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REI Leaks Garmin Oregon 550 Series


Looks like REI has let the cat out of the bag with the new Garmin Oregon 550 and Garmin Oregon 550T according to one of our readers. They appear nearly identical to the Oregon 400 and 400t combinations except the new models add a digital camera to the device. Details at this point are still sketchy, so no release date is known but since they are appearing on REI literature we expect them relatively soon. Expected retail price appears to be $549 and $599 for the 550 and 550t, respectively.

Garmin Oregon 550See a picture of the flyer.

Update: While I haven’t been able to validate the image source, I was able to find these products by the product number on REI’s website. On the website they are listed as the Garmin Oregon 550 and Oregon 550T…. needless to say some new Oregon models that begin with a 5 and end with a 0 are likely coming soon and will add a digital camera. 🙂

You may recall that some of the top line Magellan Triton devices offered a camera… An interesting concept where pictures get automatically geotagged.

One Response

    Dear Sir.
    I just bought an Oregon 550 .I played its CD. I got familiar with the device but still I need some assistance to use it in the field due to my lack of adecate basic knowledge of the system.
    Samii M R

    Mahmoud Reza Samii - May 21st, 2011

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