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Garmin Nuvi 850


This is a placeholder only. garmin nuvi 850

4 Responses

  1. After buying a Magellan 4050 last week and having it break down on me in the 1st 24 hours and purchasing a Garmin Nuvi 760 and returning both of them today, I finally grabbed my nuts and went out and spent some money reluctantly. I looked at both the Garmin 880 and the 850 eventually settling on the 850,the 850 basically has the same features as the 880 but at a cost $799 instead of $999. I myself bought it for the accurate voice recognition not the blue tooth capability which I really don’t care that much about. Unbelievable, thats all I can say. The Speech recognition Blows the Magellan Speech Recognition away. Don’t waste your time buying any other line the Garmin 800 series is it. This series is what a Great GPS system should be! Funny how I spent $399 for a magellan 4050 and $499 for a Garmin Nuvi 760 and I still felt like I had overpaid. Now that I have spent $799 on a Nuvi 850, I can tell you I certainly would have paid more.(Extremely Satisfied)!!!

    Scott - August 26th, 2008
  2. Don’t forget to get the MSN FM Traffic Reciever to go along with it.

    Scott - October 5th, 2008
  3. I’m trying to decide between the 850 and 265 WT. Don’t really need blue tooth, as the car already has it. Does anyone have any comments that could help with the selection?

    Bill Vaughn - September 27th, 2009
    • Don’t buy the 855… You cannot power the thing completely off without taking out the battery. So if you don’t use it for a few days, it goes completely dead if unplugged from your car. A fine piece of chinese engineering I must say!

      Don - November 11th, 2010

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