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Garmin Nuvi


Another review of the Garmin Nuvi has surfaced, this time by lordpercy. The Garmin Nuvi is probably the most talked about GPS system in the last few months with its wide array of features and small size. Generally the only negative comment heard is the price. But hey, if other GPS receivers don’t have the features you want and the Nuvi does, go for it! The Garmin Nuvi is the iPod of the GPS world, sexy, feature rich, yet simple to operate.

A week with the Garmin Nuvi proved that this model is certainly right up there with the current SatNav offerings from TomTom and Navman and an improvement on the C320 we tested 6 months ago. The slimmer and dare we say sexier Nuvi really does challenger the current TomTom go 300 and if the Traffic feature works as described it could be a winner. … So our strong recommendation goes to the Garmin Nuvi 300 which at last gives Garmin a real chance of fighting toe to toe with the TomTom Go.

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