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Garmin Nuvi 760


Perfect for people like sales reps, or just anyone who needs to visit a number of locations in one day. The Garmin Nuvi 760 offers a feature seldom seen in other GPS devices, the ability to take a list of destinations and figure out the most efficient order to visit them all.

Other handy features include Bluetooth hands free calling, the ability to send audio from the GPS to your car’s radio, as well as the ability receive live traffic updates through the traffic subscription service. If those sound like features you might need, the Nuvi 760 has become a benchmark other GPS devices will be compared to.

655 Responses

  1. I only have a question, I have no clue what I am buying but my husbands wants a GPS as he is a truck driver and thought it would be handy to have. I would like to get him one for Xmas but no nothing about them. Can any one advise me as to what to get? Thanks

    MLS - October 9th, 2008
  2. I just bought the Garmin nuvi 760 a few days ago, I am having problem with getting reception on the FM station any suggestions. I tried different stations and still bad reception. I really like my new GPS

    Carl - October 13th, 2008
  3. Carl, what geographical locality are you in? In London, the FM reception is absolute rubbish, due to the huge number of FM stations, both legal and illegal crowding the band. It’s pretty poor elsewhere in the Kingdom, too, especially when travelling distances in excess of 50 – 60 miles, where you’re often changing frequencies due also to the changing strengths of FM radio stations. In this jurisdiction, the nüvi’s transmitter simply isn’t powerful enough. It’s a pointless feature of an otherwise pretty good unit.

    Ravi - October 13th, 2008
  4. Success of the FM transmitter also depends on the location of the radio’s antenna in your vehicle. Many vehicles that have the FM antenna located at the back of the car don’t work nearly as well as those with antennas up front as the transmitter is designed to only work at a very short distance.

    Tim - October 13th, 2008
  5. I am in Parker Colorado USA, I drive a 1998 Nissan Pather Finder, the antenna is in the front. any way to correct this

    Carl - October 13th, 2008
  6. Carl, Even though the 760 has its own FM transmitter, it is still best to give it some help and use a stronger transmitter, particularly in high density FM areas. I live in southern California and have no problems listening through my FM but it was necessary to get a cheap (less than $10) transmitter.

    Al - October 13th, 2008
  7. Thank you I just went and bought a FM transmitter, you are the best. One more question. I down loaded all my songs from my Ipod, if I am listening to a song how do I switch to the next song or keep skipping until I hear a song I like.

    Carl - October 13th, 2008
  8. Carl –
    If you haven’t already done so – download the users manual. Page 22 has the info you need.

    Gene - October 13th, 2008
  9. Just noticed and installed Version 4.20 update – short list of fixes includes the speech stutter! That would be nice.

    Gene - October 23rd, 2008
  10. As a follow up to the update. The stutter appears to be cured. Thanks Garmin!

    Gene - October 27th, 2008
  11. 1) have the 760 – very satisfied – but when scaling to have larger view it does not show the map aligned to north – do you then each time have to change map display from 3D view to etc.?
    2) suggestion: why not replace the very slow simulation by a fast overview of course aligned north!

    rudi - October 29th, 2008
  12. Rudy,
    The unit needs to be moving to know which way North is relative to the screen orientation. Could that be the problem?

    Gene - October 29th, 2008
  13. put gps in 3D mode – push while driving on the minus – repush until you see large area – it does not head to north while all paper maps show north on top – thks gene

    rudi - October 30th, 2008
  14. Hi

    Are there any applications that can be down loaded to interface with the unit?
    I’m thinking of being able to both upload and download route information, way points etc in either (or preferably both!) long & lat or map references?

    Having just bought a unit I was suprised nothing comes with it and that when connected via usb you can’t actually do anything except copy mp3 files etc across or am I doing something wrong??

    Thanks in advance for any help offered!


    keith - November 8th, 2008
  15. Keith, you can contact Garmin support and ask if they will send you a copy of their MapSource program to do those tasks.

    Tim - November 8th, 2008
  16. Hi, I have copied Road Tour/France Heritage to my Garmin 760 ( 925 mb) SD card (4 gig).The device is up to date. However when I click between various software on the SD card, some of these applications seem to didappear and become inaccessible. I have no option but to close and start again!!.This french application was copied rather than installed ( initially installed on my desktop, then the appropriate file was copied over). I am not sure if the fact that the SD is 4 gig rather than 2 gig which might have caused this. Why can’t Garmin update their firmware to accept sizes > 4 gig !! any body help !!

