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Garmin StreetPilot 2620


Over at the Main Bang, NATCA (National Air Traffic Controllers Association) president Mr. Carr talks about his experience with the Garmin StreetPilot 2620 which he has used for more than a year. He writes that after spending time using GPS navigation systems he no longer has sympathy for people who get lost.

He also writes that he doesn’t understand why every (aircraft) cockpit doesn’t have a GPS. As a pilot myself, I know why… those panel mount GPS systems are expensive! 🙂 But the handheld aviation GPS systems are not so expensive and I do carry one with me whenever I fly. (And spare batteries of course.) Here is what Mr. Carr had to say about the Garmin 2620.

The 2620 is portable and preloaded with every state’s maps, as well as something like five million points of interest, from ATMs to state parks or takeout Chinese. You turn it on and in about a minute it’s up, ciphering with scads of satellites to put you within forty feet of any place on Earth. I think it’s more accurate than that, and I have been known to creep into strange intersections slowly, picking my way along on the gauges… The Garmin on the dash of my rental car is cheap, idiot-proof and like most BlackBerrys, cell phones and microwave ovens it is completely intuitive.

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