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Garmin SaversGuide for Garmin Nuvi


Garmin has introduced a new set of software plugins for the Garmin Nuvi. The product called Garmin SaversGuide gives coupons for various POIs through geocoding. Using the Nuvi you will be able to find a list of merchants near your current location that are offering discounts. There are currently about 45,000 discounts being offered. The product comes on an SD card; the SaversGuide data can be transfered into the internal memory on the Garmin Nuvi to free up the SD card slot for other tasks.

“We are excited to work with Garmin to offer the first-ever GPS-enabled version of our exclusive Entertainment merchant database,” said Terry Clark, Entertainment’s executive vice president. With nuvi, users will not only have access to discounts at tens of thousands of our merchant partners across North America, they’ll also be able to navigate directly to their doorsteps.”

Garmin will also be soon offering a US Travel Guide for the Garmin Nuvi, also delivered on an SD card.

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