    Husam Nasralla - November 11th, 2008
  17. The vendor who sold me the garmin 760 suggested that I pay $40 extra for updated maps and $60 for “memory”, otherwise I’d have to reenter addresses every time I went anywhere. Did I get sold a bill of goods?

    Ralph - November 13th, 2008
  18. It must be 86th street photo & video, techondigital, or any of the other names they go by. It is a scam. There is no such feature they are selling you.

    Tim - November 13th, 2008
  19. Hi, I have a Nuvi 760 and recently the bluetooth has stopped functioning with my Blackberry 8830. It works fine with my Sanyo Katana II. It pairs with the Blackberry and asks me to enter the passkey code and then makes the connection but after about 10 seconds I get a message that the phone has been disconnected. This is strange because it has worked with the blackberry in the past.
    Any ideas?


    Jim - November 13th, 2008
  20. Jim, you might want to check and see if WebUpdater offers you any Bluetooth updates and try those– I think one might have been released today according to people in our forums.

    Tim - November 13th, 2008
  21. Thanks Tim. I will check it out.

    Jim - November 13th, 2008
  22. Tim
    Can you update the bluetooth SW without updating to the firmware 4.2? I have heard so many horror stories about the updates I am leery of updating. I currently have version 3.0 which came installed on the unit when I purchased it.

    Thanks again for your help

    Jim - November 13th, 2008
  23. Jim, Mine does the same thing and it ALWAYS happens because I have my bluetooth headset on and connected to my phone at the same time as the Bluetooth on my Garmin Nuvi 760. It appears that if the Garmin detects that your phone is currently connected to another bluetooth device (like my Jabra or Jawbone headsets, or maybe even your car’s built-in Bluetooth, if so equipped) at the same time that it is trying to connect to the phone, that it will give that message over and over. To fix it, just turn off your headset whenever you are going to use the Bluetooth in the Nuvi and the problem will go away.

    Hope this helps!

    Doug - November 13th, 2008
  24. wondering about the fm transmitter on the 760 and my sirrius sattalite. fm transmitter. can they share a channel on the radio? can you just use the speaker on the 760 and not the fm transmitter?

    Bob - November 15th, 2008
  25. No, you can’t use two FM transmitters at once. One will “win” with power, just like what happens when you are half way between two radio stations on the same frequency. You can just use the internal speaker of the GPS… the FM transmitter is not required for audio and that is the way most people use it.

    Tim - November 15th, 2008
  26. I have Garmin nuvi 760, This is the best investment I ever made. GPS was made for someone like me who gets lost easily. My question is when I set up routes. I use one route start to finish with a few stops in between. Example: Stop A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. Let stay I start on A, then B then I want to change to stop F, G, H, then go back to C, D, E. While I am driving the I want to tell the GPS to goto F, it asks me if I want to start from the beginning, when I say yes, it takes me to my home base A, when I say no it does nothing. While in my routes I want to be able to change my stops with stopping an manually changing stops. Can I just pick the address and hit go. The GPS will not allow me to do so. I need to go to recently found addresses.

    Carl - November 17th, 2008
  27. Tim, a few questions.

    Does dropping the internal free space memory down from 700mb (660) to 540mb in the nuvi 760 have any ramifications moving forward for map updates?

    Did the 760 pretty much work out all the bugs you discussed in the above comments: long initial boot, etc and do you recomend it over the 660?

    Thank You

    Mike - November 20th, 2008
  28. Mike, yes, you might have trouble with map updates with that little free space. Yes, most of the bugs have been fixed and I’d get it over the 660.

    Tim - November 20th, 2008
  29. Tim,

    Thanks for the fast response.

    What’s your opinion on refurb. GPS?

    So why do you think they dropped the free space down when they produced the 760? Have map updates been an issue with that unit all ready?

    Mike - November 20th, 2008
  30. I’m first time buyer of a GPS, I am looking at what seems to be a great deal on the 760 at $250 at a large online only retailer. Should I expect that the unit would loaded with the latest maps and any other software updates?

    Chris - November 21st, 2008
  31. Chris, the updates are free if it doesn’t come with them. If the retailer is telling you that you need to purchase some sort of map update, SD card, etc– it is a scam. (And there are LOTS of those going on right now.)

