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Garmin Quest 2 GPS Reviewed


powerpage has reviewed the Garmin Quest 2 GPS and writes:

The Quest has never tried to send me the wrong way down a one way street and it has certainly routed me efficiently to every location that I’ve asked of it, however there are times when it wants to take you on a route that you’re sure you don’t want to take. In that case, you just ignore the directions and the Quest will promptly recalculate a new route based on your current location.

One feature about the Garmin Quest 2 the reviewer mentions is something I really like being a stats junkie myself:

Quest2’s trip information screen which can show (among other things) your current velocity, compass heading, altitude, top speed, average time moving, average time stopped, total miles traveled and estimated time of arrival.

The reviewer doesn’t mention anything that they really didn’t like about the unit. Notable though is a recent trend of people occasionally having difficulty keeping the GPS stable on the dash, yet not using a permanent mount.

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