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Garmin Quest


The Garmin Quest (and sibling Quest 2) are one of the more overlooked series of GPS devices from Garmin. What makes this line special is they have basically taken the form factor of their outdoor, recreational GPS devices and turned it into a combination handheld GPS receiver as well as auto navigator. If you don’t want the expense of multiple GPS receivers and need a handheld GPS receiver plus an auto navigation system, the Quest series is a great match.

Maps are displayed on a 2.6 inch (diagonal) display with 160×240 pixels. This is certainly a smaller screen than other automotive GPS devices, and even similarly priced GPS devies, however the small size becomes an asset when you want to use the Quest for outdoor use.

The Quest comes with automotive maps for North America, and is compatible with other Garmin map products for outdoor use such as Topo, Inland Lakes, and BlueChart maps for marine use.

While away from your car, Garmin made sure not to skimp on the battery; the Lithium Ion battery should last about 20 hours of typical use. The Quest is also waterproof to IPX7 standards. Want to crete a track log so you can later retrace your steps with MotionBased software or Google Earth? The Garmin Quest will store up to 10,000 trackpoints so you can later trace your track on a map.

With most “combination” devices there are some limitations. The Garmin Quest does not come with a touch screen display, 3-D auto maps, nor text-to-speech. However you won’t find another automotive GPS device that is as portable, nor will be capable of using as many map types as the Garmin Quest.

5 Responses

  1. […] MapsGpsInfo has a review of the Garmin Quest Automotive GPS Navigator. In summary: The Quest gets high marks in most categories except audio volume level and ease of data entry. If you’re willing to put up with those disadvantages and need the small size, this unit should please you. And with the built-in lithium-ion battery, it can be used out of the car. […]

  2. The limited internal memory is the week point in this otherwise nice unit. Put a MicroSD slot on it and it would be a winner.

    Bill - August 24th, 2006
  3. That is a good point, Bill. The Quest 2 does provide pre-installed maps and then some free space left over, however it comes at a higher price.

    GPS Review - August 25th, 2006
  4. It is a good unit, I’ve owned one for almost 3 years now, and am using City Select 6. The maps are getting outdated now and I find the small memory (110 MB) not enough for the larger Map Chunks of the new mapsets. Wish garmin would make a successor to the Quest 2 (Small size, Sirf III, Multiple via’s, 20 Hr battery waterproof), I would definitely consider it.

    Will - June 28th, 2007
  5. I agree Will and think there would be a great market for a successor to the Quest series.

    Tim - June 28th, 2007

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