    Tim - November 21st, 2008
  32. I’m a newbie to the GPS realm and am looking at the 760 verses the Navagon 7100 or 7200T. As I easily get frustrated with traffic, I have been interested in the Navagons and their free traffic subscription, but with the 760 being advertised for $249 by a major online retailer and the reviews like it so much, I am strongly considering just jumping for the 760. Given I am new to the GPS thing, would you advise the Garmin 760 or one of the Navagons (7100 or 7200T)? Thanks.

    Rodger - November 21st, 2008
  33. Tim, I bought a nuvi 760 a couple months ago and love it but on the way home from work mine froze. What do I need to do? Thanks in advance

    Ray - November 21st, 2008
  34. Roger, our 760 review is here on this page. You can also catch our reviews of the NAVIGON 7100 and NAVIGON 7200T.

    Ray – I’d contact Garmin support.

    Tim - November 21st, 2008
  35. I found the Nuvi 760 for a really good deal while I was looking for the Nuvi 255W. They are both about the same price and I really only need the features the Nuvi 255W has. Would you recommend the 255W for any reason over the 760?

    Matt - November 23rd, 2008
  36. Tim, can you purchase an update from
    garmin with European maps for the 760?

    Rich - November 24th, 2008
  37. Does the 750 or 760 have a screen which shows locations and “strengths” of satellites being used?

    Ronnie - November 25th, 2008
  38. To reiterate Matt’s question (posting 535): “Would you recommend the 255W for any reason over the 760?”

    Matt and I seem to be facing a similar decision, although I am wondering about getting the 255W or 750.

    My question: Has anyone used this in a *very* rural, mountain region?

    Lynn - November 26th, 2008
  39. I have the same question as Matt and Lynn regarding the 255W or 760? My main concerns are quality of sound, ability to re-route due to traffic problems, and if I will need the additional waypoints on the 255W. We tend to overlook bells and whistles in favor of overall performance. Love your site. Thanks!

    Karen - December 1st, 2008
  40. I found the answers to my questions in your comments when I looked for Garmin Nuvi 255w on this site. I’m convinced that I will never find the “perfect” system, but either the 255W or the 760 sounds great. Now it’s just deciding between arrows, distances and multiple destinations. The “Where did I park?” feature should come in handy when your (one of millions) white rental car is parked in either “Goofy” or “Pluto” at Disney World. Thanks, again.

    Karen - December 1st, 2008
  41. do any of these units have the ability to take and guide you with land description co-ordinates? eg 32-10-14-56-w4

    clayton subanovich - December 1st, 2008
  42. I just bought a 760, can I hook it up via the USB cable to the back of my stereo (stereo has a USB port) and have it functional through my truck speakers. I’m looking for a way around the FM tuner. Thanks

    Rodney - December 2nd, 2008
  43. Rodney, no, USB is only used for charging and data transfer, not audio.

    Tim - December 2nd, 2008
  44. thanks, why then can I hook my ipod thru the USB port and it plays?

    Rodney - December 2nd, 2008
  45. The iPod was designed to act as a USB drive with some other devices and to send audio output, the Nuvi was not.

    Tim - December 2nd, 2008
  46. I am looking at purchasing the 760 version but am unsure if it will fit my needs. I am in sales and cover the entire state. I would like to enter 8-10 POI at the beginning of the day and need it to tell me the most optimal route. Can the 760 optimize my route or do I need to enter them in the correct order to start with? Can I enter 100 POI, plot them on the map, then pick the ones I want to go to that day?

    Jo - December 3rd, 2008
  47. Jo, yes, the 760 can do that. You can’t plot your custom POIs on the map, but you can store them there and you can build a route that will sort the stops in an optimum order.

    Tim - December 3rd, 2008
  48. Can I download the poi names and addresses from an excel spreadsheet.

    Jo - December 3rd, 2008
  49. Jo, yes, if you have latitude and longitude values for each item.

    Tim - December 3rd, 2008
  50. Hello,
    Just got my brand new Nuvi 760 [snip, see comment policy]. Best price for new that I have found thus far. Anyway, I LOVE MY GARMIN. My friend has a 255W and he got me hooked on Garmin. The maps on the 760 have been very accurate and quick to recalculate and the bluetooth option has really made talking on my cell phone safe. My only two questions right now are: 1) Is there a quicker way to get back to the navigation map from “tools” or whereever else I may be browsing rather than hitting the “back” button a million times? 2) What is the BEST screen protector I can buy for my 760 that is anti-glare and a great pre-cut fit?
    This website is absolutely mandatory for any GPS owner, thank you so much!!!

