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Garmin StreetPilot c580


New in the STP line is the Garmin StreetPilot c580. The new c580 includes pre-installed maps of North America. Traffic services, weather forecasts, local gas station prices, and local movie listings are all possible thanks to the MSN Direct connectivity. The device comes with a one year subscription to the MSN Direct service.

The Garmin c580 displays maps on a 3.5 inch touch screen display. The GPS chipset is the popular SiRFstarIII chipset so you should get fast signal acquisition times as well as good coverage in otherwise GPS challenged areas.

Text-to-speech is included so the StreetPilot c580 will not only tell you when to turn and display the turn on the map, but also verbally speak the name of the street you should turn onto.

Bluetooth is included for hands free calling and you can tap on a POI on the map and have the c580 dial the POI for you. There is also an MP3 player.

9 Responses

  1. I am waffling b/w the Garmin SP 550, 580 and the Nuvi 360. I need Bluetooth capability and want to stay under $600-$700. The other features I want such as touch screen, voice to text, etc. they all seem to have so I am curious as to any big differences. Thx!!

    Stacey - July 3rd, 2007
  2. You can see the differences in those three here.

    Tim - July 3rd, 2007
  3. Just ordered one after numerous research and compare of garmin and tomtom’s gps line. this is one of only a few that supports MSN Direct service, which gives very usual information on weather, gas price, movie times and traffic updates for great price (first year free, then $40 per year). The nuvi 360 offers similar option in a smaller package but without MSN Direct service. The nuvi 350 offers same function as 360 but without bluetooth. They are all similar but Nuvi series can be carried with you easily. If you are thinking about a product that you could carry around with you when u get off the car, nuvi might be good for you. If you need a dedicated in-car navagation system that offers almost anything you can think of for a gps, c580 should be your top choice. You can get it for less than $430 at a lot of places, just hunt around! Of course if price is not a concern, nuvi 660 (fm traffic about $550) and nuvi 680(MSN Direct about $600) will be your best fit.

    li - August 15th, 2007
  4. I upgraded from garmin streetpilot c320 and the c320 is already a decent gps system, without all the fancy bells and whistles, and it does great job and takes me cross country without any problem. I’m certain that the c580 will exceed my old c320 in every way.

    The Tomtom 720 go seems a great choice at first glance but look closely you’ll find the US version of 720 go does not even have voice recognition the European models had, which is a great disappointment. POI of tomtom for US is not quite up-to-date as garmin as well.

    li - August 15th, 2007
  5. I just bought this after being introduced to the wonders of GPS while on vacation. My main feature request was intergated traffic because it would have made a big difference on that trip.

    Because I like to 2nd guess myself I’m looking around at the reviews for the other comparable units like the magellan 6000, and I’m wondering if there is a review of traffic services somewhere because it seems like MSN traffic alerts are better based on my experience and other people’s problems with FM/XM traffic.

    james - November 12th, 2007
  6. I am thinking of getting the Garmin C580. Are their any optional accessories that you recommend I purchase?


    Ed - November 24th, 2007
  7. I just bought the Garmin c580 for my husband (and the Tom Tom 3rd edition for my parents)and we are thrilled with it except for one option. The Tom Tom allows you to pick an alternative route but I don’t see that as an option with the Garman c580. The Garmin does allow you to chose fastest versus shortest distance. However neither of those routes were the one I take to visit my parents. I can just take my usual route and it will recalculate the route (it performed this function within the matter of seconds) but it would be nice if I could chose it as an alternative route ahead of time and keep it as a favorite. Does anyone know of a way to do this with the Garmin? I also want to add that our phones were not listed on the Garmin website as being compatable with the bluetooth system but they were and it even uploaded the phone books from the phones without a problem. I am still working on getting all the MSN information, according to the book it can take several hours to download that information and if you don’t use the device every couple days it will have to redownload the information so that could frustrating. I also want to say THANKS for all the information on this website. It really help me learn about GBS devices and decide which two devices to buy.

    Linda - January 2nd, 2008
  8. I’ve owned this for almost a year now. I’m not very impressed with this thing. I also own a entry level c320, which I love more than c580.

    Here is why: the gps have less accuracy than c320, probably due to the new chip, which locks satelite quicker but have less accuracy. The GPS tends to try to stick on to the road even when you go off road a little and will not correct the problem till you are really far from the road you were on. This creates problems, because sometimes you might be on the ramp of a highway but it still thinks you are on the highway. Also this GPS had died on me once since purchase, when you press the power button, it just wont power on, very werid. I send it in to repair and Garmin gave me a refurb GPS in return. Their customer service is top of the line though. MSN direct is basically useless for traffic information.

    li fan - April 15th, 2008
  9. We purchased our C580 about 2 months ago (9/2008) and are very pleased with it. This is our first GPS. We were introduced to the wonders of GPS when my wife and I took a one day 200 mile (round trip) vacation with a friend who had a Garmin univ 270. We were very impressed with that one and found it useful on our trip. I then decided to buy a Garmin GPS but did a lot of research ONLINE looking at several GPS units. I think partly because the C580 is no longer in production, it was much cheaper than any other GPS with MSN Traffic control AND text to speech.

    Jerry Wiggins - October 26th, 2008

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