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Garmin StreetPilot 2720


The Garmin StreetPilot 2720 is one of currently three StreetPilot designs which feature a wider screen than other StreetPilots as well as a remote control. The 2000 series are not as portable as some other StreetPilots are, but the 2720 like others in the 2000 series is generally more full featured.

Maps come pre-installed on the Garmin 2720 and cover North America. The display is 3.8 and displays 454×240 pixels. If you are looking for a portable GPS to take from car to car, this probably isn’t going to be the best choice as the device weighs almost one pound and is over 5.5 inches long.

You can use optional FM TMC traffic alerts to route you around traffic. Other advanced features include text-to-speech, remote control, and a sensor which adjusts the display to match the current lighting conditions.

The StreetPilot 2720 would also be good for curriers or real estate agents who need to route to multiple destinations in one trip. You can enter multiple destinations into this StreetPilot and the 2720 will tell you the most efficient order and route to visit each of those locations.

77 Responses

  1. […] PCmag has reviewed the Garmin StreetPilot 2720 GPS system. They liked the screen, optional live traffic alerts, text to speech. They were not so enthusiastic about the menu system for advanced options and some of the data fields reduce the map area on the display. With its extraordinarily comprehensive feature set and a list price of $1,099, the new StreetPilot 2720 assumes the top spot among Garmin’s GPS automotive offerings in more ways than one. Not only is it the top of Garmin’s line, but we are awarding it our Editors’ Choice […]

  2. […] c|net has reviewed the Garmin StreetPilot 2720. The 2720 features preloaded maps and tons of accessories. Text to speech software also allows the GPS navigation system to alert you to turns by speaking the full street name rather than just saying “turn left in one thousand feet”. A 3.8 inch TFT display controls the unit with a POI database of six million. You can also optionally include real time traffic information with a $200 FM receiver and traffic subscription service. […]

  3. […] Garmin introduced the StreetPilot 2720, a premium GPS automotive navigator that offers text-to-speech and traffic interface capabilities. “The StreetPilot 2720 continues the legacy of our full-featured line of portable GPS automotive navigation units,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s director of marketing. “With enhancements like text-to-speech and optional traffic information, the StreetPilot 2720 is a navigation unit that puts drivers in total control on the road.” […]

  4. Does the Garmin 2720 have a rechargeable battery and how long is the duration

    phil compton - April 5th, 2007
  5. There is no internal battery on the 2720. 🙁

    Tim - April 6th, 2007
  6. I am looking for a GPS that will allow the user to find restaurants and gas stations as well as other items while on a vacation trip. Also, with many businesses closing and opening, what about upgrades/updates to the built in files that resolve this problem? Can the 2720 do this?

    Jerry Rogers - June 23rd, 2007
  7. Jerry, most all auto GPS devices will have POI databases (Points Of Interest) that allow you to find restaurants, gas stations, hotels, stadiums, museums, etc.

    Manufacturers like Garmin typically release map updates (which also update the POIs) about once per year and they typically cost about $75 for the update.

    Tim - June 23rd, 2007
  8. I have had a Garmin Street Pilot 2620 that several people in my family use. We have been very satisfied with it and plan to purchase a 2nd similar unit. I have an external antenna for the 2620 so it can be used in an over-the-cab RV. Will that antenna work with the Garmin 2720?

    Bill - September 2nd, 2007
  9. Yes, both the 2620 and the 2720 use a Built-in patch; MCX-type connector.

    Tim - September 2nd, 2007
  10. I have a 2720 that started having problems today. The unit would shut off by otself and then come back on. Check all the connections and all looked good. Has anyone else had this problem

    Scott - September 18th, 2007
    • I have the 2720 ever since it hit the market years ago. I have had the problem you are asking about. Check the connections inside the car adapter plug … check the copper connections at the cable and where the the cable connects to the 2720.

      I have a problem that just started … I no longer have the “Touch Screen” feature. I am hunting down my remote to take over the touch screen feature. Maybe programming via the 2008 / 2009 CD?

      Bob - September 19th, 2009
      • The 2720 Plug will start coming apart you will have to push it inward and it’ll probably come on. That’s what I had to do to mine. I actually super glued it back together and it works fine now. So check the pins on the back of that plug. Also make sure it’s a tight connection on the other end. Sometimes
        it depends how that’s in to. As far as the touch screen mine only glitched once the other day but came back to life by itself.