    John - December 4th, 2008
  51. John, if you hold down on the back button rather than a single tap it will take you all the way back to the main menu.

    Tim - December 4th, 2008
  52. Thanks Tim, that’s easy enough. Any recommendations on the screen protector? Also, in 3D mode, why doesn’t the map tell you how far out the view is when you press the “+” or “-” like in “heads up” view in the lower left corner? It always seems like the default of the 3D screen is too close and I have to zoom out to get a better perspective. Just noting little things as I play with it on day 2.

    Thanks again.


    John - December 4th, 2008
  53. I just purchased this unit and one of my main uses is as an MP3 player…I’ve noticed SEVERAL people asking what the maximum SD card size the unit will accept and what read/write speeds are recommended. I’d prefer to use an 8gb or 16gb card…will it fully function?

    Steve S. - June 13th, 2009
  54. It appears that the 760 has been around for a couple of years. Have some of the early sound quality squawks been worked out like when using the bluetooth phone, or the FM sound transmission?

    Tom - June 14th, 2009
    • tom check 556

      tim - June 16th, 2009
  55. bought a garmin nuvi 760 a little dissapointed with poi i mean there are some very big name retail outlets e.g costco not included..incorrected addresses e.g w.saanich instead of e.saanich otherwise it seems o.k i do have alot to learn about it..also what purpose does the screenshot option serve?

    tim - June 16th, 2009
    • Tim, see comments #220 & #238

      Tim - June 17th, 2009
  56. bluetooth sometimes may sound distant i guess depends where call comes from and as for f.m transmitter if you have it hooked up to car charger when using it ,,it works just fine for all purposes mp3 f.m radio and incoming calls

    tim - June 16th, 2009
  57. carl are you using your unit with or without the external power hooked up when it is connected mine f.m is great wnen not it is very poor ..try it out

    tim - June 16th, 2009
  58. I’m a first time buyer. I just need a great Navigator, but I don’t need the hands free Blutooth feature. What is the unit for me.

    mike - June 18th, 2009
  59. I have had 760 for a few months now. Love the unit. Not impressed with with the blue tooth feature. Person on the other end always gets a lot of feed back. Also not very happy with Garmin’s customer service.

    Jody - June 20th, 2009
  60. yes i agree..the bluetooth feature is less than satisfactory.
    i hardly use mine because of the other end callers complaining i sound too far away!

    tim - June 20th, 2009
  61. my q is does the 760 make you aware if you are going over the speeding limit?if so do you need a program for this to work e.g total traffic network?i bought mine used and that featured had expired.
    thanks tim

    tim - June 20th, 2009
  62. i have the nuvi 260 and its always a few hundred yards off i need somthing to get me in the driveway of peoples houses when its dark is this the unit i want ?

    jeremy - June 22nd, 2009
    • Jeremy, mapping just isn’t that accurate. See our article on GPS Street Address Accuracy for more information.

      Tim - June 23rd, 2009
  63. ok thanks that was alot of help . so is the real differnce between the 750 and 760 color ,bluetooth and the traffic ? also i drive a noisey work van do you think the blue tooth would even work well ?

    jeremy - June 23rd, 2009
    • Jeremy- correct on the basic differences. As to Bluetooth sound performance, it is typically marginal at best in a quiet car.

      Tim - June 23rd, 2009
  64. I have a few questions about the FM Transmitter. It would seem from what I read, you have to pick an FM band that no one is transmitting on and tune to that for the 760 to use it. Is that correct? This would seem to mean that to get the nuvi to come through the vehicles audio gear you have to give up listening to the radio. Is that correct? Does anyone make a unit that will transmit to the audio equipment and interupt the broadcast to give instructions? How is the audio quality when its transmitted to the vehicles audio equipment when taking a phone call?

    Jack - July 2nd, 2009
    • Yes, you need to pick an unused station. Correct, that means no radio. No– there is no interrupt type equipment as it would need to know when to change the station which the GPS wouldn’t be able to tell it– nor make the switch in a timely manner. The audio quality of FM transmitters is generally poor, with a few exceptions based on density of radio stations and the proximity of your radio antenna.

