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Geocaching Law


You probably already know what the punch-line will be, but this is a true story. Someone in Deleware County, Indiana comes across a small black box, fairly well hidden, near a set of railroad tracks. Police are alerted and they in turn contact the bomb squad. The bomb squad comes in and detonates the box…. the geocache.

The South Carolina House of Representatives approved a bill in May that requires geocachers get written permission to place a new geocache or to go geocaching in any “emetery, historic or archaeological site, or property publicly identified by a historical marker.”

“When I have a problem is when people visit someone’s grave just to earn a point and a smiley face,” said [South Carolina] Rep. Catherine Ceips. “You still have to respect people’s privacy.”

The official Geocaching website lists extensive guidelines that should be frequently reviewed by anyone hiding geocaches. As of this writing is was updated about a month ago.

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