        Drew - November 4th, 2009
  11. My 2720 Steet Piolt is shuting off and back on by itself also. The problem started a week ago. I thought it might have been a bad power cord, but that is not the case. It stays on for 1-2 mins then shut off and back on. I did update the softwear to v7.10, still shuts off and on.

    Scott A. - September 30th, 2007
  12. Scott(s), I’d give Gamin support a call.

    Tim - September 30th, 2007
  13. I think I found a fix for the problem, I updated the softwear to v7.10 then I did a rest of the system and it has not shut of and on by itself. Here are the instructions for the reset, be sure to download your data from unit to a computer as the reset deletes all data that you have inputed.

    Turn off the unit and then turn it back on. During start up, press and hold the FIND key on the front of the unit. Keep pressing find until the message” Do you really want to erase all user data?” appears. Touch Yes to clear all user data. All original settings are restored. Your resent finds and Favorites are also deleted. These instructions were found on page 42 from the owners manual. Check with Garmin if you have any questions, I did this on my own and it worked.

    Scott A - October 1st, 2007
  14. I called Garmin and they are sending me a new power/speaker cord. They also told me to power it up by using the a/c power cord to see if it shut off. While on the a/c power cord, it did not shut off. I also was told to update to the latest software which I did. Waiting on the new power cord.

    Scott - October 1st, 2007
  15. I plan on puchasing a fed ex delivery route which will include 100+ daily. I interested in a GPS device that I can input these “stops” and then get an outline of the best route (shortest, fatsest, etc). Would this unit be able to handle this many stops or would the 7500 series be more suitable.

    mike - October 2nd, 2007
  16. Mike, there are a couple of issues which make what you describe though for GPS. First many devices only allow 15, 20, or sometimes 50 “via” points in a route, not hundreds. The second issue is that they don’t really “optimize” the route… either you input the order yourself or they sort the list from closest to furthest away which is rarely the most efficient order to visit them, especially if you have points on both sides of the road.

    You probably need more of a commercial fleet management tool rather than a consumer GPS navigation system.

    Tim - October 2nd, 2007
  17. Tim

    I was reading about routes with “waypoints”. Wouldn’t those be considered stops. I have seen some devices that handle as many as 500 at a time. Do you have any suggestions as to where I would be able to look?

    mike - October 2nd, 2007
  18. Waypoints sometimes mean stops, but in that high quantity they are typically referring to the number of saved locations you can store. So you could store each of the 500 points and navigate to them one at a time. But not in one cumulative route optimized for efficiency. I don’t have much experience with fleet management systems, so I can’t help you much there, sorry.

    Tim - October 2nd, 2007
  19. I have a garmin street piot 7500 and it shuts off by itself when suing the 12 v adapter in the car only.they sent a new power cord but it didn’t solve the problem.It works perfectly in the house with the ac adapter and also with the 12v cord attatched to an indoor wall outlet adapter,any ideas?I refuse to pay garmin $400 to repair a defect .I have seen similar problems on other sites with this model and others .thanks…rich

    rich - October 21st, 2007
  20. I have a Garmin street pilot 7200 and it shuts down when using the 12v cord in any vehicle i try it in. When using the ac adapter indoors it stays on for hours w/ no problems. Using ac adapter in vehicle in conjuction w/ an inverter and the unit still shuts itself off. Any help out there??

    Sean - October 22nd, 2007
  21. I’ve had my Garmin 2620 for about 2 years now. Love it, but recently the touch screen sensitivity is off on the lower left side. When you press #7, you get another number next to it. It’s still under warranty through the selling retailer, but I’m not sure which model to replace it with if they can’t fix it. And all the retailer sells now is the Nuvi 600’s and lower models. Any quick fix suggestions cause I’d really like to keep my 2620 (love the remote) or would you recommend a Nuvi instead (hate no remote).

    Chris - November 1st, 2007
  22. Chris, have you tried Settings -> Screen -> Calibrate Touch Screen?

    Tim - November 2nd, 2007
  23. Tim, thank you very much. I feel silly having not thought of that. I was able to calibrate it in about 15 seconds and it works as good as new. Now I don’t need to get a new unit (eventhough I was actually beginning to get excited by the possibility – hence the reason I was on the website in the first place).

    Chris - November 3rd, 2007
  24. Glad I could help!

