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Garmin StreetPilot c530


The Garmin StreetPilot c530 rests at the upper end of Garmin’s “c” series. The c530 features pre-installed maps, an optional FM TMC traffic receiver, and a 3.5 inch display. These features are similar to other models in the “c” series like the c340. What the StreetPilot c530 adds though is a slightly different shape, a better GPS chipset, and additional software features.

The SiRF Star III chipset powers the c530 which defines this GPS in the upper end of the product line. If you have previously had trouble with older GPS receivers loosing the satellite signal under dense canopy or near tall buildings, the chipset in this GPS device should perform significantly better.

A better display is also built into the StreetPilot c530. This display should make it easier to read the screen in high glare situations than other StreetPilots.

There is also a host of additional software applications available for the c530. Garmin Lock is an anti theft feature which requires you to enter a PIN before operating the device. Garmin Lock comes with the c530. There are also optional software packages you can use with the c530 like the Garmin Travel Guide and the SaversGuide.

If you want Bluetooth support, and MP3 player, text-to-speech, or an integrated (rather than optional) traffic receiver, consider stepping up to the c550. (And frankly, at the price of this device it should have come with text-to-speech.) Otherwise the Garmin StreetPilot c530 is a solid performing GPS.

6 Responses

  1. […] a hack today (found here) that will add text-to-speech voices and functionality to a Garmin c530 or c510… devices which otherwise doesn’t include that feature. The hack isn’t for […]

  2. One caveat with this unit is, it comes with Version 8 of the mapping software, NOT the current 2008. I have received conflicting answers from Garmin on whether this qualifies for a free upgrade, so this has prevented me from buying. I have a 320 now, and version 8 is SIGNIFICANTLY worse at navigating than 2008. Also, I am told that the storage in the 530 will not hold all the info in version 2008 should you choose to upgrade. This must be another model Garmin is phasing out

    Dave - November 8th, 2007
  3. I did the c530 hack and all works well. Has anyone tried upgrading to a new firmware version after the hack (done on firmware version 5.4) and what happened? Also, if you updated to the 2008 mapping software, and have a SD chip installed, did it take the whole upgrade and is it functional?

    Pete - December 29th, 2007
    • Where can I purchase a sd chip for an upgrade for my c530 Garmin.

      sharon - September 23rd, 2009
  4. My son lost the battery compartment cover for his Dad’s StreetPilot i-series gps. Where can I purchase a battery cover for a 530 or 550 model?

    Thanks for any help you can provide. Na

    Na - January 5th, 2008
  5. Sharon: What kind of upgrade are you speaking of? New Maps perhaps?

    Pete - September 23rd, 2009

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