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Garmin Nuvi GPS Rental ?


There have been rumors circulating around for the past few months about a couple of GPS manufacturers offering GPS navigation systems for rent. This rumor chatter has been increasing this week at CES. One of the rumors floating around is that the Garmin may announce plans to offer the Garmin Nuvi for rent.

Renting GPS navigation systems does make sense. Many people don’t often travel to unfamiliar areas, but would infrequently benefit from having an onboard GPS navigation system. In a way this is what some of the mobile phone, subscription based GPS products are trying to target. However that requires specific phones on specific networks. The GPS rental concept might work.

The Garmin Nuvi would probably be a good option for such a device as well. The small size would make it easy to ship and easy to place in the vehicle. A touch screen display with few or no buttons to make learning the system quick. Advanced features such as MP3 music players probably wouldn’t be necessary.

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