    Tim - November 4th, 2007
  25. My parents just got this model for use in delivering holiday baskets. I tried it out and had trouble when arriving at a destination, but not being recorded as arriving (I don’t know how much closer I could get!). How can you tell the system to move on to the next location in a route? Thanks!

    Brandon - November 25th, 2007
  26. Sorry, Brandon. I rarely use the multiple route function on my 2620, so I’m not really sure how to help you.

    Chris - November 30th, 2007
  27. The main annoyance with my 2720 is not receiving enough lead time from voice prompts in time to make the turn–any software updates or adjustments available?

    sid page - December 21st, 2007
  28. I have the 2620, but my dad has the 2720. We’ll be using his to travel from Philly to the PA/NY border. I’ll have to see if I notice the same experience. I definitely think that the interface is more user friendly on the 2720 than the 2620.

    Chris - December 22nd, 2007
  29. I have the 2720 and am able to enter in multiple destinations/stops in a single route. My problem is, I have not figured out how to have the system optimize the route? I have tried using the touchscreen interface and associated tools with no luck. I have also used the desktop software to enter a route, but still did not identify the optimize route feature. Can anyone tell me where to find this feature and any associated instructions.


    Christian - January 6th, 2008
  30. I just updated my map data to the 2009 version. Everything went fine and seems to be working ok. When I checked the area which shows what detail map is being used, is has both 2009 and 2008 enabled. Should I disable the 2008 map or leave both enabled as it is now. Thank you.

    Steve A. - May 13th, 2008
  31. Question 30 above is in regards to a 2720 unit. Thanks.

    Steve A. - May 13th, 2008
  32. I would uncheck the old map just to make sure it is using the newer map (although I think in that case it is already).

    Tim - May 13th, 2008
  33. Thank you very much for the response. Certainly seems reasonable to me.

    Steve A. - May 14th, 2008
  34. Garmin Street Pilot 2720 GPS.

    Touch screen does not work. I am able to get as far as the (agree) buttom on the initial start up. After it changes screens all you get is the sound of the click from touching the screen through the speaker.
    I have tried suggestions like: holding down the find and map buttond while turning on the unit. This did seem to do something, I’m not too sure what because it didn’t fix the problem.

    Mike A - July 19th, 2008
    • Hi Mike;

      I just got a Garmin 2720 and noticed that the touch screen does not also. Did you ever get a solution to this problem?



      Garland - January 1st, 2009
  35. I bought a 2620 (may be off on this) but it is the self contained unit back in 2004 awesome (I paid $1,200+) . I now have a Lesus LS 460 with built in nav. system.
    Still use the Garmin….why? because it gives the altitude! A very nice feaute to have in the the mountains!
    Do your newer models have a built in altimeter? I can’t find any mention of this in the literature.

    George Rodon - September 2nd, 2008
  36. We are not Garmin. Some of the newer auto models can display the altitude on a secondary screen, but not on the map screen.

    Tim - September 2nd, 2008
  37. It’s funny. I talk about the utilitarian design of those earlier Garmins (2620/2720) versus the newer ones (Nuvi, etc.) and how even though they are not as user friendly as the new versions, they seemed to do so much more technical stuff.

    My 2620 finally bit the dust a few weeks ago. It will no longer read the maps and continuously reboots to the “title page.” My wife just got a Nuvi, and even though it is much prettier and easier to use then my 2620, I really miss my unit.

    If the unusual behavior for my 2620 sounds familiar and someone has a fix for it, please share as I haven’t tossed it in the trash just yet. I don’t know if there is a way to reinstall the maps or do a hard reset that will bring it back to the original factory settings. Since it won’t fully turn on at all, I’m willing to try pretty much anything.

    Chris - September 3rd, 2008
  38. I need a new power/speaker cord for my Garmin 2720. A piece broke off of part that connects to the unit so now I need a new cord – or a way to fix it.

    Does anyone know where I can buy one? Thanks

    Ellen - September 6th, 2008
  39. Ellen, it is Garmin part number 010-10477-07 and you can likely find it here.

    Tim - September 6th, 2008
  40. Thank You! That is exactly what I need.

    Ellen - September 6th, 2008
  41. I’ve had my 2720 Street Pilot for about three years and am very pleased with the GPS functions of the unit. However, I am in the process of ordering the fourth replacement Garmin 12V Adapter with speaker for 2620/2720; at about $40 a pop, it’s not only frustrating, it’s expensive.

