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Garmin Quest 2


The Garmin Quest 2, like its sibling the Garmin Quest, is a great GPS device combining outdoor, handheld GPS features with auto road navigation features. Like the Quest, the Quest 2 comes with a 256 color display that measures 2.2 x 1.5 inches. It is the same size and weight as the Quest, and comes with the same 20 hour lithium-ion battery.

What Makes the Quest 2 an upgrade over the Quest is primarily memory. While the Quest only comes with 115 MB of on board memory, the Quest 2 comes with pre-installed maps of the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico with 140 MB of supplemental map storage giving plenty of room for TOPO, marine, or inland lake maps.

This additional storage area also makes it possible to store custom POI databases for things like safety camera information and other custom POIs. The Garmin Quest 2 can also provide proximity alerts for your custom POIs.

The additional internal storage and pre-installed maps does come at a much higher price though. While the Quest retails at $449.99 you will need to shell out another $300 (at MSRP prices) for the Garmin Quest 2.

2 Responses

  1. I applaud your website. I had such a difficult time in deciding on what unit to purchase. You were informative and very helpful. THANK YOU GPSREVIEW! I have had my Quest 2 for over a month now. I have been trying to get used to navigating around the menus and screens. Overall, this is a great gps unit. A few drawbacks that may be personal preference: The antenna. Seems like they could have found a way to get rid of that flip-up thing, which could be easily broken with a good stumble in the woods. The track feature is amazing, and I love it. I have not been able to figure out how to browse through the map to set waypoints or points of interest that you did not want to navigate to right away. I could use some advice on that. All in all, a great gps device that will surely help you on and off the road.

    Steve J. - January 18th, 2008
  2. I bought a Quest 2 early this year and at this writing am preparing to send back #3 for warranty repair. All three have a bad habit of losing and regaining the signal in a few seconds, even on clear days and when they do the trip milage will leap ahead 3-6 miles therefore making it inaccurate. All three have lost their odometer function and Quest 2 #2 lost two of its timer functions.
    Garmin says send it back and we will fix it.
    So far they apparently have not figured out how to fix it.

    Earle - July 6th, 2008

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