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Garmin Nuvi Navigation


Yet another review of the Garmin Nuvi has appeared, this time by BusinessWeek. Stephen commented about the good balance of frequent but not nagging voice directions and rerouting calculations. He also talked about the Garmin Nuvi’s ability to play MP3 files, play audiobooks from Audible.com, and the multi-language translation guide with speech.

The nuvi is a strong performer in an increasingly competitive field. Less pricey choices from Garmin include the $500 i5, which has a smaller display despite being bulkier overall, and lacks the nuvi’s non-navigation features. For $100 less, the i3 has similar features, but you have to download the maps from a PC.

The GO 300 from TomTom and the Mio 269 (both around $550) are somewhat larger than the nuvi, but offer similar navigation features. The TomTom also is equipped with Bluetooth wireless and can serve as a hands-free adapter for a variety of cell phones.

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