    Jerrell Strawn - September 7th, 2008
  42. I have a refurb’ed 2720 and it’s new. The touch screen didn’t work out of the box and the place I bought it from last month has gone out of business. The remote works. Any suggestions to get the touch screen back to life?

    Bill - September 9th, 2008
  43. I recently aquired a Garmin 2720 and can not get the touch screen to calibrate successfully. Any one else have this problem? Any fixes? The unit these days sells for [snip] and Garmin wants $250 to service the unit. Doesn’t pay to have then fix it. I hate to buy another unit as I like the 2720. Any and all help is appreciated.

    Stewart - September 23rd, 2008
  44. I bought a 2720 about 2 1/2 years ago. I drive an entertainment tour bus all over the country and Canada. I had it set as to where I preferred major highways and fastest time. It worked pretty well until about 6 months ago. It started routing me accross back roads and miles out of route. For the money that I paid for this unit I would think that it would last alittle longer. And I think that it has been discontinued…my luck. Is this a common problem with this model?

    Keith - November 9th, 2008
  45. Keith, a GPS doesn’t really “wear out” and start producing lower quality routes with time. Not sure what might be happening– perhaps a setting got changed, but it isn’t a function of not “lasting a little longer”.

    Tim - November 9th, 2008
  46. I’ve had a 2720 for a year and it does not find satellite for 15 mins and loses it 2 or 3 times on 100 mile trip.
    Is there a fix for this,


    John De Luca - November 10th, 2008
  47. My streetpilot touch screen does not work.I have followed the manual’s solution(re-calibration)and can’t get past the “touch the screen in any place” so now am having to use the remote.any suggestions or tricks of the trade?

    mike haile - November 23rd, 2008
  48. I’ve owned a 2720 for a few years and it works well. I’ve updated all the firm ware and map to 2009. I am looking to buy a more portable unit that has all the functions of the 2720. I do want another Garmin but confused as to what model does the same as my 2720.

    Roger - December 3rd, 2008
  49. Roger, that really depends which features you are looking for. In some cases there might not be any newer models that contain all of the features from the 2720 you are looking for. As GPS has become more mainstream many of the features have been simplified and stripped down to provide an easier to use interface that will appeal to more users.

    Tim - December 3rd, 2008
  50. I’d like to know if mapping programs are the same in all Garmin units? I don’t need an MP3 player or FM radio to run through my GPS. All I need is a GPS that can get me to where I’m going across America and Canada. I really liked my 2720 until it started “acting up” as I’ve posted previously.

    Keith - December 3rd, 2008
  51. I just purchased the 2720 for my husband’s work vehicle, primarily because of the traffic feature. I updated the software on Garmin’s website, and then paid $60 for the annual subscription (nonrefundable).

    I now realize that I have to purchase the separate traffic receiver, for another $149.

    I almost feel like I’m throwing good money after a bad penny. At this point, I could have purchased a different model with an included receiver and a free traffic subscription.

    However, I found a store that is selling the discontinued GTM-11 receiver for $85. Do you happen to know if it’s compatible with the 2720? I’ve spent the morning researching on Garmin’s website but I can’t find the answer.

    Thank you for your help,

    Pat - December 29th, 2008
    • How did you purchase the traffic subscription without having the receiver ID of the traffic receiver? The only process I know of to purchase the traffic subscription requires you to enter the traffic receiver unit ID number before making the purchase.

      Tim - December 29th, 2008
      • Hi Tim,
        Thanks for responding.

        I attached the 2720 to my computer to update the software, and when the Garmin software identified my gps unit, it stated the model and a 10 digit identifier in parenthesis…. I entered that number when I was prompted for my receiver ID, and it acknowledged it as valid.

        Pat - December 29th, 2008
      • I’m not really certain what to tell you. You may want to contact Garmin. That is some really old hardware that I don’t have as much experience with.

        Tim - December 29th, 2008
    • Hi everyone- just a quick update- I contacted Garmin’s customer service on the website and expressed my dissatisfaction with the 2720. The technician offered to refund my credit card purchase for the $60, since I cannot use it.

      Also, for the record, the GTM-11 is compatible with the 2720. I ordered it; hopefully, it will have the 15 month trial.

      I am extremely impressed the Garmin’s responsiveness to my email. Even on New Year’s Eve, they are listening to their customers. I am definitely a new loyal customer.

