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Garmin StreetPilot c340


The Garmin StreetPilot c340 is in the middle of the “c” series. The big advantage it has over the c330 is text to speech. This means that instead of the voice prompts saying things like “turn left in 100 meters” it will say “turn left on Main Steet”. This can really be an asset when driving city streets and you don’t want to look over at the GPS screen to confirm which turn to take.

Additionally, the c340 can be upgraded with an optional FM TMC traffic receiver. This means that live traffic information can be sent to your StreetPilot to alert you of accidents, construction, or simply rush hour traffic. When applicable the c340 could then route you around that traffic if a faster route can be established.

If you want to save a little bit of cash, you can opt for the c330 if you don’t mind not having text-to-speech nor want the optional traffic receiver. Otherwise, this is a good pick for the feature mix and price point.

133 Responses

  1. Bill – All of the Nuvi models.

    Tim - May 19th, 2008
  2. Tim, thanks for the info. Can I assume that I would have gotten the sattalites with one of the Nuvi GPS,s in Philly???

    Bill - May 19th, 2008
  3. I can’t guarantee you would have, but you would have had a much better shot at it.

    Tim - May 19th, 2008
  4. Tim: What is the difference in Garmins Streetpilot and the Nuvi’s????? Just wondering.

    Bill - May 19th, 2008
  5. Bill, there are about a dozen different StreetPilot models and 30 or so Nuvi models, all with different features. The only distinction that is true for all StreetPilot models versus Nuvi models is that the Nuvi models are thinner and lighter whereas the StreetPilot models are bulkier and heavier.

    Tim - May 19th, 2008
  6. Tim: OK thanks a lot for your assistance. I have the Streetpilot C340 and am thinking of getting the Nuvi 260 for the better connectivity to the sattelites, since it has the high sensitivity system.

    Bill - May 19th, 2008
  7. If you already have the STP c340 and are otherwise happy with it, just grab an external antenna for it, they are about $25. You want Garmin part number 010-10702-00.

    Tim - May 19th, 2008
  8. Or about $31.50 from Garmin:

    Tim - May 19th, 2008
  9. Tim: Where on the GPS does it connect??? And is it weather proof???

    Bill - May 19th, 2008
  10. It connects to a tiny round plug on the back. I don’t recall if they are weather-proof or not, but by “external antenna” I mean external to the GPS, not necessarily external to the vehicle. I keep an external antenna lying on the dash.

    Tim - May 19th, 2008
  11. I recently purchased a Garmin StreetPilot C340. A couple of locations that I want to enter into the device either do not have physical addresses or not on the map (rural locations). Can I enter their latitude and logitude and get there that way? If so, HOW? I searched Google and see several posts on different boards that say it can be done, but nowhere can I find instructions. Can anyone help?

    Michelle - June 29th, 2008
  12. I don’t believe the c340 offers coordinates as a destination option.

    Tim - June 29th, 2008
  13. My C340 PS says “lost satellite reception” almost everytime I used it. What is the deal? What can I do for it? Does it loose reception because I need new maps? I can’t depend on it to get my anywhere.

    Katrina - July 7th, 2008
  14. Katrina – Maps wouldn’t have anything to do with it. See our Acquiring Satellites Tips for more info.

    Tim - July 7th, 2008
  15. Thanks Tom. Would where I mount it have anything to do with losing satellite reception? Should I be turning it off when my car is parked? when i turn it on, it takes forever to find reception again….

    Katrina - July 7th, 2008
  16. Mounting location can have something to do with it, yes. I’d turn it off whenever you are not using it.

    Tim - July 7th, 2008
  17. Hi Katrina,
    Does your car have a thermic windshield – many European cars do. Try holding the gps outside the car to see if it acquires the sats more quickly. If it does then you have a thermic wind screen. If so there is usually a clear space either side of the rear view mirror and you ought to aim to get the unit underneath one of these clear areas. If not then get an external antenna and mount outside the car or up in one of the clear spaces on the windscreen. Thermic screens act as heat barriers but they also attenuate greatly the sat signal.

    Peter - July 7th, 2008
  18. I recently bought a new Toyota Camry with Bluetooth and XM Satellite Radio and now my Garmin c340 can’t find or loses the satellite signal whenever the car is turned on. If the car is turned off it finds the signal and in other automobiles with XM Satellite, but no bluetooth it finds the signals and works just fine. I have been getting messages to update my maps, but I don’t know if that would affect the signal. Has anyone has this problem or can someone tell me what the problem and/or fix may be for this problem.

    Veronica - September 3rd, 2008
  19. I lost my hard drive on my computer and I need to update my maps on the c340. I purchased the update, but I don’t have the original start up cd anymore and it isn’t connecting via the USB. Is there a free download? How do I see the GPS with the cord?

    BIll K - October 18th, 2008
  20. If you don’t have the original map update files then I think your only option is to contact Garmin.

    Tim - October 19th, 2008
  21. After opening my Garmin c340 and closed it, my Garmin cann’t locate the satalite, although I followed all the solution written in the web-site of Garmin. Do you think that I mounted something inside i bad position…….With best regards…..Ragi

    Ragi - February 24th, 2009
  22. Why my Garmin c340 doesn’t locate the satalite…Best regards………….Ragi

    Ragi - February 24th, 2009
  23. My c340 Garmin stopped wording and I opend it. Now everthing is working, but my Garmin is not able to locate the Satalite. I read all the recommendations of your web-site….I waited hours to try it, but vainly.
    Do you think that I I have done a mistake in the installation of the radar-piece?
    Please give me your advice.
    With bewst regards…Ragi

    Burhum, Ragi - February 25th, 2009
  24. Does anybody make a GPS with a changeable/programable voice. It would be nice to have a sultry/sexy female voice?

    steve - May 28th, 2009
    • Steve, there are companies who make custom/special voices for many of the Nuvi models. It is also quite popular with all of the TomTom devices.

      Tim - June 1st, 2009
  25. I have a couple of questions. My son got a new gps and gave me this one. How do you change the hour and minutes because the time is incorrect, also maybe I am doing it ewrong but when I go to food, fuel etc it shows Kansas and I live in NY. How do you get it to work for your area?

    Barbarann - September 12th, 2009
  26. Hi, I have a Garmin Street Pilot C340, On the last 2 trips from NC to Kansas,I had a lot of trouble with it telling me to \ drive to the highlighted route\ this happens like when we are on a straight stretch like Interstate 40, with 100s of miles to go, then It will say\ there is a better route avaibilty\ its says it over and over, I did upgrade it last summer, thank you , Marie Corbett

    Eleanor Marie Corbett - September 12th, 2009
  27. Any free maps available for garmin c340?


    michel - June 24th, 2011
    • Depends what you are looking for, but probably not. Places like GPSfiledepot and openstreetmap offer maps in some Garmin formats, but I’m not sure if they will work on your older model. And their “current” maps are typically not as good of quality as the professional maps that came with your GPS.

      Tim - July 7th, 2011
  28. I have a StreetPilot 2620 it has an older map in it …so really it’s not much good that way. went online to update map.. guess what (THEY NO LONGER UPDATE THIS MODEL) if I buy a new model when will it become obsolete? Gamin needs to look into this problem.

    Dan Pepper - October 13th, 2011

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