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Garmin Zumo 220


Garmin dropped news today of a new Zumo model for motorcycle riders, the Garmin Zumo 220. Riders have always wanted to really like the motorcycle specific Zumo series from Garmin, but often were turned away by the relatively high cost, so the lower “220” model might sound appealing. However it will still come with a $600 MSRP.

You do get a fully featured GPS for the cost though with Bluetooth hands free calling with headset audio, Text To Speech, lane assistant, as well as the ability to create on road and off road routes. Perhaps the biggest difference from other Zumo models is the smaller screen… no widescreen on this model making it more similar to the Nuvi 500 series devices.

Those devices don’t carry the motorcycle specific features of the Zumo though like the fuel gauge that can give the rider fuel alerts.

5 Responses

  1. Hello,
    Just came across this Zumo 220 article and I wanted to leave a few comments.
    First, like the author states I really WANTED to like the 220. However after much research I think it’s failing to secure it’s place in the market as it was intended. Please allow me to explain: the Full feature Zumo’s 550, 660, 665 etc. all have high(really high) price tags. So the 220 was born to appeal to the riders (like me) that wanted something a little more affordable at the expense of losing some bell and whistles. In my opinion I don’t want or need a mp3 player on my GPS. REALLY don’t need to show jpeg images…Everybody, or darn near everybody carries cell phones capable of doing both of these things nowadays anyway. So what the Zumo 220 was left with was basically a nuvi 550 with Lane assistance, fuel quantity calculation (uhh who doesn’t have a fuel guage on their motorcycle??), and THIS IS IMPORTANT, contrary to the article here, this device has one-way Blu-tooth to headset for receiving text to speech, voice directions from the unit ONLY. It does not pair with a cell phone and will not enable hands-free calling.
    So after all of that you are basically talking about a device that is almost identical to the nuvi 550(accept for Lane assist & Blu-tooth) but cost WAY more than the nuvi 550.
    In summary – I want to like this GPS, but right now it’s not worth the price difference. I’m hoping if I wait, Garmin will see the error of their ways and give this and appropriate price reduction.

    Tom - April 1st, 2011
    • The price difference is very small when you consider that the Zumo includes CD, auto power cable, USB cable, motorcycle power cable, RAM mounting, etc, which the NUVI includes none of.

      Al - October 18th, 2011
  2. Tom, my question would be how does the nuvi handle the touch of a gloved hand.

    Julie - May 11th, 2011
  3. Tom first off there alot of motorcycls out there with out Fuel gauges dual sports and aventure bikes do not have fuel gauges. the Nuvi 550 is geared towrds scooters not Motorcycles

    Johnny - June 20th, 2011
  4. I’m not quite sure, but I guess the nuvi series is not waterproof and it doesn’t resist uv rays, neither does it stand the usually strong vibration caused by motorbikes. In other words, the nuvi 550 is not designed for motorbikes but for cars only.

    Warner - October 28th, 2011

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