      Tim - July 2nd, 2009
      • Thoough I was told by someone who had a unit installed in their dash that it integrated with the vehicles audio and muted the radio when a call came in or it needed to give instructions.

        Jack - July 2nd, 2009
    • I’ve had the 760 for over a year. Living in southern California, the FM transmitter issue proved to be a challenge – though not an insurmountable one. I simply purchased an automotive FM transmitter and run the 760 through it. I chose an FM station in my area by going online and accessing a satellite radio web site that recommended the least used FM station for my area. It works fine.

      Al - July 2nd, 2009
      • Those do exist.. yes. But that is a single in-dash system and not a separate PND/separate radio.

        Tim - July 2nd, 2009
  65. Well, my traffic subscription is finally up on my Nuvi 760 and I want to do the lifetime renewal. I noticed there are 2 traffic choices on Garmin’s website: Navteq $50 and Clear Channel $60. Which one came with the 3 month trial on my unit originally? Which one is better to resubscribe to? The $10 difference won’t affect my decision, just the quality of the service.


    John - July 6th, 2009
    • I called Garmin and the told me you get twice the info with the 60 dollar one

      David - August 22nd, 2009
  66. Got Nuvi 760 through employer awards program. We have been very satisfied but do have some questions. How do I get a manual? There wasn’t one in the box except for a “quick start manual” in non-english. I don’t see any phone # to call Garmin. Also, is there a way to have the voice prompts for turns to say the name of the street you are turning onto. I believe that information shows on the screen but when I am driving, reading the screen is not always possible. Maybe if I had a manual I’d know the answer to the last question. Thank you.

    Carol - July 25th, 2009
    • There is a link to the manual near the top right of this page. It sounds like you might need to enable text to speech.

      Tim - July 25th, 2009
  67. Thank you for steering me to the manual and the information to set up the voice the way I want. You provide an excellent service to GPS users.

    Carol - July 26th, 2009
  68. I’m an appraiser and have used the 760 over a year. Fm transmitter was a problem so I fouond a cable to plug garmin into auxilary input in my car, problem solved, directions and bluetooth phone clear as a bell!

    Mike - July 28th, 2009
    • what kind of cable did you buy ?

      David - August 22nd, 2009
  69. when i attempt to dial direct from p.o.i all the numbers are preceded with a 1 which pertains to long distance therefore my calls do not complete…are you aware of this and if so can you help…by the way the roaming setting on my cell is at home only mode..t

    another Q i have is involving routes ..for instance if i wish to go to 5 destinations and i am starting from home ..do i enter home as my starting point and my ending point with all 5 poi’s in between oram i doing it all wrong because i am having a bit of a problem with this feature..and i do optimally organize the route

    tim - August 2nd, 2009
  70. Voice only works on battery power.

    Its only 4 months old and this problem persists from first use. It used to be that I had to get the Nuvi to start talking and while it was talking put it on the window cradle/power cable. If it was in the middle of talking and it mounted the voice would stay working. If I wasn’t fast enough, it wouldn’t have a voice when mounted. **NOTE** Its not on mute, the volume is up, its not set for FM, I’ve changed to other voices. As of a couple days ago, I can’t use my trick to elicit voice when plugged in. Still works perfect on battery. For the last day prior to the voice failing completely when plugged in, the voice was getting very choppy. So now that I’ve said that, what’s the deal?

    John - August 6th, 2009
  71. I have a nuvi 760. I want to know what is the pin#? Please, I tried to contact Garmin. I couldn’t get through. It’s lockup. Maybe’ I dont know how to reset it to the factory default mode. I tried to press the reset button in the back, still it did not reset. Does anyone knows how to reset it. Thanks

    Stevenson - August 7th, 2009
    • The PIN is a password. So it is whatever you (or someone else) set as a PIN when the lock was turned on.

      Tim - August 7th, 2009
      • It still does not answer the question. I do have similar problem. I did master reset, but, still getting an error message as “invalid pin! Moving to your security location will automatically unlock the device”. I do not know how to solve this. Appreciate any help that one could provide.

