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Garmin Super Bowl Commercial Reactions


The Super Bowl is now over and the rage of the morning seems to be rating all of the commercials. Garmin’s commercial aired just a few minutes into the second quarter and so far the reactions I’ve seen haven’t been all that good. Here is what Garmin has said about their commercial.

Adweek Magazine gave the commercial a B+ grade saying “But at first I didn’t get that the Maposaurus was the enemy—he seems friendly and harmless, so much so that I thought he could be the Garmin device.”.

jeepx says “I vote it for the “best wasted money” prize if such contest comes up somewhere.”

Seth Sutel, an AP business writer said “Fans of Godzilla movies could enjoy the kooky, ultra-cheap sets and cartoonish violence, although how this action proved the worthiness of Garmin’s electronic navigation devices remained unknown.”

The Kellogg School of Management Faculty and MBA Students rated the Garmin commercial the worst out of all Super Bowl commercials saying it “did not meet the criteria of a successful ad …. failed to break through in the highly competitive Super Bowl advertising environment”

Over at the timesunion Mark McGuire says “OK, I don’t know what Garmin is, what it does, or what it has to do with maps or the Power Rangers. And I don’t care. F.”

Ray Somich of WELW-AM said it did little to reinforce the product, “You watched this thing and it was like, what the heck is this all about?”

The Canadian Press said the commercial was “hard to follow.”

Frankly, Garmin I love your products, but I too didn’t care for the commercial.

I had to watch the commercial a few times to really understand the plot. I didn’t get it that the map was the bad guy. Where did that good guy come from? And what is that rock band singing? The only words I could comprehend when I saw it live were “Grab your Garmin take over the World”. And even now listening to it over and over again I can’t make out what all of the words say.

But was it an effective advertisement? People watching with me know what a GPS device is but didn’t realize it was a Garmin commercial at all until the Garmin logo was displayed 27 seconds into the commercial.

By my own surveys and other surveys I’ve seen most people buying a GPS are still first time GPS buyers. Most people don’t know what a GPS can do for them. Let’s look at what Garmin stated about their commercial.

… demonstrating how Garmin personal navigation devices can save the everyday consumer time, money, and hassles … “We purposely went for a look and feel that would make the technology approachable and the brand likeable to the consumer

How did that commercial show the device can save a consumer time? How did it show it can save you money? How did it show it can save you hassle? How does the look and feel of two animated figures fighting to death show that the technology is approachable? The TomTom commercials “Sue Sue”, “Doug Doug”, etc address those questions well, but I don’t think this commercial does.

Garmin, I love your products but I think that commercial might have been a flop. I hope I’m wrong.

2 Responses

  1. Yeah, wtf?

    anon - February 25th, 2007
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