      Pat - December 31st, 2008
  52. I have a 2720 unit and it suddenly stoped working. I tried to replace the fuse that came w/ the charger, after doing that I can now turn on the unit but the screen keeps on blinking(like on and off every 1-2sec). What might be the problem here?

    unggoi - January 26th, 2009
  53. I’ve had the street pilot 2720 for over a year now and I love it. My only problem with it is that sometimes, it wants to take me the long route, and even out of the way, to get to where I want to go; but most of the time, it doesn’t. I bought the Nuvi 750 for my girlfriend, and it NEVER found the satellite, where as the 2720 always finds in in a matter of seconds. I returned the 750, and am still trying to find a good solid smaller GPS that is affordable, and can find a satellite, and also says actual street names.. Any ideas?

    Jeff - January 28th, 2009
    • Sounds like your 750 might have been defective. It shouldn’t have any trouble picking up sat reception.

      Tim - January 28th, 2009
  54. Hey Tim,

    We purchased the City Nav. North American Map v2009 update and when I did the install it kept the old NT v8 map as well. How do I delete the old Detail Map?



    Keith - April 5th, 2009
    • I don’t have any of those older STP 2000 series devices anymore, so I’m not certain of the steps. Garmin support should be able to help you out though.

      Tim - April 10th, 2009
  55. I have similar issue regarding StreetPilot 2720 fails to erase 2008 map from the device after 2009 map updated. I now have two maps which take so much memory space. I disabled the 2008 map. The 2720 came with 2GB fixed memory. I called Garmin twice, but the first tech told me it can not be removed and there is no work around for it. The second tech did not seem to help much, he said \ just re-install the map again\ and it should work. Well it didn’t work. I found this instruction from one of the website, but it didn’t work for me

    First, use MapSource to create GMAPSupp.image (All North American Map Regions) into any USB or SD device. Second, change this file to GMAPPROM.img. Third, use command line bellow to program GMAPPROM.imag into 2720 unit.
    C:GarminWebUpdater.exe /upload_file rgn=49 path=C:GarminGMAPPROM.IMG -autorun usb /unlock_check fid=378 pid=1 /i

    I appreciate for any advise to resolve this issue.

    Thank you

    Tom Hawkin - June 8th, 2009
  56. I have two 2720s units and I can’t get either of the remotes to work properly. It will not scroll up and down or sideways. Any help would be appreciated. These sre my fourth units from the StreetPilot series and I have loved them.

    Ron - June 28th, 2009
  57. have a 2720 for 4 years now, great unit. but now the screen is blank, the buttons come on but no screen.
    any help would be welcomed.


    robert porter - June 29th, 2009
  58. Can I plug a Bluetooth adapter (Radio Shack) into my 2720 and use a wireless blue tooth headset to hear navigation instructions?

    Cal Calcote - July 12th, 2009
  59. Hi,

    I have a garmin gps like few months but now my speaker is not working. Usually it speaks out for the turning and location but now there is no speaker. please help.

    sonam - July 28th, 2009
  60. The type of roads that you Want to drive on and/or not drive on is selectable on your 2720 via the Menu.

    Bob - September 19th, 2009
  61. have gone through the recalibration steps 2720 stills says calibration failed. Can anyone help me?

    nanci - October 18th, 2009
  62. my 2720 was working fine a month ago now im not getting any satellite reception what could be the problem

    Quamel - December 30th, 2009
  63. I have a Garmin 2720 can the map update 2010 data card be used on this model?

    linda - March 6th, 2010
  64. Will the Sony TMR-BT10A Blue Tooth Adapter with a 3.5mm input plug, allow me to hear my Garmin 2720 through Blue Tooth Intercom/Headset which is pared with the Sony Adapter?


    Larry - November 19th, 2010


    BILL LEHMKUHL - June 4th, 2011
  66. Just found out that Garmin does not repair or even carry parts for my 2730 and 2720. Whats with that? Withe the millions sold. Strongly disappointed in this company !! They are doing this to force people to buy new units. Not me with this company!!

    frosty - July 29th, 2011
  67. I have a Garmin 2720 and have been having some issues with the screen continuously needing to be recalibrated. Most of the time the re-calibration fails. It also keeps jumping from one screen to another.

    What is wrong and can it be fixed?

    Darran - September 27th, 2011

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