 930t or the garmin 255w. apparently it used old technology not the sirf 3 gps system.

    will be using all 3 system side by side for comparison.

    let me know if anyone else has the same gps as me .

    REEDE - December 10th, 2009
  87. how well does the 7200 work in new york city? will the signal to the gps get blocked by the high building and there need an antenna? or is that antenna you’re mentioning just for the xm? i don’t want the xm. does the 7200 have low bridges in nyc listed? thanks for all you help gary

    roger - December 10th, 2009
    • The XM antenna is a separate device that hooks to the 7200 via a USB connection. It is a self contained XM radio which sits outside and the built in tuner on the 7200 uses the signal picked up by the radio outside. The XM radio device does not pick up GPS signals. Because we use a GPS in a truck an outside antenna is needed because of the design of most trucks. Trucks do not have long sloping windshields like a car so the GPS signal is restricted. An outside antenna gives a 360 deg. view of the sky and if you are in the middle of almost any city you will need this view in order to maintain a GPS signal. Many GPS devices, including the units offered by Garmin (the 465T for example) do not have a connection for an external antenna. This may work if you are in a 4 wheeler but if you are in a truck this can be disaster. Don’t ask me why but over the years i have discovered the hard way the best GPS antennas are made by Garmin. I don’t have fancy scientific research to back this contention, just practical experience. I have spent thousands of dollars on various GPS units only to go back to my trusty 7200. The 7200 has the best routing options and never fails to get a GPS signal. As a trucker, I need the features offered by th 7200. If I were in a 4 wheeler I might choose something else. But I am not in a car. I have heard the state of New York may pass a law requiring trucks to have a GPS unit in cab with NY low bridges. The jury is still out. If this law is passed NY will have to provide accurate low bridge POI’s. Judging from past experience with any state DOT, good luck.

      Gary Snay - December 11th, 2009
      • thanks gary, i should have been more clear: i am driving a tractor trailer and they’re gonna be sending me into nyc. i want to know if the 7200 works without an antenna around the high buildings. if i do need an antenna, please suggest which would be best. i figure today with so much technology there is little reason to fear trucking into nyc. thanks for all your help! merry christmas!

        roger - December 11th, 2009
        • That depends on where you mount the 7200 and what kind of view of the sky the unit has and what direction you are going when in the city. The built in antenna works well but can only function if it has a signal.

          Gary Snay - December 11th, 2009
  88. Hi Gary,

    Thank you so much for your compassion while putting yourself out here to answer all of those unanswered questions. Yes, you truly are a blessing. I too am looking for a GPS system for my brother who halls hazardous waste all over the country. I wanted to get him something for his birthday to make life a little easier on him. I am looking into buying him the 7200 that you highly recommend. So once again, if you don’t mind, could you please email me the files you created as well. God Bless you and your family Gary and may you all have a joyous Christmas and prosperous New Year!!!!

    Alison Henderson - December 11th, 2009
  89. Gary, You are the best source I have found for GPS and trucking. Garmin needs to give you some love and support. Based on your feedback and support, I am purchasing a 7200 today for my OTR husband. Can I get your files?

    Mary Anderson - December 12th, 2009
  90. Thanx for the kind words. I really don’t have any affiliation with any GPS company. I have never been able to get even a hello from Garmin despite the thousands of dollars I have spent with them through the years. About ten years ago I made this GPS stuff my hobby. Frankly, it has gotten out of control but I have fun. I am a national driver and have only averaged about 30 days a year off the road during that time. My knowledge of GPS systems is not based on anything I have read. Rather, it is based on my experience. The POI’s I am providing were obtained by driving this great country. Through the years I have been helped by many truck drivers and these POI’s are my way of thanking all those drivers who have been so kind to me. I hope you get some use from these POI’s.

    I include directions for use when I send the files but they can be confusing. I am working on a vidio demonstration to illustrate file downloading and manipulation of the POI’s. I will send this video out to all those I have sent my files to.

    Gary Snay - December 12th, 2009
  91. Can you tell me if the files you’re talking about could be downloaded onto a 360W garmin? My son already has that one, so it would be nice if those files would be a help. tHANK YOU.

    pam - December 13th, 2009
    • I dot see where Garmin makes a 360W. Find out what he has and on your reply include your email address. i will send the files. There is a good chance my files will work with almost any Garmin. Let me know.

      Gary Snay - December 13th, 2009
    • I’m sorry. It is a 260W. You have already sent me the files. I had told you I was going to get the 7200 in an earlier communication and you sent me the files, but then I started thinking that maybe your files would work on what he has already. Thanks again. I really appreciate your help.

      pam - December 13th, 2009
  92. Gary,
    The c3xx street pilots will not accept the poi’s.
    The hard drives on those units are not accessible.
    Hoping this will help.

