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Garmin Nuvi 750


This is a placeholder only. The Garmin Nuvi 750 is essentially the same as the 760 Nuvi we previously reviewed, except it does not have Bluetooth hands free calling, and does not come with the traffic receiver.

352 Responses

  1. aloha. i have the 750 and just wondered if there is a way to load up the nuvi to work as a golf gps as well. thanks.

    michael - September 3rd, 2009
  2. Regarding AC chargers for our new Garmin 255W: Does anyone know if a Motorola charger used for my phone will work to charge the Garmin. The input is 100-240V/50-60Hz, 0.15A. Output: 5.0V 550mA. It does fit.

    Vic - September 24th, 2009
  3. My 750 nuvi will not turn. It came on then it said need to up date,then it should and will turn on. Please help, Thank you.

    Ted Dockweiler - September 4th, 2010
  4. Ted, you can try a reset, to reset — hold the “on” button to the left for at least 10 sec., this is the instructions from the owners manual, it worked for me before when my 750 would not power on

    James - September 4th, 2010
  5. My 750 turns on but will not display a menue or maps. It will not update using webupdater. Has there been a recall for these units? Has anyone else had this problem?

    Voydee - September 18th, 2010
  6. I have a Garmin 750 Nuvi GPS and would like to update the latest mapquest, could you give me a web page that I can download it from.

    Jacqueline - November 9th, 2010
    • Jacqueline,

      I’m in the same situation, we have a 4 year old Nuvi 750 and are wondering how to update our maps. How’d you make out? Is there a free site to download or do we have to purchase an update, last would it be cost affective to purcahse a new GPS??

      Allan - December 14th, 2010
      • If you would like to update your maps you need to purchase an update from Garmin, however considering the cost involved it often makes more sense to purchase a new GPS for a few dollars more.

        Tim - December 14th, 2010
      • You can go to the Garmin site and register your product and you may be able to have a free download to update maps for your gps, i recently did it.

        Gamalier - December 27th, 2010
  7. Hi Tim’
    I have a Nuvi 750 and love it, but would like to update to one that has Lane Assistance and Junction view. I do not need anything else on it. Your recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

    heinz - December 19th, 2010
  8. We just recently did maps and gps software updates. Now it frequently zig zags from start to end locations, even looping around backwards sometimes rather than doing a more direct logical route. It has even taken us off main roads to do a parallel city stop sign street to get somewhere. Do you or anyone had this problem and know how to fixed it?

    Sandy Mudgett - January 24th, 2011
    • There probably isn’t a “fix”. As maps and software is updated things can calculate different– most often for the better, but sometimes for the worse. There isn’t much you can do.

      Tim - February 7th, 2011
  9. I just bought a 750 at an ebay auction. It doesn’t come with an fm traffic receiver, but I have a traffic receiver power cable from a 1490 Nuvi that bit the dust. Will my old cable work with my 750 to provide traffic re-routing?

    George - June 24th, 2011

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