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Garmin POI Loader for Macs


On the heels of the WebUpdater, Garmin has also released a beta (version of their POI Loader software for Macs. If you are not familiar with the POI software, this allows you to download lists of POIs (Points of Interest) that are not already on your Garmin device and add them in. For example if you have a CSV list of stores in your network or download locations of safety cameras, you would use this software to install those custom points of interest on your Mac.

Garmin POI LoaderI downloaded a couple of custom POI databases and installed them into my Nuvi without any trouble. Keep in mind that like the WebUpdater, this is currently beta software so your results might not be as good as mine were!

All in all though, I’m glad we finally get to see more of the progress Garmin has been making building up Mac versions of their software applications. You can grab the updater from here and if you are looking for some POI files to try, have a look over here.

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