    Barry G - December 13th, 2009
  93. Hi Gary! I am purchasing the 7200 for my father and I would like your files. Thank you in advance!

    Cynthia R. - December 13th, 2009
  94. Started my research a few hours ago and have been completely convinced that the 7200 is for me. May I please have a copy of your files?

    Peggy - December 13th, 2009
  95. hey gary, my 7200 is on the fedex truck right now! please send me the files, thanks so much and merry christmas! if i see you at petro i’ll buy you a buffet!

    roger - December 15th, 2009
  96. You are right about possibly charging a small fee for my files. I have sent them to nearly 2000 drivers now. Missed a lot of income. It’s just that I wanted to help because so many have helped me. Also, I’m going on the road again and it is tough trying to keep up with this stuff on the road. I really don’t know anyone to help me so for a little while I need to keep on truckin with this stuff.

    Intellectual property? Yup…and a few are taking my files and making money on them. One guy from this forum sells Garmins and advertises that when you buy his Garmin it comes loaded with truck specific POI’s. Hmmmm…put two and two together.

    Keep rolling and I can only hope my health will hold up as good as yours.

    Follow these links for some instructions on how to use the files I sent you. These are video files.

    Instuctions for Downloading ZIP files


    Updating the Garmin 7200.


    Gary Snay - December 15th, 2009
    • Just an added note. I am making a seies of instructional videos on how to use the Garmin 7200 and also about the use of POI’s for Garmins of all types to include the integration of POI’s into MapSource and how you can add your own POI’s. Keep an eye out for these. Each one takes some time. There are a couple of them just above this msg. No charge again. For your use. By the way. If you have Real Player you can download these videos for future reference.

      Gary Snay - December 15th, 2009
  97. gary,
    Let me assure you that I have not used ONE of your files.
    I have my own. Example–>Your low clearance file contains just over 300 entries. Mine has over 2000! How could this be YOUR File?
    You do the math.
    Now let’s look at the T/A File. mine came from POI Factory (free, and I got what I paid for) It took appx 1 week with a POI editor and Google Earth to correct EVERY SINGLE ONE of the INCORRECT Entries in that were in that File. These are just a few examples here.
    I will be happy to send mine over to you for your review and use. However, I DO NOT Want the files that I WORKED ON distributed.
    Though I appreciated you sending me you files, I have no use for them. actually, I discarded them.
    Please don’t take me wrong here. That last thing in the world I’m trying to do is start a small war.
    I think you are doing a great thing here for folks that do not want to go thru the hassle that you and I did.
    Thanks, Barry G

    Barry G - December 15th, 2009
    • Do you sell your low clearance database and if so, in what format and for what fee? Do you plan to maintain/update it at regular intrvals? Thanks.

      Bob Siegel - December 15th, 2009
      • No…they are not for sale. I give them away. When I sent my files to you the low clearance POI’s were included.

        Gary Snay - December 15th, 2009
    • Not referring to you Barry. However, your reaction is one of guilt. You loaded up this board with wild denials. Not referring to you Barry. I even provide a link so people can buy your stuff. I am not behaving as though I am accusing you of anything. I guess I’ll take your links out of my emails.

      Gary Snay - December 15th, 2009
  98. Also, Longitude and Latitude coordinates are NOT considered intellectual property. They are public domain.
    Most of these files we have are available for free to anyone who wants to spend a little time digging for them.
    Some will need to be corrected. They are free on websites like POI Factory, GPS Data Team, POI Freind, etc. Just to name a few.
    Again, some of these freebies will need to be corrected with a simple POI Editor (also free)
    Hope this helps somebody.
    thanks, Barry G

    Barry G - December 15th, 2009
    • I DO NOT sell any files. I sell GPS Units that have custom POI Sets already installed on them. (AND NOT Gary’s!)
      NONE Of Gay’s Files are on any of my units.
      I like Gary. Don’t take me wrong.
      I actually consider him a friend. He’s in my email address book permanently, and also on my Facebook.
      I just don’t need his files. I have my own. That’s All.
      Thanks, Barry G

      Barry G - December 15th, 2009
  99. I’m Just having a bad hair day!!
    I’ll call ya later and blow your mind with the phone call i had this morning.
    DONT take what I said personal OR out of Context!
    The phone call was from the yay-who that is using your files.
    he’s a real piece o work.
    I’ll call ya after i eat.
    Thanks, BG

    Barry G - December 15th, 2009
  100. Here are the four instuction videos I have so far. More will be coming soon. These instructions apply no matter which Garmin you have, including the 465T.

    Instuctions for Downloading ZIP files

    Updating the Garmin 7200.

    Preparing your 7200 for updates

    Install the USB driver first

    Be patient, i am new to this instruction business. I still have files for anyone that would like to have them.

    Gary Snay - December 15th, 2009

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