        Jigar - November 30th, 2009
  72. on my nuvi 760 do i need a special program in order to make the speed warning feature work?

    tim - August 7th, 2009
  73. I just got the 760 and used it for a quick trip before giving it to my daughter for her road trip.
    Ques: Why did I have to enter my location (US) and time zone (Eastern) EVERY SINGLE TIME I started the unit after turning it off??? Can’t it leave the last setting as default?
    PROBLEM: My quick trip was to drop off a package at the UPS depot, approx. 5 miles from home. Coming back it kept on sending me WAY off base…. first a half mile further east to go on the highway instead of just making a right turn. Then when I was on a road from which I would turn right one block and then left two block to home, it wanted me to go 10 blocks further from the right turn etc.
    PROBLEM: I put in a SD card with music and when I tried to get it to play it did NOTHING. The audible books played but I was unable to get anything from the SD card. I took out the card and put in a different card with music and SAME RESULT… NO MUSIC.
    Any suggestions/comments?

    Mark - August 12th, 2009
    • does your s.d card have a lock on it?device on the side to prevent access..try it.

      tim - January 13th, 2010
  74. Hello, I have recently purchased a Garmin 760 and I am very dissapointed with the unit. It does not seem to recgonize it’s location. In one instance I had traveled north on I-5, then headed east a few miles to Hwy 99 to go south and the unit told me to turn right on I-5. It has told me to turn onto a named street that I was already traveling on. I was in Seattle wanting to go to a location just a few blocks away, and it was directing me to the freeway, and that was not a viable option. Can this be operator errors or possibly a defective unit? I am considering sending it back for repair. I also spent 6 hours downloading the updated maps recently. Any suggestions or comments?.

    Ray - August 12th, 2009
  75. To whom it may concern.
    i own a garmin 760 model
    having problem keying address………….
    after keying address message always say………….
    Thank U

    Antonia - August 19th, 2009
  76. I am looking to purchase a GPS to use on my motorcycle and my car, so i need one with a AUX/Headphone jack so i can hear the voice promps while on the motorcycle.
    What is the difference between this unit and the newer 765, 780 and 850 models?


    Mike A - August 24th, 2009
  77. I am trying to decide between the Garmin 770 and the 775T.

    I need US, Canada, Puerto Rico and European maps.

    Do you have a recommendation for me?

    Thanks for your help.


    Raquel - September 8th, 2009
  78. I looked at the Garmin 770 and other brands. I found the screen and the graphics to be just right for me when I drive.

    Kenneth Elliott - September 29th, 2009
  79. I purchased a refurbed 760 in late June just prior to a lengthy roadtrip and have nothing but praise for this unit (although, admittedly, this is my FIRST unit!)

    I do have one question, however…how can I get the loaded MP3’s to list in a truly alphabetical order? I currently have about 2200 songs on there and when shuffle is turned off, it puts the songs in some unknown order and I cant figure out the logic in order to get them to sort properly. Any suggestions?

    Steve S. - October 5th, 2009
  80. I have purchased 3 garmin products and in general have liked the products. After having my Garmin 680 for about 18 months I purchased (just recently) the lifetime subscription to MAPS to update the maps – that is a joke. My Garmin started to experience issues with the touch screen a few weeks ago and finally would not work at all. I bought another Garmin thinking I would be able to transfer my subscription from a honerable company right? WRONG. I bought this lifetime subscription just a few months ago and they will not honor the subsciption.


    Bob in Texas - October 8th, 2009
    • thanks for the warning. from previous comments on this site i’ve noticed that they are not so good with customer service and yet such a huge company to boot!
      keep trying be persistent i think it will work in your favour!

      tim - October 8th, 2009
      • Have been using Garmin for the last 5 years and no problems out of the customer service. They have been great!

        Jerry - October 8th, 2009
  81. Just bought a refurb 770. I like it very much except for the fact that it does not give you an attention tone when it is time for you to make your turn. For example, the voice will announce “Turn right in 500 ft…approaching so and so street” but when it is time for you to make the turn it does not give you a “bong” or a “bell” sound indicating that you need to turn then. Is there a setting that I can change so that I can get this feature?

    I drove in Miami, FL and missed many a turn because of the missing feature.

    Please help me out with this. I still have a few days left to exchange the 770 for a similar model which has the attention tone feature if there are no setting changes that can give me this feature in the 770.

    Thanks. I hope you can answer me soon.


    Raquel - October 19th, 2009
  82. To whom it may concern.
    i own a garmin 760 model
    having problem keying address………….
    after keying address message always say………….
    The street that I am looking for already exists 1 year and a half already. Did the updates, it still doesn’t find the street.
    Thank U

    Speed - October 24th, 2009
    • In most cases new roads seem to make it into new maps within a couple of years, however I’ve also seen (in rare cases) roads missing for over a decade.

