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Gearworks etrace:worksight.lite Workforce Visibility


In the past couple of days there have been a couple articles floating around major news publications regarding employers keeping tabs on employees through GPS. The debate is one of privacy versus efficiency and this debate will only rise more as GPS becomes more mainstream.

So it might not have been the best time for Gearworks to announce their new etrace:worksight.lite system for “mobile workforce visibility. The new system works with the Sprint/Nextel mobile phone network and can be used with non Java enabled phones such as the i205, i305, i315 and i530. etrace:worksight.lite edition provides near-real-time fleet and worker maps, location-intelligent alerts, and WorkZone(TM) reports that provide insight into daily activities such as drive time and number of worker stops.

“Using etrace:worksight.lite edition and the Nextel Wireless GPS Platform from Sprint, small-to-medium businesses can begin monitoring their mobile workforce without investing a lot of time and money to get a solution up and running,” said Todd J. Krautkremer, president and chief executive officer for Gearworks. “Since there is no mobile client on the phone, customers can start benefiting from greater field visibility without buying new handsets or retraining field workers.”

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