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Garmin StreetPilot c340 Review


cnet has reviewed the Garmin Streetpilot C340 Portable GPS Navigation System.

There are two reasons why the Garmin StreetPilot c340 is the flagship model of the company’s c series: advanced text-to-speech functionality and traffic alerts. With the text-to-speech feature, the GPS device can now tell you the names of upcoming streets and points of interest, instead of more-generic commands. For example, the voice prompt will say, “Turn left on Main Street,” instead of “Turn left in 500 feet,” letting you keep your eyes on the road and not at the device’s screen. The c340 also shows you congested traffic areas via color-coded maps, but to take advantage of this feature, you’ll have to purchase the optional traffic receiver for $199.99, which includes 15 months of service. Also, be sure to check with Garmin to see if the traffic service is available in your area. Other navigational tools on the c340 include preloaded maps of North America, more than 6 million points of interest, and a 64,000-color touch screen.

One Response

  1. does any one know if the you can opperate the c340 while in motion?

    I know the Lowrance 350c has a passenger mode where you can turn off the saftey lock in order too change routes and enter other info while vehicle is in motion.

    I amd not sure if other companies even have this lock to worry about over riding but it is sure nice not to have my wife pull over and stop completley so I can play with the gps.

    Bryon - January 16th, 2006

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