      Tim - October 24th, 2009
  83. I recently took a trip to Los Angeles with this unit and had to drive the freeway system extensively. I have updated my map database since I bought it about two years ago. I was very disappointed with the number of direction errors. For example many times we would come to a change in freeway with either a north or south option presenting. The first announcements would say take 205 North to El Segundo, [with the other choice being 205 South to Long Beach for example] and then once on exit fork and in lane to go to El Segundo it says bear right to I 405 Long Beach. I could not do that too late,because I was already on the other ramp, so I would miss the exit and go off the wrong way. Thie happened repeatedly.

    Another example was Bear right on I 405 North to Long Beach. The signs are saying the exit is I 405 South to Long Beach. 405 North to Santa Monica. Which is it, North or South or Long Beach or Santa Monica?? I choose to go towards Long Beach and when I get on the freeway it suddenly becomes identified correctly as I 405 South to Long Beach.

    This happened all the time, and to me was frankly dangerous, and really got me lost more than once because the directions were incorrect.
    All the more disappointing that I have an updated map database.

    Greg - November 8th, 2009
    • Greg I have had the same problem. I live in that area so I do know exactly what you are talking about. I have had my Nuvi 760 for just about a year now and have gotten used to this. What is happening is that it is directing you towards that interchange but doesn’t give you the correct direction till the last second. It’s very annoying. I just keep a watch on it if I am not positive I know what direction I need to go.

      Another problem I have had is that my unit has frozen up on me several times and the only way to clear it is to let the battery run down and then put it back on the charger. I have been lucky so far but I just know one day it’s gonna leave me high and dry in an area I don’t know.

      Annette - December 8th, 2009
  84. Hi there, i have Garmin nuvi 760 , i bought it from USA and i am in the UK . please help me to get the UK map because i could not find it.
    thanks a lot .

    abdulah - November 20th, 2009
  85. I have a nuvi760 garmin and have just bought a lifetime update card for Europe. The card does not have any instructins and the garmin websie is not very clear about the procedure to download the maps. Could you give me tips on how to download the maps by the lifetime card? Also how many GBs are required on the computer to make the Europe download and do I need to delete the old map in the garmin device before downloading the new one?

    Lawrence - December 16th, 2009
  86. Tim, I’m planning on buying a 760. I’ll be mounting it on the dash, not on top or on the windsheild and was wondering. Is there a seperate external antenna available?

    Mark - December 23rd, 2009
    • hi, my advice to anyone mounting their gps ..just for safety measures attack a light chain to the gps mount then the other end to your rear view mirror.this is in case your suction mount gives up as all suction cups do.it has saved my gps a few times when i open my truck door to see it dangleing from the mirror rather than possibly being damaged from hitting the floor.
      good luck a{different tim}

      tim - December 23rd, 2009
  87. Hi Dim, Im having the same problem…. did you find a way to solve it?

    Esteban - January 11th, 2010
  88. I bought my Garmen GPS about a year ago. I always use the “talkie” function. I had the British voice set to play.

    Yesterday I hooked it up as usual and it no longer has the “talkie” function audible. I went into settings to fix it – thinking that it had somehow been accidentally disabled and I found that I could only fix the text but not the speech . It said “none” in the speech box. Therefore I know it is not a speaker issue. Please HELP.

    Leslie - January 13th, 2010
    • Reconfigure language. Update Garmin software (from Garmin site, using webupdater) to fix this known issue.

      Singh - April 18th, 2010
  89. Just got Nuvi 255 for xmas when turning on say cant unlock maps tried everything do i have to call tech suppot or is there a way.. thank you

    Boe - January 20th, 2010
    • Yes Boe– you should contact Garmin support.

      Tim - January 21st, 2010
  90. malaysia no voice

    mansor - February 17th, 2010
  91. I have garmin in my BMW and rompio the screen whatever can be cost the spare part and where with himself I replace and as I can change it? thanks

    Tengo un garmin en mi BMW y se rompio la pantalla cuanto puede costar el repuesto y donde la consigo el remplazo y como puedo cambiarla? gracias

    Manuel Escudero - February 18th, 2010
  92. has anyone tried and if so had much success in geocaching with mobile device e.g garmin 760 ..it does take co-ordinate downloads ..but yet to try it out
    thanks tim

    tim - February 21st, 2010
  93. Hi

    I have a Nuvi 765 in the uk. I have 10 planned routes on it
    loaded via mapsource.I wanted to load another 30 onto the SD card via mapsource.
    Hoping I could take the extra routes of the SD card and import to custom routes as and when saving laptop and usb
    hassle while I’m on the road
    Nuvi does not see the SD card unless the laptop is connected

    I have used web updater from Garmin and asked is there anyway I can get nuvi to import routes from SD card without the laptop .
    They said try buying a zumo
    any Ideas ?

    Andy - March 12th, 2010
  94. Hello,
    Is the 760 capable of running more than one bluetooth device at a time: i.e. can I pair my phone and a set of bluetooth headphones to it(for motorcycle use)and have the phone ring through when I receive a call?

    Steve - March 18th, 2010
  95. I just bought nuvi 765T ,currently I am in Toronto,but I am citizen of Europe and live there .In Canada&USA FM band plan is 88.1 ,88.3,..107,9 Mhz,but in Europe is 88,2-88,6 100,0Mhz ,107,8 Mhz.I mean Canada has different band plan then EU.How to tune FM transmitter in my nuvi 765T when i come to EU to correct frequency because our FM tuners doesn’t have US freq. maybe garmin will self adjust freq. to EU band plan depending of location.Any answers are welcome

    Miroslav - March 23rd, 2010
  96. My 680 was recently stolen. I absolutely loved it. I was going to purchase another 680. (I know it’s discontinued, but they’re still out there.) Is there a better, newer model? I just don’t want to be disappointed with a lesser model.

    Joe - April 1st, 2010
  97. I have loved my Garmin Nuvi, using it mostly for weekend road trips with my husband. Recently, the device told me there was an updated map. Once online, I saw it was $70 for a one-time and $119 for a lifetime map update subscription. Is it worth it–has anyone noticed the 2010 maps are so much better? We live in the NY Metro area so I’m not thinking the roads change all that much. Any advice?

    Mary - April 12th, 2010
  98. My co-workers and I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 765 for our boss for Christmas. Since we made the purchase our boss has complained that the unit does not function properly. The unit should stay operative when plugged directly into the auto power source, but his shuts down despite being engaged in the power source. He has lost complete faith in his gift, which is extremely disappointing. Since I own a Garmin, I was the one who insisted that we invest in this product. Now I am embarrassed that this gift is not operative. Has anyone had a similar problem.

    Susan - May 10th, 2010
    • Why doesn’t he just call Garmin?? I am sure they will take care of his problem.You can get a defect in anything you buy. Happens Sometimes.

      Jerry - May 10th, 2010
      • I am his Executive Secretary, so this type of job falls on me. I was on hold with Garmin at the time that I wrote this post. I waited for over 30 minutes without any human contact and then ran out of time to sit waiting for a reply. I was hoping that someone, outside of Garmin, would have had an answer for me. I guess I just have to hang in there to talk to support. Thank you.

        Susan - May 10th, 2010
        • Susan, Sometimes Garmin is busy but I have Always had good results from them when I had a problem or question. Would try again later today and see if you can reach them. I have had my 760 for 3 years now and it has been great so their must be a problem with the unit. Jerry

          Jerry - May 10th, 2010
    • This may not be his problem, but I had a similar issue with mine. I would plug it into my lighter outlet and after a short while, it would “die,” as if the battery had gone. Turns out my power source was faulty and the GPS was running on battery only, till it ran out (since it was never recharging). Changing out my power source fixed the problem perfectly and I’ve not had an issue. Again, may not be your problem, but it’s worth checking. Try it in a different vehicle and see if it works better; then you’ll know. Also, I’ve written to Garmin and gotten a helpful, detailed response.

      Vicki - May 10th, 2010
  99. susan my friend bought a brsnd new garmin model and he too had the same problem..though it ended up not being the unit but the way he had the d.c charger plugged in .,.all he had to do was tweek it a little ..like turn it left or right..in the end it has never been an issue tell your boss to give it a try
    good luck tim

    tim - May 10th, 2010
  100. I’d loke to figure out how to upload multiple points for a route with out having to move them all from the poi file to the route directory.

    bob - May 11th, 2010

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